Most Beautiful Clock Towers In The World 2017

The clock towers are the attractive places for the tourists to visit. They can be the awesome places where people can visit. In the past, these towers were constructed in the center of the city. These are the benchmarks. Visitors get amused visiting these towers. Top ten of the most beautiful towers in the world. They are discussed below. Some of the clock towers are given the nick names as well. Most of them are too old. The clock towers have different sizes and shapes. They also have several distinct types. Hence, the tourists can easily spend their holidays while arriving at these clock towers present throughout the world. Here are the 10 Most Beautiful Clock Towers In The World 2017


10. Tower of the Winds

The clock tower which is named as Tower of winds is present in Athens where it is situated in Roman Agora. The shape of this clock tower is octagonal. It is designed nicely and had been constructed from Pentelic marble. It had been built in 50 BC. But it is doubted that this clock tower had been constructed in second century BC. Hence this beautiful clock tower is too old. This clock tower had been built by Andronicus who belonged to Cyrrhus. The length of this clock tower is 12m. It has 8 sundials. It consists of a clock of water inside it and also consists of a wind vane. Tourists come here to enjoy the enchanting look of the clock tower. In addition to the tourists, this clock tower can be used as a wonderful place for the shooting of the films.


9. Old Joe Clock Tower

This clock tower which is known as Old Joe. The complete name of this clock tower is Joseph Chamberlain Memorial. The clock tower is located in the Birmingham University situated in United Kingdom. It is one of the tallest clock tower present in the world. The length of this tower is 100 meters which is 328 ft. This tower had been constructed in 1908. It has a beautiful outlook and the tourists are amused to see it. This is a famous tower of clock known worldwide. People come from all over the world to visit this beauty. It is used for the shooting of the movies as well.


8. Minneapolis City Hall Clock Tower

This clock tower is located in Minneapolis City Hall. This whole building is used by the government of the city. This tower consists of the clock which have four faces. It is a chiming clock which has a marvelous outlook. The length of each face of a clock is 7.5m. It is the tallest building in the city with a length of 105m. It is of greyish color and has a stunning look that attracts the tourists. Movie directors also select this clock tower to shoot their films as tis place gives a stunning view which is liked by the people.


7. The Peace Tower

This clock tower which is named as The Peace Tower has a very beautiful look. It is situated in Ottawa present in Canada. In the start it was also called as the Victory and Peace Tower. This tower of clock is located in the median of Centre Block which is the major construction of the place called as parliament complex of Canada. It is a tall tower consisting of length 92.2 meters which is 302 feet almost. This clock tower is a good replacement of the Victoria tower which was shorter than this of almost 55 meters. This tower had been burnt in 1916. Hence, peace tower has a wonderful look and is liked by the people.


6. NTT Docomo Yoyogi Building Clock Tower

This clock tower is fixed in the building namely; NTT Docomo Yoyogi Building which is situated in the place called as Shibuya present in Tokyo which is the capital city of Japan. This clock has a diameter of about 15-m. It is planted in the building. It is located at the height of 240m. This beautiful clock tower is chosen by the film directors for the shooting of the films. It glows with the help of the lights present in it. These lights exists in the upper part and also points out the weather forecasts. There are hands of clock which enhances its beauty and the numbers on the dial are also magnificent.


5. Zytglogge Clock Tower

This is an amazing clock tower which is named as Zytglogge tower. It is situated in Bern present in Switzerland. This clock tower had been constructed in 13th century. This clock tower is too beautiful as is decorated nicely. It has a superb design. It has an astronomical clock. It is a well-known symbol of Bern. It is called as a UNECO Heritage site. It has a beautiful look which consists of lights. The clock is of round shape. It consists of the long hands of a clock. It is a stunning clock tower which intrigues many customers. This tower had obliged us as being guard tower. It also had served being a prison. In short, it is a mind blowing memorial place. Now a days it is also utilized for the shooting of the movies as it is situated in the wonderful location and gives a mind blowing view.


4. Rathaus, Glockenspiel Clock Tower

The clock tower namely; Rathaus-Glockenspiel is present in Munich which is located in Germany. It is a stunning place which is very popular among the tourist. Tourists are attracted towards this clock tower. It had been constructed in 1908. It is present in the New Town Hall. At sharp 11:00 and especially at the time of evening there is a great hustle and bustle around the area. Hence, it is a very populated area. Visitors enjoy the eye catching view of this. There are 43 bells and 32 figures which are very attractive to have a look. Due to this enchanting look this clock tower is selected by the film directors to shoot the movies.


3. Prague Astronomical Clock Tower

The clock tower namely; Prague Astronomical is very famous clock tower. It is situated in Prague which is present in located in Czech Republic. It is the main focus of the tourists. They visit here to enjoy the beautiful look of the tower. This clock tower is present in the Old Town Square which is located in Prague. The tourists are amused by watching the movements of the hands of the clock. They come here and watch this awesome scene for hours. It is too old as was built in 1410 but still it is used. And people come here to see its enchanting looks. Hence, being an astronomical clock it is popular among the people and liked by them. It is the best location for the shoots of the movies so usually chosen by the directors.


2. Elizabeth Tower

The clock tower namely; Elizabeth Tower is situated in the capital city of England that is London where it is present in the north part of the Palace of Westminster. It is known by the Big Ben which is famous throughout the world among the people. This name was given officially to the tower because of the presence of bell in it. This clock tower is the chiming clock which has the tall height. It has a length of 96m. This clock tower is the sign and a symbol that represents United Kingdom. Hence, this clock tower is a beautiful place for shooting of the movies.


1.  Abraj Al-Bait Tower

Most Beautiful Clock Tower In The World 2017 – Abraj Al-Bait Tower

The clock tower namely; Abraj Al-Bait is situated in Mecca which is the capital of Saudi Arabia which is at a few meters distance away from the Masjid al Haram. It is named as Mecca Royal Hotel Clock Tower. The building where the tower is installed is also called the megatall building complex which is run by the government. This clock tower is at a great height of about 601m. Hence, it is the one of the world’s tallest tower. This tower presents an iconic view which is attractive for the tourists and they come here to enjoy the wonderful view of the tower. There are four faces of the clock present on the four sides. The face of the clock is too big and has a remarkable look. The size of the one clock is 43*43.

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