Most Interesting Facts About Dinosaurs

Now a days Dinosaurs has become mystery for all generations. People take interest in taking knowledge about this wide range of species lasting from tiny to long neck huge dinosaurs. Here we discuss all these interesting facts about like their types, ways of eating, walking, their colors , names etc. Here we have Most Interesting Facts About Dinosaurs

Terrible Lizard

The word “Dinosaur” means terrible lizard. They were reptiles who lived millions of years so no one knows for sure what color they actually had. They lived in groups or herds. They hatched from eggs. Their nests could be simple pits dug into earth rocky big caves or nests.

 Facts About Dinosaurs

What is paleontologist ?

A person who studies dinosaurs is known as a paleontologist. And it’s the efforts of paleontologist which gives us information regarding their mysterious lifestyles. The first dinosaurs were small, light weight and were very fast and speedy. The oldest smallest dinosaurs, like compsognathus, were about the size of chicken. The name of the oldest known is Eoraptor .The Troodons were the smartest and Stegosaurus was the dumbest of all whose brain had a size of walnut.


Dinosaurs were mostly herbivores (plant eaters). Some were carnivores (meat eaters) like the famous T. Rex, some were seed eaters, fish eaters, insectivores and some were omnivores (both plant and meat eaters) Some dinosaurs even swallowed rocks in order to grind up the food they had eaten.

Interesting Facts About Dinosau

Carnivores could run quickly. They had large, strong jaws, sharp teeth and deadly claws to kill their prey. They had very good eye sight and a keen sense of smell. Herbivores were the longest, huge, slow moving , tiny headed cow like dinosaurs namely sauropods. They had very long necks to reach the highest branches of the trees. The most tallest was Brachiosaurid Sauropods.

Other types include Velicraptor (speedy), Ankylosaurus (slow) , Argentinosaurus, ultrasauros, Brachiosaurus and Superaurus . Ultahraptor was the violent of all known dinosaurs.

Many Dinosaurs had a small, function less claw on their legs. It didn’t touch the ground. Some had plates all over their bodies. Even their eye lids had plating. Many had knife like spines on their bodies to protect them. They used their tales for balance and some to take turns. Some had bony knots on their tails which they use for defense. Now a days we can imagine only them or can found their skeleton in museums or animation world.

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