Europe’s Best Christmas Festivals 2017

The most wonderful time of the year if you ask anyone is surely Christmas. Who doesn’t enjoy the crisp air with the wait of St. Nicholas coming down the chimney, or the fresh scent of a Christmas tree while sipping on hot egg nog. These are all just a few of the things that people enjoy only once a year and that are only enjoyable when Christmas is around the corner. That is why it is common to see people get into the mood of festivities right after Thanksgiving and to make the season even more merrier there are a number of places that are the “go to” festivals for Christmas. That is why today we are rounding up Europe’s Best Christmas Festivals 2017.


10. Tivoli Christmas Festival

Tivoli Christmas Festival

Europe is standard for beauty so whether you are visiting it during the summers or the winters you are likely to never forget the sceneries around you. However try making it a trip during Christmas and it will be the best decision you ever made in your life. Everything transforms into the essence of Christmas. Similar is the case with the Tivoli Gardens situated in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The gardens are much more than just plants of different blends but it is an amusement park packed with rides and entertainment. In the winter this year starting from November 18 all the way up to December 31 you too can enjoy the transformation from a simple amusement park into a miraculous Christmas celebration where everything is lit up with fairy lights and you can smell the scents of roasted almonds stealing at your every breath.


9. Nuremberg’s Christkindlesmarkt

Best Christmas Festivals 2017

Where the beautiful river of Pegnitz lays is a city that has a history fit for a king with a castle and all. Nuremberg is filled with historical landmarks but apart from sightseeing the medieval days, you may want to head to Nuremberg to have a fun filled Christmas instead. The city of Nuremberg holds a yearly event known as the Nuremberg’s Christkindlesmarkt.

Christmas markets are not a thing of the past especially in Europe and having the chance, you may just visit one each year. The Nuremberg Christmas festivities are not short of the fun either, you can take your loved ones along a ride on the carriage and horses where they will give you a whole tour of the festival in a jiffy or you can set your eyes on mouth watering foods such as the famous Nuremberg’s Sausages or sweet “Lebkuchen”.


8. Dresden’s Christmas Market

Best Christmas Festivals 2017

Down on the list is another beautiful spot in Saxony, Germany, with buildings that have not only stood the test of time but have been revamped into newer looks. The reason why many travelers like to pass by this city is to see how the old and the new meet to give delicate yet stunning buildings including art museums. During the winter months however the city undergoes a Christmas makeover and throughout the streets you will hear carols and the sound of Christmas paving its way.

The market also dubbed as “Striezelmarkt” was initially a one day market venture back in the year 1434 where it all began. Over time it became bigger and bigger where peoples demand for the market got greater. The market provides tourists and locals the opportunities to buy gifts that are made with love and care by ones hard work and sweat which are handcrafted. Along with the famous “Christmas pyramid” and food and music to set the tone for the holidays.


7. Prague Christmas Festival

Best Christmas Festivals 2017

The magnificent Prague castle, the historic St. Vitus Cathedral and the exemplary Charles Bridge are just a few of the many places you will get to see if you’re in the capital of the Czech Republic. And if you head downtown to the Old Town Square be sure to do it during the holidays where lights and music will fill your heart up.

The Prague Christmas festival has it all, you will enjoy the aesthetics of the city around you and you can delve into the warm scents of mulled wine and hot tantalizing sweet bread. You can savor a list of tasty Czech pastries at your disposal after every stall and little handmade crafts for your loved ones in the shape of glass and wood at the same time. The vendors have something for everyone and for every age.


6. Cologne Christmas Market

Best Christmas Festivals 2017

Germany seems to have a number of Christmas markets spread all over the country and another fine market is located in the city of Cologne where not only you will find a fair share of the German population but you will also find it quite busy year around being a metropolitan area.

Never the less if you cross this city then be sure to not only mull over Picasso’s art work at the museum Ludwig but also enjoy the sparkle of the Christmas markets held around the city. Heated stalls for those who can’t handle the chilly nights and an assortment of eatables both for the old and young. You can find markets with different tastes such as the Harbor Christmas market or the "Markt der Engel" (Angel Market) and visit more than one on the same day.


5. Salzburg Christmas Festival

Best Christmas Festivals 2017

In Austria you will find the city of Salzburg where the river of Salzach divides the city into the old and new. On the left side of the river stands the vintage Altstadt and on the right side the contemporary Neustadt. Apart from the spectacular buildings the city has a throng of Christmas markets held every year where millions of people come in from far and near to enjoy the different performances of angels in white satiny dresses and open their hearts up to the sound of Christmas carols. While vendors try best to get their antique designs of wooden handmade stuff to be sold, children run around and enjoy the rides that are present at the festival, a place to set the mood whether you’re single or in love the air of winter mixed with baked goodies is sure to put you in the Christmas spirit.


4. Budapest Christmas Festival

Best Christmas Festivals 2017

Hungary’s capital may not just be famous for its sightseeing places another thing that you can count on when you are ever there is the festive Budapest Christmas fair. A number of decorations laden over wooden stalls that will make you want to go there every single day until it lasts.

The fair is usually at the Vorosmarty square and despite the rage about it; it is kept very peaceful with just 28 stalls. The stalls include vendors selling food items and stuff that you can gift to a loved one on Christmas day including handmade hats and jewelry. Children can enjoy the ice rink and adults can enjoy the cinnamon sticks amongst other pastries like the Hungarian flodni.


3. Brussels Christmas festival

Best Christmas Festivals 2017

With a population of 1.139 million the city of Brussels is a combination of beauty and architecture, walking down the streets you will see high fashion rise even from the locals and to your left and right there will be plenty of buildings to set your eyes on. You can take a whole trip of Europe in a jiffy by visiting the “Mini Europe” or set in a café and indulge in the aesthetics around you.

Though even if there is no holiday there is plenty to do but to double the fun take a trip during the winter months and have a blast at the Brussels Christmas Festival. The town is decorated in delightful décor with color and you will have the time of your life in not one but 200 markets filled with Christmas goodies. To top it off the ride on the ferry wheel is a must when you come to this festival both for children and adults.


2. Glasgow Christmas market

 Best Christmas Festivals 2017

The finest institutes including the Scottish Opera, the National Theatre of Scotland and the Scottish Ballet centre are all located in the port city of Glasgow. Like every year the traditional Christmas markets are held as a part of the old fashioned culture that began in Europe of opening up the streets for the holiday season to flow in. This year the market will be held on St. Enoch Square and on George Square. The markets include a number of performances and festivities including “Baby’s First Christmas” and the “Blessing of the Crib”.


1. Manchester Christmas Market

Best Christmas Festivals 2017

People mark their calendars all year waiting for great fun that comes with Europe’s Christmas markets. The Manchester Christmas festival is no different and people come from all around to soak up in the aromas of freshly baked gingerbread and red wine. It is not just and advents for buyers and sellers but people come here to have a good time. Markets will be held on Exchange Street, Cathedral Gardens, St Ann’s Square, Albert Square and plenty of other places. One of the trends that this markets has is you can buy you mug and then re use the mug for further drinks all day long in the festival , at the end you can either keep it as a token from the festival or you can return it back and get your £2.50 deposit back.

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