Net Worth Of Madonna 2016 – The Richest Singer

Madonna has the net worth of eight hundred million dollars which makes her the richest singers among all the singers. Besides singing she is the production master of many albums which have increased her net worth. She has also worked in many movies. She has a side business of fashion designing.

Madonna net worth 2016

                          Net Worth  Of Madonna 2016 – The Richest Singer 


Net Worth Of Madonna 2016 is $800 Million

Madonna is a brilliant star and a successful female singer. She has also won the scholarship in dancing. She is a versatile singer. She has made her different music bands. She has also written many books. She is also genius in marketing and all these side works of her are responsible for raising her net worth.


Madonna’s Property

Madonna property

Being a rich lady Madonna has a vast amount of property. Madonna has several cars. As, she is a rich celebrity so her collection of cars is also versatile and mind blowing. She choose such cars which are reliable. Among all the cars which Madonna is having her most favorite cars are BMW 7-series.So, this brand depicts one’s repute that how rich is the person in actual. She is also the owner of Audi A8 car. Cooper S is also the car of Madonna on which she has used words in her song. Super Limousine is also in her collection.

Madonna net worth 2016Madonna is a multi-talented artist who puts whole world under the magic of her voice. She is a fashion icon who has many property which includes different houses. Her houses are present on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Now a days she is living with her three children in the London’s mansion .She is having an apartment in New York as well which is designed by her brother. The Picasso Hanging is present in her office in which is the mind boggling.She also has apartment in the Los Angeles which is situated in the area of upper market of the city. This apartment has three bedrooms, five bathrooms, a swimming pool and area to play tennis.

Now a days Madonna is living in her four storeys home in Georgeon townhouse which is located in Marylebone. This cost almost 40 million dollars. Hence, Madonna has vast amount of property in the center of London near her residence where her staff lives.


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