How To Protect Yourself From Sunburn & Sun Tanning

Sunlight is a main source of UV rays that is essential for your skin and body to some extent. Exposure to sun keeps you healthy, active and it is important for good health. Sun rays accompanied vitamin D which is essential for your bones and it makes them strong. Some people think that skin should be protected only when they are resting at beach or spending time near lake or pool. But sun exposure adds up day by day every time you are in sun and getting too much sun could be harmful for skin.

In peak times of summer it is difficult to move outside as it can damage your skin, dehydrate you and even cause skin cancer if your skin is in continuous contact with UV rays. All you need is to stay in doors and walk safe when exposed to sun. You should limit your steps when exposing to UV rays. Simply staying inside or in shade is the best way to limit UV exposure. If you are going to be in sun it can cause skin burns and skin tanning which is most common issues now a day, it restricts daily activities of people and force them to stay inside.

Following are care plans that How To Protect Yourself From Sunburn & Sun Tanning should be noted out for your safety when you move outside:


  • Seek Shade

Avoid being in outdoors in direct sunlight for too long. UV rays become more intense in spring, even before temperature gets warmer. In some area people get dun burned when weather is still cool because they don’t protect themselves from certain things. Be especially careful on the beach, lake etc. As they reflect sunlight and increase the amount of UV radiations. From all these things you need to protect yourself first than look for the other things. Check UV index of your area that helps you stay safe from it. Use tinted windows that help to block UV rays and try to remain indoors to avoid sunburns.


  • Protect Your Skin With Clothing

fashion that avoid sun burn

Wear clothes that cover your skin when you move outside. Clothes are said to provide different levels of protection from UV rays. Long sleeve shirts, pants and long skirts are ultimate dresses in summer that covers you from sun radiations and heat. Dark colors provide more protection than light ones as well as tighten woven fabrics is more protective and feasible. Dry fabric also provides better care than a wet one. Many companies now days make clothes that are lightweight, comfortable and provide full protection against UV radiations even they are wet.


  • Use Sunscreens

Sunscreens are being used from centuries. It is said to be a wise protection from sun burns and skin tannings. Sunscreens are just filters it does not block UV rays as whole you should consider sunscreens as your skin cancer protection plan. They are available in many forms as lotions, creams, ointments, gels, sprays, wipes and lip balms. All these products help you to fight against UV rays and give you better results without damaging your skin. Some of makeup products also tend to have UV protection but their labels should be checked.


  • Avoid Tanning Beds And Sun Lamps

Tanning lamps gives UVA and UVB that are harmful for skin in all aspects. Tanning beds has linked with increase in amount of melanin which is a risk factor for many skin disorders. Small UV lamps are also not helpful for you in many ways you should avoid using such type of products for your betterment and safety. You should always follow expertise advice before using such things because it can damage layers of your skin cause skin burns and even increase risk factors of cancer.


  • Eat Saturated Fats

If your skin is rich with fragile oil you are most likely prone to sunburns and tanning of skin. Thus you should eat healthy fats that relate your skin. It gives s healthy skin tissues that prevent from such harms.


  • Massage Coconut Oil On The Skin

Cold pressure coconut oil is a powerful healing agent wen applied to skin. An expert says that you can rub this oil and spend long time in sun. it can block of about 20% of UV rays and helps you getting healthy and fresh skin for long duration. This allows regulating natural defense system in skin and prevents from long- term sun exposure. These are some remedies that should often be taken before exposure to sunlight and you can move care free in sun and have all the fun.

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