Learn How To Decrease Blood Sugar With Diet In 10 Days

Do you want to learn How to decrease blood sugar with diet in 10 days rapidly? Here we have the best for you. Losing weight is a little difficult for diabetic patients but decreasing blood sugar with proper diet can help you a lot. It does not only control sugar level but also eliminate the need for external insulin. After completing our 10-day fantastic decrease blood sugar with a diet program, you are going to feel fresh and energetic.




Day 1

Start your day with some healthy carbohydrates. Few slices of whole grain bread with two egg whites and a glass of milk is better. Just after three hours, have a low sugar fruit like Kiwi or Guava. A vegetable salad before lunch can satisfy an appetite to decrease blood sugar with diet. In lunch, prefer soup with boiled fish. Make sure you digest everything and avoid taking a nap. It will digest all the excess sugar in the body. At night avoid pizza, burger and ice creams. It’s better to have last meal like a low fat sandwich.


Day 2

This day you can repeat the routine. Change the vegetable salad with fruit salad and you may add a glass of vegetable smoothie before dinner at night. It will decrease your hunger.


Day 3

Today you will change the food and add some more excitement. Just before taking a meal make sure you check fasting sugar level. How to decrease blood sugar with diet is easy when you have a glucometer with you.


Day 4

This day is a little challenging. With sugar level going down one must maintain it. Start your day with porridge. Eat vegetable salad just after three hours. Then include some iceberg and spinach in your meal. After this, eat Greek yogurt with added protein. Eat boiled or steamed chicken before 3 hours going to bed.


Day 5

Repeat the same routine of day 4. Check your blood sugar level and write it on a chart.


Day 6

You will notice a significant change in fasting sugar level in comparison with day 1. Repeat the same diet and food plan of day one. Add some more sugar fewer fluids.


Day 7

Repeat the day 4 schedule and check sugar after every 3 hours of a meal. The decrease in sugar level will help the physician in checking your health condition.


Day 8

Add some nuts, grains and sugar-free cereals in your routine. Take alternative meals and mix the meals of day one and day four.


Day 9

You will surely feel decreased hunger and increase in energy. Have your favorite food including pizza at night and go to bed after a little walk.


Day 10

Doctor making blood sugar test.

Check your fasting blood sugar level at last day. You will see the normal glucose level in blood even after eating a pizza. This is How to decrease blood sugar with diet in just 10 days. Don’t forget to share the plan with all your friends who want to lose weight and get rid of diabetes fast

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