Countries With Highest Rape Crime In The World 2017

Rape is a terrifying word, and you may have heard it only on TV but it exists out in this cold world where people become savage animals and lay their hands on any person for their own sexual pleasures. As hard as it is to believe in recent years the crime rate has gone up even more for rape and you would be surprised to see the countries that have such high numbers. That is why today we are going to shed some light on those countries that come within the Top Ten for Highest Rape Crimes, it is nothing fun to talk about but anything that can be done to shed awareness needs to be highlighted. So here below we have the list of Countries With Highest Rape Crime In The World 2017


10. Zimbabwe

According to UNICEF 42% of rape in this country is done with children and as they become older the rate of rape also increases along with it. It is said that every 90 minutes a woman is raped there, that is a horrific state of mind for anyone to be in while living there.


9. Denmark

According to Statistics 52% women have been either sexually abused or physically abused and there may be dozens more but the women tend to go quiet, and it is understandable such a horrendous incident people just want to forget about rather than relive as these are very traumatic experiences that one can go through. In Denmark what is surprising that not only have sexual abuse been accounted for by strangers but more women that is 1 out 5 have reported to have been victims of rape by either their partners from the past or the ones they were currently with, a very frightening way to not even be sure of the person you are with.


8. Australia

The land down under may be famous for its coral reefs and clear blue waters but what people don’t tell you is that it is one of the countries that has 30% of sexual assault victims. Not a pretty sight indeed but according to reports only 1% of Australian women face rape by strangers where as majority of the rape takes place by friends and family and more than half go unreported. A shocking 29% of rape is committed by people who come on an account of a date or through Social Media sites.


7. New Zealand

Back in 2013 a gang by the name of “Roast Busters” went through West side of Auckland raping underage girls, when the story made the new it became clear that this is just a many of a number of events that goes unnoticed in New Zealand, according to research this country has one of the highest rape crime rates than the entire world average (The Lancet articles). Not to mention not only 1 out of every 3 girls but even one out of every 6 boys are likely to be raped even before they hit the age of puberty at 16. The monstrous people who do such acts are reinforced due to the fear people have while reporting it to the police and that is why only 13% end up going to jail where as a whopping 91% go unnoticed an unreported.


6. Canada

Canada is a country that is known for its kind and warm people but what may surprise you is that it is also filled with savage creatures and that is why 460,000 sexual assaults have been reported every year in the country (Huffington Post). 80% of the crime victims are women and 60 % of the victims are under age (under 17). According to research they found that not only are 80% of the sex offenders married or in a long term relation but the same percentage accounts for them being known to the victims either they are friends or family of the victim.


5. India

According to statistics after every 20 minutes a woman is subjected to rape, and very few if any are reported because the women are so scared out of their wits and because of the submissiveness women are subjected too. Rape crime rate has sky rocketed in the past few years from 24,923 in 2012 to 33,707 in 2013, we do not see any decrease in the numbers anytime soon. The target age of victims is 18-30 years of age and because of the lack of justice system that surrounds the country there is still very little being done for the safety of the women in India.


4. England & Wales

Down the list you will see a few countries that may have never have crossed you mind, England and Wales are one of those countries where you would least expect such horrific crimes to occur. What is surprising is that although United Kingdom has not included different forms of sexual assault as rape (meaning only penetration by penis is considered a rape, any other type of penetration by finger or object is not considered rape) still the numbers are very high. As claimed by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and ONS (office for National Statistics and Home office) out of 85,000 rape crimes that occur every year in both England and Wales, 73,000 are females whereas 12,000 are males.


3. United States of America (USA)

Another name that is very surprising to occur but is true nonetheless, the super power is subjected to being the top 3 countries where Rape crime is disturbingly high. On average 293,000 victims are sexually assaulted every year, this means that a women is sexually assaulted after every 107 seconds a day. You would think that a country that focuses so much on freedom of speech women would report the crimes they face but as it is commonly seen the gruesome act is just too much for people to open up about which gives lay way to sexual offenders not being caught that is 98% of the offenders to be exact who will never set a foot into jail because of not being reported.


2. Sweden

Not all is fun and games in Europe as one of the countries that is known for being a great tourist destination also has 63 rape cases per 100,000 population (2013, Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention) one out of every three women in Sweden report that they have had a forceful sexual encounter even before they had hit their teenage years.

What is more peculiar in this country is that with rapid times the rate have increased even more as according to reports only 421 rapes were reported in the year 1975 but in 2014 the number escalated to account for 6,620 rapes that were reported, this may mean that there are more voices standing up against what has been done to them but still a lot more must be done to put an end to these horrendous acts


1. South Africa

At the number one spot it is no surprise that we may see South Africa as the country already faces immense problems with poverty, malnutrition and so much more but to add to the list is a huge number of rape crimes 500,000 a year to be exact and still only one out of 9 rape cases are reported whereas the remaining are never reported (Medical Research Council). According to statistics 50 % of children have already faced this beastly crime before turning 18 and 24,892 rapes have been committed with children under the age of 18.


The numbers that we have reported are not something to be proud of but rather it is a food for thought there still needs to be a lot done to help those who have suffered and those who may suffer in the future. Awareness needs to be built upon the fact that remaining quiet is only fueling those who commit such crimes and power comes from those who will speak and fight in this war against rape.

2 thoughts on “Countries With Highest Rape Crime In The World 2017

  1. We can only get the rape data from the countries which properly document the crime. Poor countries with poor police force dont have accurate data. Women will not report the rape case if the police force is incompetent or if they are living in male dominate countries. There is no surprise that developed countries are mostly in the list because they properly document the crime and women can report the crime.

    1. I totally agree with you but according to the stats these countries are in the top of the list … So we have to ask the government of these countries to take action on this crime and make their policies effective for the rapist .

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