Most Common Types Of Cancers In The World 2016

Cancer is one of the most daunting human illnesses. It is a form of disease in which human cells start dividing insanely. With a kind of lifestyle, we are having at present, the risk for such deadly disease has increased even further. Today, we have formulated the list of Most Common Types Of Cancers In The World 2016, at the moment. Not only this article will increase your knowledge about various cancers in particular, but also, help you in obtaining a lifestyle that can help you in reducing your chances of having cancer overall.


1. Lung Cancer

Common Types Of Cancers 2016 -

The number one common form of cancer is of the lungs. It does not come across as a surprise to see this form of cancer at the top, keeping into account the lifestyles of many around us. Smoking, one of the biggest reasons for such a form of cancer, has become extremely common. People in general and youth in particular fails to understand that how a simple act of smoking can even cost them their lives. According to a recent medical research, approximately around eighty five percent in patients with lung cancer, falls into the category of tobacco smokers. The rest fifteen percent of the patients obtain the deadly disease either through genetic reasons or through polluted environment around us. One of the biggest concerns of this disease is that even by living in the day and age of science and technology, our scientists have still failed to come up with the cure of most of the cases of lung cancer. Hence, in order to avoid such a disease, the simple rule of “prevention is better than cure” comes the most handy. Try to keep yourself away from falling into prey of life threatening habits like smoking, by making exercise a part of your daily routine and by observing a healthy lifestyle overall.


2. Breast Cancer

Common Types Of Cancers 2016 - Breast Cancer

As the name indicates, this form of cancer occurs within or around the breasts. Though, this form of cancer can occur both in men an women, it is the highest form of cancer among women at large. There can be many symptoms for identifying such a form of cancer which includes feeling a guilty within or around one’ breasts, skin redness, genetics, excretion of fluid from one’ nipples and deteriorated shape of breasts to name a few. There can be many ways through which one becomes susceptible to this disease which includes; no inclusion of exercise in one’ regimen, unhealthy habit of drinking, more body weight than normal, exposure to some kind of radiations and problems related to woman’s’ reproductive cycle, etc. Breast cancer can be avoided by getting rid of all the unhealthy habits and by moving towards a healthy lifestyle, by breastfeeding the infants instead of spending bucks for their milk, by maintaining a good weight through proper diet and exercise. In addition to this, medical treatments like pre­emptive surgery and proper medication also help in the prevention of this disease. It is also advisable for women to get themselves checked once or twice every year to detect the presence of cancer within them. As the sooner the detection occurs, more are the chances of one’ survival.


3. Colorectal Cancer

Common Types Of Cancers 2016 - Colorectal Cancer

Colon and rectum are the parts of the large intestine. Hence, the cancer that affects either colon or rectum are referred in medical terms as colorectal cancer. Colorectal Cancer stands at the spot three among all forms of cancer and is most common in men. In this severe form of cancer, the insane growth within the cells occurs that if left untreated, further affect the others surrounded parts of the body. As the large intestine is the part of digestive symptoms, the symptoms of this cancer affect the bowel movement, sudden reduction in one’ weight, fatigue and spotting of blood during excretion. Unhealthy way of living, old age and genetics can become the causes of this kind of cancer. It is extremely important to keep a strict glance on one’ lifestyle and avoiding anything that can become a source of it, as it becomes very difficult to treat this cancer since it has the capacity to grow in the surrounding areas, and any cancer that has the capacity to affect large areas of the body becomes difficult to treat.


4. Prostate Cancer

Common Types Of Cancers 2016 - Prostate Cancer

Prostate is a gland in Male’ reproductive system and has a substantial significance when it comes down to the protection and nourishment of men’ sperms. As the name states clearly, this form of cancer occurs within the prostate gland, which not only affects the gland, but also the other surrounded parts of the body like lymph nodes and bones, etc. It is almost impossible by a patient to detect the presence of such cancer oneself at the start, as its symptoms take time for their manifestation. As the gland is situated in the reproductive area of males, many of the symptoms are related to excretion process like; spotting blood during the process of urination and facing problems during urinating. In addition to this, a severe form of back pain, sudden drop of the ratio of blood cells within a body, and feeling exhausted all the time can also be a representation of Prostate Cancer. Many factors can contribute to this deadly disease in general, for example; Genetic History, Poor Diet, Use of Statins, Infectious diseases and sexual problems, etc. Though the patients have a high rate of survival in the Prostate Cancer, still, unfortunately, it is one of the highest reasons of cancer related deaths in male population overall.


5. Stomach Cancer

Common Types Of Cancers 2016 - Stomach Cancer

The form of cancer, that affects the lining of the stomach is referred as Stomach Cancer in the medical books. Many symptoms reflect the presence of Stomach Cancer in an individual which includes, Not feeling hungry, the sudden reduction in one’s weight loss, general experience of a heartburn, white eyes, spotting blood, yellow skin and nausea, etc. This form of cancer also has the potential to severely affect the other coinciding parts of the body, hence, it too becomes difficult to treat. Factors can vary in general; spicy food eaters and chain smokers have higher chances of getting this illness. Also, genetics as well as the infection of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori contribute to this disease. Though it occurs in all the regions of the world, it specially prevails in East Asia and Eastern Europe and occurs more in men in comparison to their counterparts. Eating less spicy food, abstaining from smoking, regular exercise, drinking more water and inclusion of fresh vegetables and fruits in one’s diet can help in preventing the Stomach Cancer.


6. Liver Cancer

Common Types Of Cancers 2016 - Liver Cancer

A cancer of the liver is known as the Liver Cancer. Hepatitis patients and alcoholics have higher chances of getting such a cancer. Much of it symptoms coincides with the symptoms of Hepatitis. The common symptoms are; yellow skin, vomiting, sudden weight loses, increase in the size of liver, sweating, loss of red blood cells within a body and experiencing the pain in the abdominal parts of the body. Liver cancer occurs in every nook and corner of this world, still, people living in the regions like East Asia and Africa have more prevalence of this disease. Many factors can contribute to its occurrence, for example; certain kinds of viral infections, exposure to toxins, Cirrhosis, obesity, diabetes and smoking, etc. In order to avoid Liver Cancer, it is highly advisable to get oneself vaccinated against Hepatitis B. Moreover, one must never use someone else’ blades or syringes at any cost and should take great care of one’ diet and exercise no matter what. Further, by keeping weight control in check and healthy diet with absence of smoking and alcohol, also reduces the chances of Liver Cancer in general.


7. Cervical Cancer

Common Types Of Cancers 2016 - Cervical Cancer

As the name reflects, it is a cancer which originated from the cervix. The Cevix is a part in a female body, which plays a major role in the flow of menstrual blood in females, and also helps in the movement of sperms into the uterus. Initially it is very difficult to identify this cancer, but with time, if one faces; vaginal spotting, back spain and extreme pain during the process of intercourse, then this can be the symptoms of the Cervical Cancer. HPV infection is one of the highest leading causes of such cancer. In addition to this, some other factors like constant smoking, poor immune systems, intake of birth control pills and sexual history can also cause this disease at large. This disease prevails across the globe and is also one of the highest reasons of deaths among women. Taking good care of one’s nutrition, proper vaccination, Barrier protection and screening can help in preventing the Cervical Cancer. As the developing countries lack behind in all such protective measures, these countries possess greater ratio of patients with this disease.


8. Esophageal Cancer

Common Types Of Cancers 2016 - Esophageal Cancer

The Esophagus is the main pipeline in the digestive system, that helps in the transportation of food from the mouth to the stomach. The cancer that originates in the Esophagus, is known as the Esophageal Cancer. Its manifestation can take the form of many symptoms like; sudden weight reduction, increase in the size of lymph nodes, facing problems during the process of swallowing and also facing difficulties during it and spotting blood during coughing, etc. Two sub ­types of this cancer are of great significance; one is the esophageal squamous ­cell carcinoma and the other is esophageal adenocarcinoma (EAC). The former is more prevalent in the developing countries, while the latter is more common in the developed countries. The risks of such cancer can be reduced by taking an utmost care of one’s lifestyle by including healthy diet and exercise in it. According to a medical research, China has the highest ratio of such cancer patients and the male population is more prone to it.


9. Bladder Cancer

Bladder Cancer

The bladder is located in the pelvis of the human body, and plays a vital role in storing urine and allowing the body to control the frequent urination and also help the urine’s flow to be voluntary. When rapid growth of cells occurs in the bladder, it refers to the Bladder Cancer. One of the biggest symptoms of this disease can be manifested through observing blood in one’s urine. There are various forms of the Bladder Cancer, out of which, the Hematuria is the most common type. Other than that, a patient can feel pain during urination and can also have more urine than normal in a day. Its causes also vary with Smoking being the number one cause of it. In addition to this, exposure to toxins, deadly chemicals and obesity also plays a part in developing this cancer in some patients. Eating fresh vegetables and fruits, especially carrots and citrus fruits help the body in avoiding such cancer to occur.


10. Non­ Hodgkin Lymphoma

Common Types Of Cancers 2016 - Non­Hodgkin Lymphoma

As the name manifests, it refers to the group of blood cancers. In this form of Lymphoma, each and every form of blood cancer is included except the Hodgkin’s Lymphomas. Many signs can indicate its presence like; experiencing sweats in the night, a sudden reduction in weight, increase in the size of lymph nodes, fatigue, pain in the bones and chest, and itching. The growing rate of different Lymphomas also varies; some grow at high speed in comparison to others while others grow in a slow rate. Moreover, poor immune system, more weight than normal, the hepatitis C, exposure to chemicals, genetic and autoimmune diseases can also cause such a cancer. It can be treated through various treatments, out of which, the chemotherapy CHOP­R is the most effective one. It can be prevented by opting a healthy lifestyle overall and by eating food which can boost the human’ immune system.

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