Countries With Highest Rate Of Robberies In 2017

People tend to lie, cheat, kill and steal, they do all sorts of things, there are many reasons why people resort to crimes but the numbers are escalating rapidly, there needs to be check on what is happening around the world and if you did not already know then well, this world is not as safe as it seems to be. Among the crimes that people commit one of the most popular crimes are robberies, where people mask themselves and loot the banks or anywhere like corner people in the streets, hold them at gunpoint so that they can get a hold of cash and fast. It is not new to see people in need of money but the way they try to take it from others leaves not only themselves in dangers and conviction for a long time but puts innocent lives at stake. This is specifically important for tourists as there are a lot of beautiful places to visit around the world but tourist’s need to keep in mind the negative aspects of the country that they are visiting as well So let’s take a look at the countries that have the Top Ten Countries With Highest Rate Of Robberies In 2017


10. USA (United States of America)

This may come as a shocker but the United States is big on crime whether rape or any other crime but crime nonetheless. Robberies have been estimated about 327,374 nationwide, which has been accounted for $390 million in losses (FBI Statistic), even one of the biggest robberies in history was taken under in California back in 1972 when a group of 7 men marched into the United California Bank in Laguna Niguel, California, and robbed 30 million dollars at the time. However times have changed but people are getting smarter and smarter by the day one of the most violent states declared has been Detroit, Michigan where the overall crime rate is estimated to be about 45 per 100,000 people.


9. Uruguay

A country east coast of South America is notoriously known for the high crime rate especially theft, the robbers there thrive on tourists that visit the area. The crime is 453.4 per 100,000 individuals. Although the summer is a sure spot to hit Uruguay’s blue waters but high precaution is advised to all who stay at any resorts as robbers are always on high alert there and can even hurt the victims if they see it fit to do so.


8. Belgium

You probably know that Belgium is known for its chocolate pastries and scrumptious waffles but if you have ever had a chance to visit this European country then keep in mind that it has a critical crime rate especially in terms of robberies and burglary. It is also the country where 80% of the worlds uncut diamonds go through Antwerp Diamond Center, so no wonder robbers are all planning to heist it, in 2003 the biggest heist of the century had occurred where even after 10 different types of security precautions had been taken, 100 million dollars worth of gems were stolen right from under their noses, the thief who came up with the whole plan was later on caught and still serves time in jail but the jewels were never to be found. Currently the rate of robberies is 1,282.2 per 100,000 individuals.


7. Ecuador

With Zika virus on high rise in parts of South America like Ecuador this deadly virus is not just one reason to keep a distance, travelers can face theft and robbery and although most of the robberies committed there are non-violent but they will definitely leave your pockets empty and give you a scare that will last a lifetime as even local transport is not reliable and taxis will force you to empty out your ATM, crime is a serious problem in Ecuador and one that needs to be watched out for.


6. South Africa

Like it does not have few problems already with political instability and poverty at a rise, this country faces very high crime rates especially of robbery. Teens are known to affiliate with gangs and bust out their guns for even just a few bucks. According to statistics about 148.2 robberies were observed every single day back in 2015 and 2016 and 98.4 are accounted per 100,000 populations in the country annually.


5. Mexico

One of the Top priorities of the government in Mexico is to work on lowering the crime rate. According to a survey almost 73 % people feel insecure in their own country because of all the crimes that take place including murder. The people are warned everyday to avoid going out late at night and to protect their own self as the robbery rate of this country is 617.4 per 100,000 populations.


4. Costa Rica

When the summers hit people like to take their vacations in Costa Rica where the waters are clear, cool and blue, however one thing that tourists need to know about is the crime pandemic that has seized this country for so many years, as per statistics crime was a total of 25,000 in 2012 and nowadays the country also faces robbery especially at 521.6 per 100,000 individuals. The thieves are so clever that they have maneuvered new ways to stop tourists and grab their valuables at gun point, tourist should be aware of tricks like flat tires to stop tourists or giving profit to the cab drivers so that they may also help them in the robberies.


3. The Dominican Republic

Organized crimes are the hardship this country faces, with drug trafficking and murder, robbery has also topped the crime list for this country and not just any robbery what they call “drive by” robberies are the most popular forms. Robberies here include not only robbing people who walk around but the thieves are readily on vehicles and bikes and will stop you midway on the roads while you’re driving or in a cab and rob you of your valuables.


2. Argentina

Tourist are mostly in the mood to tango during the summers in Argentina, however ‎with a population of over 43,886,748 the one thing that is not so cool to discuss about it is the countries crime rate particularly robbery, street crimes and thefts are commonly known in Argentina and though it is considered one of the wealthiest countries but it is still challenged by an immense number of crimes. According to statistics over 70% of the crimes committed include theft and robbery.


1. Chile

What we have reviewed is that the countries that are faced with rampant crimes are usually those which also face critical hardships with their government and political instability yet Chile is on the number one spot despite its political stability, the rate of robbery currently is 467.3 per 100,000 individuals. What is surprising is that robberies usually occur with the same individuals making it harder and harder for them to live a normal life. Not only does robbery occur in broad daylight in the form of pick pocketer’s and mugging but thieves will be waiting at train stations to grab a hold of your luggage and run away with them.


The review presented should be seen as something to dwell upon, where one part of the world lives in peace the other part resides in chaos. Government should have stricter rules to implement on thieves and robbers and the repercussions that they face should be as such so that they never think twice of doing such heinous acts.

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