Top 10 Highest Paid Models In 2017

Every brand needs fame and popularity. This could only happen by someone who applies it use it and mark it. People use products and brands as their style statement. Models play major role in providing a gate way to brands they are important part of showbiz and industry. They present their selves to the world what they are up to. To be a model you need to be more catchy, stylish, fashionable, heighted and sleek so that you can easily pursue the thing or brand you want. Models got all the attitudes and groovy looks. They look ravishing on camera as well on the ramp. Some are good and some are said to have best appearance and has the persona to carry the product and justifies it. We bring you Top 10 Highest Paid Models In 2017  that have all the charm and gloomy personality and they earn the fame through hard work and many efforts. Their bank balance marks the statement.


10. Natalia Vodianova

Most Paid Models 2017

A graceful lady was born on 28th February, 1982. She got all the looks and style and she live for her passion. She is sensuous and got all natural skills. She belongs from Russia .she was given the name Supernova because of her talent and expressions. She is also an amazing actress; she deals with products and cosmetics of Calvin Klein and Guerlian. She also has dealings with famous Lingerie ads. Her net worth is $4 million.


9. Hilary Rhoda

most paid models

Beauty and passion leads her in the industry. She is such a versatile actress and model that one could not ignore her abilities. She has wonder charm and graceful appearance. She is also famous model who hit the ramp hard. She was born on 6th April, 1987. She has done number of ads for Gucci, Gap and Valentino, Dolce and Gabbana. She also has contract with Estee and lauder. Her net worth is $5 million. She has much more to go in her carrier.


8. Alessandra Ambrosio

Most paid models 2017

She is a Brazilian beauty she has attitude, style and grace. She is one of most popular Victoria’s secret models. This secret’s endorsement gives her prominence and fame in industry. She has worked with elite brands like Armani Exchange, Ralph Lauran and Next. Her net worth is $ 5 million. She was born on 1981. She is also a famous actress and has done many ads which leads her to new world of glamour.


7. Liu Wen

costliest models 2017

She is a Chinese lady with all beauty make her name all the way in industry of fashion and glamour. By her hard work she proofs that she is not less than others. She was born on January, 1988. She has highest number of fans in a short period of time. She made social media craze for her. She made it through tough time and makes her country proud. Her net worth is $7 million.


6. Miranda Kerr

most paid models

An Australian super model born on 20th April, 1983. She is most attractive and beautiful lady. She earns about $7 million. A perfect public figure to be admired . She got fame from brands like Lipton, Mango and Quantus. Miranda started her carrier at age of 13 and she was awarded for impulse fragrances. She marked the words uniqueness and beauty. She proved her to be best at every glance and her worth it.


5. Kate Upton

Sexiest expensive models

Super hot sensational and mind-blowing model. Her original name is Katherine Elizabeth born on 10th June, 1992. Many sports illustration and swim suits ads promotes her a lot she has perfect body and curves to make it so heart throbbing that put a glimpse to eye. Her net worth is also$7 million. She also represents Bobbi Brown cosmetics. She started her carrier in very small age but didn’t put many efforts to get fame.


4. Kate Moss

most paid models 2017

Finally an American super model that has ravishing figure and personality. She was born on 16th January, 1947. Kate Moss was discovered by Sarah Doukas and how she could be wrong about her choice. She inspired everyone by her fashions and looks and she proofs to everyone that age doesn’t matter when it comes to fashion and passion. Her net worth is $9 million. A blonde lady has glamour and skills.


3. Adriana Lima

most paid models

The sensuous lady has much more to show off her beauty and talent. She is Brazilian model no offense that makes her more beautiful and attractive of all. She was born on 12th June, 1981. She has all acting and modeling skills and she proof herself to be best of all. She gives appearance in number of shows and commercials that make her win so many awards. She has contracts with Maybelline which lifts her life to the success. Her net worth is $9.5 million.


2. Doutzen Kroes

2nd most paid model in 2017

She is classy, mature and highly overrated model. She got all the blessings of skills and talent. She is real beauty and charming lady. One of greatest achievements is that she becomes brand ambassador of L’Oreal Paris for many years. Her net worth is $11 million. She got all the temptations and groovy looks which spread charm all around.


1. Gisele Caroline

most paid model of 2017

Perfection is her style and glamour is in her attitude and every move. She is from Brazil and most expensive and highly paid model she is none other than Gisele Caroline. She was born on 20 July, 1980. She got immense and never forgetting success and fame in 90’s due to her work. Her net worth is $44 million that make her richest lady in the world. She is diva and most remarkable lady of all times.

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