Myths About Top 3 Cleanest Cities In The World

First the criteria of declaring cleanest city is important. History of all the 3 cleanest cities will show their strong cultural heritage. It’s not only the people that make a city clean but overall environment. However, there are only a few organizations in the world that study the polluted and clean attribute of a different city. In this article, majorly Oslo from Norway, Vienna from Austria and Calgary from Canada are selected. The reason for their selection is a common view of multiple assessing organizations. They have comparatively less amount of pollution and the more human-friendly environment. Reading about the Top 3 cleanest cities in the world will let you explore much about this world. Whereas you may get depressed after reading about top 3 polluted cities. Here we start with Oslo:


3. Oslo, Norway


It is located in the center of Europe. This city is also one of the most expensive in terms of living. Europe is altogether a clean continent.


There are lots of green spaces and area in the city since it was discovered. It was founded in 1940. Before Modern era, the city was a hub for trade in Norway. After the globalization, the metropolitan area of the city started increasing gradually.


City administration, since 2010 has done a lot for the cleanliness of the city. A number of buses have introduced that run on human wastage instead of gasoline. This minimizes the emission of gasses like carbon dioxide. 400 energy efficient buses and clear policy of waste management makes it the cleanest city in the world. There are several parks and green areas in the city to get rid of all the pollution.


2. Vienna, Austria


It is the capital of Austria and one of the significant cities in the world.


With the establishment of multiple empires, Vienna is a hub of political and economic issues. There are a number of organizations. The city has played important role in Turkish empire and World War-1


The energy generation from waste decreases the pollution from the city every day. Such technologies and policies are found only in few areas of the world. However, Vienna used to clean since many centuries due to its importance in trade and war. People avoid litter in streets and consider cleaning as their responsibility.


1. Calgary, Canada


Canada is one of the agro-based countries with less population as compared to its area. In spite of the cold weather and prolonged ice the country still, has lots of green environmental facilities.


After the discovery of heavy oil resources, Calgary is known for heavy oil extractions. Still, the local authorities have managed to make it one of the cleanest cities.


Calgary is ranked 1 as the cleanest city in the world due to Blue Cart System where waste goes through the process of recycling. There are several plants in the city to recycle waste and make the city one of the cleanest one.

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