Kathy Ireland – Richest Model 2016 Net Worth of $352 Million

This is the materialistic world in which ever body wants to make money. As, money is the only thing through which one can think of passing a luxurious life. As we can buy luxuries only through cash. Some people have the knowledge through which they rule the world but some have skills by which they become well known and famous. Following are the type of professional people which I have discussed, who making money are and are listed among the richest people of their jobs.

                             Kathy Ireland – Richest Model 2016 Net Worth of $352 Million


Kathy Ireland is a well-known model which is richest of all the models. Due to modeling, she earned a lot and made her property.

Besides, modeling she has augmented her net worth from her company. She is the cover model of sports on certain magazines in the swim suits which is a good way of earning for her.

Besides modeling she is an actress.an entrepreneur and CEO as well as designer of the company of marketing which is a brand seller company. She is known to sell the products for 2 billion dollars.

Property of Kathy Ireland


The brands of Kathy are home decorations, clothes, socks and videos which are worked out.

She has most expensive cars for example she is having Chrysler logo, dodger logo like lavished cars and yachts.

She has many apartments among which one is the beach front property which has a lurched swimming pool many rooms along with bathrooms in it.

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