Most Beautiful Hair Designs For Girls In 2016

With a new year, new trends come in but they are not just confined to the attire but also focus on the things like makeup, hair styles, nail color/art etc. We present you the list of most beautiful hair designs for girls 2016 so that it will be helpful for you to pick not just formal hairstyles and designs but every day hairdos as well to make your look hotter and trendier this year. They are hassle free and very easy to make. Just take a look at these and see what suits your face cut the best.




                                  Most Beautiful Hair Designs For Girls In 2016


10. Faux Bob Hairstyles

Faux Bob Hairstyles

One of the most adored and wanted hair designs of 2016 for girls is the faux bob hairstyle. It is short, easy to manage and can be experimented with lots of other hair styles too for example the short one sided beachy waves, pinned up dos and high buns. Gelled back faux bobs look really trendy too and are an excellent option for winter 2016.


9. Braiding Up

Braiding Up

One kind of hair design which never goes out of fashion and by doing it you are actually taking care of your hair instead of ruining or damaging it is the braids. Braids suit every face cut and are an excellent fashion statement when it comes to hair designs in 2016. You can experiment with all sorts of braids starting from French, knotted, fishtail, regular braid, side braid etc. the hair stays healthy and if you plan to grow your hair soon then keeping it in braids is great.


8. Fancy Blow Outs

fancy blow outs

Thanks to the Victoria’s Secret angels, we just cannot get enough of these luxurious and fancy blow outs. This year too they are one of the most sought after hair designs for 2016. The reason for them being so famous is that they make you look automatically super trendy and gorgeous. You do not need to go to the salon for these super amazing blow outs as there are various hacks which can help you achieve the perfect volume and bounce, just as the Victoria’s Secret angels have.


7. Sleek Dos

Most Beautiful Hair Designs For Girls In 2016

One of the more gaudy hair designs which is sure to make heads turn in 2016 is the sleek hair designs, they can be pulled off on short as well as long hair and all you need to do is part your hair either on the side or from the middle and use a really good quality mousse or gel to mat the hair. This matter hair look is great for formal parties and evening dinners. Sleek dos can be teamed up with a classy jump suit and you are sure to look sexy.


6. Knot That Bun

Knot that bun

If you are a person who does not want to have her hair flow lose at all times then we have some good news. Knotted buns are the new in thing for the year 2016. Just make a knot of your hair and tie it wherever it suits you. The knot not only looks classy but is excellent for working women and college going girls. The reason being that your hair is ties and is looking formal enough according to the scenario. You could use pretty pins and embellishments if you plan to pull this look of knotted buns for some formal party or dinner.


5. Part The Hair

Part the hair

It is time to ditch the regular side parting that you had been doing for ages and go for a sleek middle part or an extremely defined side part. The idea is to change the direction of your hair if your hair does not fix properly and stay the way you want it to part, you can straighten it and use hair spray very lightly for the first few couple of days. They will automatically stay there this way and you will get the sexy 70’s parted hair look which is trending this season.


4. Waves, Waves And More Waves

Waves, waves and more waves

Time for every girl to bid farewell to straight hair and go for waves this year. Beachy waves and bohemian waves are the most stylish for this season and can be done in no time. Straightener and hot rollers are an excellent way to get those perfect beachy and bohemian waves. You can part your hair from the middle and get them all wavy by the help of some mousse or gel too which is not too harsh. The idea is to create an effortlessly gorgeous look so do not go over board for achieving ‘perfect’ waves.


3. Get It Dip Dyed

Get it dip dyed

If you do not want any hair design but are looking for a stylish and trendy change for your hair in terms of coloring it then dip dye is the best option. It is basically the hair dye at the end which beautifully merges from ends towards the top. Dip dyes are most commonly loved by young girls in ombre color so try and get that. If your base color does not go with the ombre one then you can definitely pick something else for the lower locks or change the base color altogether.


2. Fringe Is Back

Fringe is back

Hair designs for 2016 are more or less about the fact that how well you revive old styles. This brings us to our most loved and wanted hair design idea which is the fringe. Yes, the fringe is back in fashion and not just any fringe but a wild messy one. It looks excellent with short and long hair both you can let your hair flow open or even tie it up in a messy pony tail. It is bound to look great in every way.


1. Half Up Dos

Half up dos

The most favorite on our list of hair designs is the half up do. It is chic, easy to manage and make and one can experiment with it in many ways. You could tie a bun with half the hair and let it lose on rest of the portion, you could go for a pouf, some old fashioned back combing etc. all these hair designs are sure to work with the half up do so make it a point to try this hair design this year.

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