Nawaz Sharif’s Rally Killed An Innocent Boy

Since after the case was ended the Nawaz family tries to persuade more for their interest and for this purpose they setup rally all the way towards Lahore. As the setup was so huge with lots of people along with cars. An incident occurred at Gujrat, as one of the PMLN lover and a small child went to see the huge persona but no one knows he will never come back . The boy got killed with one of the protocols car. The incident was so cruel and a bit surprising because no one stay there or rush to save that poor soul as everyone was stated to be busy to notify the accident.


Nawaz Sharif’s Rally Killed An Innocent Boy

The saddest thing is that ambulance was there but still he was sent in Auto to hospital reason? Because he was a poor child who mistakenly went there to pursue them. The boy was 15 years old and he was sent to hospital directly.

After all this incident media play their role and notify this thing to all of us. All of this sudden Maryam Nawaz tweet was on internet that it was sad happening and they reach out to assist family as soon without delay.

The little boy was then identifies as Hamid Chughtai son, who was a rickshaw driver. His uncle claimed that they begged for help and no one stepped in. His relatives protested on GT road against rally but yes not for assistance but for justice.

Speaking about Rana Sanaullah, He has directed for his services to investigate the whole scene and present report on this as soon as possible.

The other particular party people claimed to be martyred for the people of Pakistan. But the selfless personalities forget the humanity and they relate this cruel incident to be one of those who lost their blood for Pakistan, but they did not understand the true meaning of patriotism the love of country.

Recent news tells that boy’s father also gets heart attack after hearing major death news of his beloved son. He is admitted in ICU in hospital. This family needs justice and prayers as this trolls ruined one family. And even more two people got hit by the rally car. All this agenda should be taken very seriously because it is matter of future security of Pakistan and above all this politics humanity is more important which seems to be absent now a days. One should act to bring the state red blood back before its too late.

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