Net Worth Of The Richest American, Bill Gates

The American business man, investor, computer programmer, altruist and entrepreneur, William Henry Bill Gates, was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle Washington. As a young man he was enrolled in lakeside school. Gates in 1973, enrolled at Harvard College. Gates in 1975, dropped out of Harvard for creating the computer company named Microsoft. Gates and Allen co-founded Microsoft which later on became the galaxy’s largest PC software company. He never returned to Harvard for completion of his studies. Microsoft became progressively successful and Gates became the number one on the Forbes 400 list for the years i.e. from 1993 to 2007.


                                    Net Worth Of The Richest American, Bill Gates


His financial prime in 1999 it was estimated that Gates was gross more than 100 billion US dollars. Gates currently doesn’t involve himself in the day-to- day operational programs of Microsoft rather he’s the director of Berkshire Hathaway and also operates the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation along with his wife. His welfare works have included donations to the educational projects and anti poverty initiatives. Gates married Malinda French on January 1 st , 1994. They have 3 children and they all live in a home in Washington worth of 121 million US dollars.

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In 2013 Gates earned 11.5 billion US dollars and in 2014 he earned a nearly equal amount. While much of his wealth come from investments in his Pvt. Investment firm and the increases up his shares in Microsoft his gross net worth is estimated about to current be over 82 billion US dollars. Because he diversify his wealth across a number of different avenues, his money could generate about 5% yearly rate of return. From the interest alone Bill gates generates approximately 128 US dollars per second or about 4.1 billion US dollars per year. Imagine if somebody followed him around handing him a 100 US dollars bill every second, it sounds great but you’d start to run out of places to put it. Every drawer, every pocket and every cabinet would be stuffed with cash in no time.

net worth of bill gates 2016If Bill throws 100 US dollars bill per second Mr. Gates could make it rain continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for just 64 years. So bill Gates have so much money spending it in any conventional way would be impossible. Even if he purchased twitter and Instagram, Bill Gates will still have tens of billions US dollars left.Upon money like this it is important that the right people have control over it. There are few people on planet Earth given the same circumstances would use it as nobly as Bill through charities, helping the homeless to funding cutting edge research institutes around the Globe.

The Gates foundation is the 2nd most charitable and single largest private charity organization in the world. As of 2013 bill and Melinda Gates have given away a whopping twenty eight billion US dollars to the Gates Foundation which acts openly and transparently.
This means that all research and financials are openly shared with other organizations and research firms. As if commercializing the personal computer which pushed humankind into the next generation wasn’t enough, he spends the billions in commercial earnings to help raise the standard of living for children around the globe.

bill gates housesNow for quick facts in case you still can’t comprehend how much money Bill Gates has. If all the Bill Gates money would stacked up in 100$ bills the stack would be about 55 miles high and if you were given just 1 inch of that stack it would be about 23 thousand 2 hundred 55 US dollars. And if he gave everyone on earth 10 dollars this Christmas he’d still have 2.26 billion US dollars left. And if at spending rate of 1 million US dollars a day than it would take him 218 years for spending all of his money. Needless to say Mr. Gates has a lot of money and there isn’t another person in which this money would be in better hands.

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