How To Stay Happy And Healthy During Periods – Menstrual Cycle

The menstrual cycle is the changes in the women through which it undergoes to get pregnant. The uterus lining is grown for the fertilization but when fertilization does not takes place it sheds its lining. After every three weeks women has menstruation period in which bleeding from the vagina occurs. Women have their periods from the age of 13 till 51 years of their age. These are crappy days of a woman in which she remains in a stress or in bad moods and gets irritated on small things. So, to avoid these bad moods and to stay healthy and fresh during these days I have discussed How To Stay Happy And Healthy During Periods – Menstrual Cycle  which are as follows:


Cleanliness is The Key

Stay Happy And Healthy During Periods - Menstrual Cycle

  • When the blood comes out of the body, it gets mixed with the different organisms and if long stay there can cause vaginal infections so it’s preferred to change pad once in 6 hours.
  • Wash yourself on the regular basis during your menstruation to remove the toxic organisms. Before changing the pad it is necessary to clean your vagina. When it is washed, the extra blood is also removed.
  • You should not use soaps as two types of bacteria; good and bad bacteria are present there and by using hygienic products the good bacteria is killed which then allows the infection to take place which is harmful. So, it is preferred to use warm water for washing. And the right technique of washing is to be used to avoid infections.
  • Dispose of your used products by wrapping so that it may not spread infection and smell. After discarding wash your hands properly.
  • Use only a single way for the sanitation at one time. It means do not use two pads at a time but instead you should use one at a time and get it changed after every six hours otherwise you will have rash.
  • If somebody is having menstruation kink or the backache to get rid of these pains take bathe with the warm water. It will also help you to refresh yourself.


Rest Brings Relief

How To Stay Happy And Healthy During Periods - Menstrual Cycle

It is good to stay at home as much possible during your periods. During menstruation period the body of a women undergoes many changes and try to eradicate the toxic organisms. So, one has to be careful and should not carry had objects and try to take rest during menstruation to avoid complications and stay healthy.


Food to Eat During Your Period

How To Stay Happy And Healthy During Periods

  • Water is a pure and flawless liquid that is good for your health rather than cold drinks. So, try to take in water in these days especially so that water dehydration does not takes place.
  • Green Vegetables are full of such nutrients that are rich in iron which is the requirement of the body during your periods.
  • Fish is very energetic food as it contains omega 3’s and various other fatty acids which helps to relax the muscles and relieve your pain of twitches.
  • Bananas are source of potassium which is required for the women especially in these crappy days to blossom their mood and make them fresh. On the other hand it is good for bowel movements.
  • Red meat is also good to eat in your periods as it increases iron which boosts your mood and you feel yourself active.
  • Chocolate is also good in these days as they are rich in magnesium and helps you to get energetic. Nuts and Seeds may also make good diet during your periods but avoid those which contains salt as they may become the cause of water retention.
  • Tea is very helpful to bring comfort to the body during menstruation. It helps the muscles to get rid of muscle spasms and help to reduce the tensions and anxiety.
  • Yogurt is a good digester as it helps to digest the food and is also enriched with the calcium which is the main requirement of women’s body. In periods it is good to take in calcium containing food to avoid discomfort.
  • All kinds of fruits are the rich source of energy which women require during her menstruation period to keep herself active and fresh without having any discomfort and pain.


Food Not to Eat During Periods

How To Stay Happy And Healthy During Period

  • Ice-cream is a dairy product rich in fats so it also can cause the severe inflammation. Creams and cheeses are also dairy products which have the same effect.
  • When you are having period avoid food which is processed like canned foods, chips of packets and snacks as they consist of sodium which is the cause of discomfort and inflation.
  • Caffeine is very dangerous for your period as it is the cause of irregularity in the periods. As, it can cause bad moods, difficulty in sleeping and produces pains. So, avoid coffee but if you are addicted too much then tea could be the good alternative of coffee. Energy drinks are also not to be used during these days.
  • Food that contain sugars are also not to be taken during menstruation period as they aggravate the pain of menstruation cramps .If your inner desire is to have some sweet then take in the fruits like mango or melon.
  • Alcohol is a harmful drug and even addiction but one should refrain taking in alcohol in these crappy days which worsen your cramps and it is also the cause of PMS. Alcohol thins the blood which increases the flow of blood and put you in the discomfort.
  • Commercial baked products consists of very high fats which increases the levels of estrogen which has very dangerous effects as it may cause pain in the uterus during your menstruation period. Bread is rich in fibers which women should eat in their menstruation which put them in the comfort zone.


Helpful Medication During Periods

Stay Happy And Healthy During Periods - Menstrual Cycle

Pain is the main issue during menstruation in which different medicines are harmful but some of them have no side effects but can relieve the pain. Naproxen sodium, ibuprofen and aspirin can make the pain less and prevent extra bleeding.

Exercise is also good for the brain as due to that a chemical namely, endorphins changes your mood. Applying cream which is mixed with the marjoram oils and lavender to the abdomen can also reduce the menstruation cramps. Turmeric, black cohosh and cramp bark can also be used to lessen the pain. Taking shower is also effective during the pain. Try not to take in the cold things in pain which make clots of blood inside the abdomen and aggravate the pain.


More Precautions 

dnt sex during period

1. Do not have sex during the periods because it is not protected. Even during the period women can get pregnant but it is very dangerous as infection occurs. So, to avoid infections and stay healthy refrain from sex in your menstruation period.

2. Do not miss your meals. Although in the periods women does not feel hungry but it is important to eat regularly health and brings energy in you, because a lot of bleeding leads to the tiredness and weariness. Food will help you to recover your health and will make you energetic.
3. During your periods do not do any physical work or carry any bulky objects if you are suffering from severe pain in stomach or back ache because this will increase your pain and may lead to severe type of problems.

Hence, menstruation period women should take care of themselves to save themselves from the complications. These Tips are really helpful if you want to ask anything must comment and mail us. Our team of doctors will surely help you – Stay Happy and Healthy During Your Periods.


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