Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions In America 2016

AMERICA Tourism is a major source of earning for many countries. Though big guns like America do not rely on tourism alone but sure is a big part of country’s economy. Millions of people travel from all over the world to see the fast life of America and the tempting places. Certainly among 50 states, each with multiple attractions, you are sure to land at least one place to captivate you. United States of America is not only blessed with natural tourists’ attractions, but also has some man made wonders. The maintenance of national art and sites is also remarkable. All these efforts tend to form a perfect recipe for tourists’ paradise. Any and every kind of sport is present in America to give you the adrenaline rush you want on your vacation. Skyscrapers, high tech modern architecture, national history and artifacts and natural beauties, all are present in America. To help you choose from various such attractions here is a list of Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions In America 2016. Mark these spots on map and let’s get set go..!!


10. Metropolitan Museum of Arts

Best Tourist Attractions In America 2016 -

Metropolitan Museum of Art’s recorded 6.3 million visitors last year making it a contender for our list of Best Tourist Attractions In America. This latest hype in the number of visitors was partly due to the latest collection showcasing the influence of China on western culture. The place offers many performances, shows, lectures, tours and numerous such activities for the tourists to enjoy.


9. Statue of Liberty

Best Tourist Attractions In America 2016 - Statue of Liberty

Years of watching Hollywood movies have made one thing pretty clear, if the earth ends by some natural calamity, Lady Liberty will fall in no time! This gift of France to US marks freedom and democracy. Many people dream to visit the pedestal and crown of Statue of Liberty and it is quite difficult to get a ticket for this. If you don’t get to visit this place, you might want to settle on the replicas in Paris or Las Vegas.


8. Niagara Falls

Best Tourist Attractions In America 2016 - Niagara Falls

Nature has quite a way of boosting its beauty with a hint of danger and reciprocation actions. Niagara Falls is one such example. These falls comprise of three different falls. Niagara falls are not the highest falls in the world but their scenery sure does show height of nature’s standards. The visible green color that appeals to the eyes is due to the huge amount of water which erodes and dissolves rock salts. In winter the falls form thick layer of ice but the water never stops flowing.


7. Walt Disney World

Best Tourist Attractions In America 2016 - Walt Disney World

Much childhood dreams and aims rest in the peaceful arms of Disney theme parks. Wishes of meeting princesses and being carried away by a handsome prince that unachieved happily ever after and oh so many more..!! Lucky kids get to spend their birthdays among Disney princesses and not to forget, the queen Elsa. Disney world’s are known to observe approximately 50 million visitors every year.


6. Kilauea

Best Tourist Attractions In America 2016 - Kilauea

This place lies on the top of most active volcano among the five volcanoes of Hawaii. This is also the most active volcano of the world. According to legends this is home to the fire goddess Pele. But no matter how hot she is you just don’t want to meet her. Still you can visit her neighborhood. Many hotels are present at the rim of the volcano.


5. Las Vegas Strip

most beautiful tourist attraction in America in 2016

This place has served as a paradise as well as a hell for many people because that’s how it is in the world of gambling. If any gambler dreams big, his dream has to have Las Vegas Strip. The glittering shiny lights, beautiful elegant and absolutely elite hotels and men and women all free as if not even gravity binds them; this is the life of Las Vegas. Hollywood films have a lot to say about this place so visit this place for adventure of the lifetime. Who knows you might wake up married?


4. Grand Canyon

Best Tourist Attractions In America 2016 - Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is another popular tourist attraction in America. Many break up and hate letters have seen people jumping to death in Grand Canyon. It is not the biggest canyon in the world but is surely popular because of maintenance and scenic beauty. Hiking, rafting and sightseeing all are done in this place. This natural wonder has many unique and astonishing living species in it. Apart from the copper colored beauty of the canyon, it is also known for the deaths including the plane crash.


3. Times Square

Best Tourist Attractions In America 2016 - Time Square

How many movies and how many serials have their episodes in Times Square? Duh, uncountable! This just magnifies the attraction. Times Square is the most visited place in the world and has huge amount of pedestrians visiting the place on daily basis. Every year, New Year celebrations are at the culmination in Times Square where the ball is dropped. Excitement, fun and wildness are beyond imaginable at this place. Cinemas, theaters, big signs, food and water rides, you name it and they have got it. Times Square is also known as ‘the crossroads of the world’. Only if you were fascinated enough by the big neon billboards and wanted one remember! It will cost you $4 million a year.


2. Golden Gate Bridge

Best Tourist Attractions In America 2016 - Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge took ten years to be planned. This enormous bridge was constructed in four years and was opened on May 28 1937. Golden Gate Bridge which is now one of the Seven Wonders of the World was once called the bridge that couldn’t be built. During construction a lot of precaution was used and a large safety net was put along the whole bridge. That safety net saved the life of 19 men and those men formed a club called ‘halfway-to-hell’. Still eleven men died during the construction. This wonder of steel is the most photographed bridge and has become a standard symbol of San Francisco, California. One of the reasons of its epic beauty is its color (orange-red) which was chosen to keep it visible under thick fog conditions.


1. YellowStone National Park

Best Tourist Attractions In America 2016 - YellowStone National Park

Well, a little ashamed to say, but yes we wanted to visit this place like crazy after watching the movie 2012 (you can admit this too). Even before this park became the beginning place of the end of the earth, it was quite popular among tourists. The scenic beauty of this wilderness is beyond imaginable and certainly will keep your facebook notifications loaded after you put pictures captured here. This place is at the top of volcano hot spot. The place is known for its numerous geysers erupting and providing half of the world’s geothermal features. Yellowstone is the world’s first ever national park and has many camping sites. Every season is a great season to visit Yellowstone Park. As fun and soothing as all the wildlife and natural scenery seems, visiting Yellowstone National Park is also an exploit because it lies on top on a slumbering volcano.

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