Pakistan Will Hang Indian RAW Agent Kulbhushan Yadav

Pakistan and India, a never ending spy battle between Raw and ISI. Its been a century that there are clashes between these two states regarding religious duties, norms and culture and this differences leads hatred to such pace that they are ready to root out state even if it means doing this out of the way .RAW a known spy agency which gathers secret information from other states to get information about their military conditions and future defending and attacking planning’s. These agencies prepare and settle strong hearted men who can sacrifice their lives for the sake of nation.

The battle continuous as India sends their spy in Pakistan to get their top secrets. Since 90’s to 2017 many spy’s entered Pakistan for the sake of destroying our nation and dig secrets out of us but the brutal nation never gets what they want.

Pakistan spy agency and defending forces are so strong that they work day and night for our safety and protect us from evil plans of other nations. They got and eagle eye that catches every single moment heading against Pakistan. Related to this hardships and battles a recent activity was noticed near Balochistan and with bravery and strong power we get an Indian spy who was hiding there with his so called plans against Pakistan and he is none other than Kulbhusan jadhav The Terrorist.


Pakistan Will Hang Indian RAW Agent Kulbhushan Yadav

Pakistan Will Hang Indian RAW Agent Kulbhushan Yadav

Indian Raw Agent

Kulbhushan jadhav was a Naval Officer 41558Z Commander in India. He was arrested on March 3 through counter Intelligence Operation from Balochistan, he was tired by section 59 Balochistan, he was found guilty of all charges. After been jailed for years now on 10 April, 2017 he was awarded death sentence through Field General Court Martial for sabotage activities against Pakistan.

Jadhav’s confessional statement roars over the borders that he is an Indian Spy and ensures his involvement in terror activities in Balochistan and Karachi. It was although a big achievement for Pakistan Army to arrest the person who has main goals to disrupt development and relations between Pakistan and China. It is a clear cut shot to Indians face that it is not easy to stranded Pakistan from other nations.

He further confesses in front of Magistrate that all activities and correspondence was in his hands and he obliged guilty for those. Jadhav now got 40 days to file an appeal against FGCM in army court of appeal. The appeal will hold a verdict that he could seek mercy from Army Chief and President of Pakistan.

All these incidents create high tensions across the borders. From past six months it’s been a war of word between two countries. Ties between nuclear armed worsens after India blamed Pakistan for attack on them. However this assertion was stated by Indian media itself to be false allegation.

Since frequent signs of firing on Pakistan line of Control is been noticed, India claimed it to be surgical strikes. India tries tip to toe to save their Spy by saying that he has processing passport of India that proves his innocence but this proof nothing as he confessed the scenario himself. India further claimed that many spies of ISI were arrested but never claimed to death for this they should also show mercy upon him.

All the leading situations can create a big distress between two agencies and nations and consequences can face in future. Although it could be the act of pressurizing India not to take us easy in any means as we know how to pull up socks and fight against the evil minds. We got on their nerves and any wrong sided activity can cause them to suffer.

Kulbhushan Jadhav was also declared guilty of waging war against country. This plotting against Pakistan will not be spared. His confessional video shuts the mouth of India with deep silence but they later came up with the words as it was tactics of Pakistan to prove him guilty and sentenced to death.

As far as all this matter is concerned, it is a big achievement for Pakistani Intelligence association to fails such terror plans of opposition country and proof to the world to be hold that Pakistan is not an easy thing to engulf. Our nation stood by us and we will root out every act against our Motherland. The sentence death of Kulbhushan Jadhav is not a cruel act but it’s a slap on the face of those who want to create disaster in our country that we will show no mercy when it comes to Nation and safety of our Homeland Pakistan.

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