How To Make Your Hair Long & Strong Quickly

Outer Beauty does not only mean beautiful skin, nice clothes, expensive shoes but it also count your flawless, long, shiny hairs. Dull, weak, thin hair put a bad impact on your image. As beautiful hair just change your personality in a minute. Hair care, hair type and hair growth is different in every other human. Some people get curly hair, some get straight, some get wavy. Even hair length is different in every people.

Every person has a limit to which their hair can grow, as in some people their hair goes longer even to the level of their knees and some people’s hair grows just to the level of their scapula. So the need is to understand your hair type. But every type of hair need extra amount of care and attention. Sometimes may be your hair fall is giving you some serious indication about your health. Like if you are facing excessive hair loss and also sudden decrease In your weight then there must be something happening inside your body. So without wasting time you should concern to some doctor. So we are going to explain you that How To Make Your Hair Long & Strong Quickly


Healthy Hair Habits

Before going on to any remedy, may be its our habits that are spoiling our hair health and decreases its growth. So first of all have a look on hair habits that you really need in your life. After changing your habits you will see a confirm change in your hair’s health, that won’t let you leave these habits again.


  • Wash Your Hair With Lukewarm Water

Washing your hair with hot water will actually make them weak, fragile and more vulnerable to fall. So wash your hair with cold water that will lock hair cuticles and nutrients in your hair and there is no need to wash your hair daily.


  • Trimming

We think by not cutting hair, our hair will grow fast. But despite of that, hair edges get more damaged. So trim your hair often to avoid split ends.


  • Use Wooden Brushes

Brushing keeps your hair healthy. But it is best to use wooden brushes. But too much brushing or brushing just right after washing hairs can cause damage. Because wet hairs are weak and when you use brush they break off easily.


  • Less Heat Damage

Avoid all the electrical styling products like flat iron, curler and blow dryers as they can cause serious damage to your hair specially to tips. But if you still want to use these things use some heat protective creams or spray on your hair before using there heat products.


  • Check Out Ingredients of Products Before Using

Before buying any product you must check its ingredients, because not every ingredient will suit your hair. So choosing a product that suits your hair best will give you more better results than just choosing a random product.


  • Sun damage

Cover your hair while going outside in sun. Ultraviolet rays of sun not only damage your hair but also the color of your hair.



What we eat has direct affect on our hair. Poor nutrition results in hair fall and damage. So eat healthy food to make your hair looking healthy and strong.

  • Iron rich food helps your hair follicles in getting more oxygen like meats, spinach and, beans.
  • Hair itself is made up of a protein known as keratin. So eating protein rich food like soy, eggs, fish and nuts will provide more health to your hairs.
  • Seeds, oysters, grains and peanut butter contains large amount of zinc that saves hairs from damaging.
  • For maintaining scalp and hair strong, our hair needs antioxidants like vitamin C, A and E. Which all are present in fruits and vegetables.
  • Try to avoid caffeine intake as much as you can.


Natural Remedies To Make Your Hair Long & Strong

Sometimes our hair can’t handle harsh chemicals and get more damaged. While these products may be cost you too much. On the other hand natural remedies are way more beneficial for hair growth and can show best results.


  • Yogurt, Egg and Oil Mask

Yogurt is a natural conditioner that brings shine in your hair. While egg proteins make hair follicles stronger. Coconut oil contains large amount of vitamins that nourish your hair. Take four to five table spoons of yogurt in a bowl or as according to your length. Then add two eggs in the bowl and three table spoons of coconut oil. Mix it well. For easy apply divide your hairs into four sections. Apply that mask in hairs specially in roots and on edges. In roots for better growth and on edges to lessen the damage. Leave that mask on your hair for at least one hour or if your hair is too dry then leave it for one and half hour or two hours. After that wash your hair with shampoo or you can apply conditioner as well to get manageable hairs.


  • Aloe Vera Hair Oil

Aloe vera consistently keeps your hair hydrated by making a protective layer around your hair as it contains proteolytic enzyme which is very beneficial for hair growth. If you also have complain about dandruff. Then aloe vera oil is the best therapy because of its anti fungal property. Take three pieces of aloe vera leaves, extract its gel in a bowl. Then take 100gm of coconut hair oil in a pan and put it over mild heat. After some time put aloe vera gel into that pan and boil it for five minutes. After five minutes add ten to eleven black pepper it will add more strength to your hair follicles and revitalize your hair. Boil it for further two minutes and leave that oil for ten to twelve hours. You can store that oil for two to three months. For best results use two times a week for 45 minutes and then wash it off with shampoo that suits your hair best.


  • Potato Magic

Potato is a vegetable that is easily available in market that contains zinc, niacin, iron and vitamin c, the main hair friendly nutrients that nourish your hair follicles and improve growth.

1. Potato skin: First of all peel off the potato skin. Take that peeled off potato skin, wash it well and boil it in water. After when water get cold wash your hair with that water for better and faster growth. Try this wash for at least twice a week.

2. Potato juice: Now cut that potato into small pieces. Blend potato pieces using blender. Separate potato juice in bowl with the help of a strainer. Give a massage to your scalp with this potato juice. With a shower cap, cover your hair and leave it for twenty to twenty five minutes then wash your hairs with water. Use this treatment daily. At least for a month.

3. Potato juice, Aloe Vera and Honey: Take three table spoons of aloe vera gel, three table spoons of potato juice and two table spoons of honey, mix them well. Put that mixture in hair roots and leave it for two hours. Use this remedy for two times a week. You can use this treatment for hair fall and hair growth.


  • Onion Water

Onion water increases blood circulation in scalp. Onion is full of sulphur which improves collagen tissue production, which is very important to make your hairs longer. Take four to five pieces of onion, Cut onion in small pieces. Pour one liter water in a pan and put these chopped onion in it and let them boil for ten minutes. After ten minutes leave that water for cooling and strain it with strainer in a bowl. Use this water on your hairs after washing your hair with shampoo. But if you don’t have any problem with the smell of onion then there is no need to wash your hairs again with shampoo.


  • Ginger Hair Mask

It contains an antioxidant which is also known as gingerol, that fights with the free redicles of our scalp to reduce damage of hair cells. It works as a great hair conditioner that make hairs soft, manageable and shinier. It promote healthy hair growth by regulating blood flow in scalp through its stimulating effect. Cut ginger into smaller pieces after peeling off its skin. Blend these ginger pieces to make a fine paste. Extract ginger juice from these paste by using a strainer. Add one cup of ginger juice and one and half cup of olive oil in a jar and mix it. Store that solution in an air tight container for ten to twelve days. Massage this mask in your hair and leave it for one hour. Wash your hair with some herbal shampoo. It is very beneficial for dandruff and itchy scalp due to its anti fungal properties and olive oil will provide more oxygen to the scalp. This mask will leave your hair nourished and soft.


Medical Care To Make Your Hair Long & Strong

Sometimes medical help give you more benefits then remedies, specially when other remedies are not giving you any benefits. There are many supplements, solutions and treatments available in market that are being used world wide. But before using these medicines you should concern to some doctor or should have knowledge about their side effects.

  • Minoxidil

It is a hypersensitive vesodilator medicine. It is mostly available in foam and solution, that is used for hair growth and decrease line baldness in man and can be used by women as well. Follow all the way on package for how to apply on scalp. If you have any kind of allergy or any scalp infection, first ask pharmacist or doctor before using, to avoid any type of side effects. In most cases this medicine show hair regrowth after consistent use for four months.

  • Dietary Supplements

If you have lack of vitamins and nutrients in your body. You have this problem even after eating nourished food, . Then you can take dietary supplements of iron, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin C according to your need. Which are easily available in any medical store.

  • Laser Light Therapy

Laser light therapy is mostly used to increase blood flow in scalps. Through increased blood flow, hair follicles will get more oxygen and nutrients. Which will provide strength to your hairs, decreasing hair fall.

  • Biotin Supplements

Biotin that is present in your body helps making your hairs and nails stronger. So you can take biotin supplement to improve the strength of hairs.

  • Methyl Sulfonyl

Methane Is a sulphur based supplements, mostly known as MSM. It is present in your body naturally. You can take it as supplements. You can use this supplements for getting shiner and thicker hairs. It also repair damaged tissue.


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Make Your Hair Long & Strong Quickly

You will find a sudden change in your personality when your hairs health will get better and sudden increase in your confidence and a sigh of relief. Use these remedies continuously, take a good care of what you are eating and also change your life style to get best results. Change your hair color, pick a new hairstyle and amazed the world with your entire flawless beauty.

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