Calgary The Most Cleanest City In The World

We all have a wish to live in neat and clean environment. Everyone wants their surroundings fresh, peaceful and calm. But it always require a lot of input from people to make their city neat and clean. Moreover it also needs government efforts. It is the duty of everyone to fulfill their responsibilities like throw their garbage to dustbin which are located by the side of roads and also follow traffic rules while driving. There are many cities in the world which are adopting all these practices. Calgary is one of them. It is the cleanest city in the world. It ranks top of the list due to its greenery.

It is the city of Canada situated in Alberta, province of Canada. Calgary was founded in 1875. Name of the city originates from two words kald and gart , means “cold” and “garden”. Its population was approximately 1,239,220 in 2016, making it largest city of Alberta. The city is situated between the Rocky Mountains. It seems very strange to hear that Calgary The Most Cleanest City In The World it is located in the center of oil and gas industries. It means size of population and size of city doesn’t matter, the main factors that counts are advanced technologies, education, rules and regulations and also headquartering of international companies. Economy resources of Calgary includes film and entertainment, financial services, transportation and activities in energy. Tourism is also a major source of economy.

Cleanest City In The World

In 1988, Calgary became the first city of Canada which host Winter Olympics. People of Calgary follow 5 basic rules to keep their city neat and clean. These 5 points are maintaining sewage system, quality of drinking water, removal of waste products and their recycling, traffic rules and air pollution. There is an excellent system that government educates people and spread awareness to preserve natural environment. Calgary is surely a deserving city to be called as the most cleanest city of the world.

There are a lot of beautiful places that are the cause of attraction for tourists. Some are mentioned below.


11: Devonian Garden

Cleanest City In The World

It is large indoor park. When Devonian park opened, it took international attention. It includes playground area where children can enjoy the beautiful water fountains. There is a “living wall” over there which is the favorite spot for photos.


10: Military Museum

Cleanest City In The World

Collection of these types of museums explore the history of Canadian’s navy, air force and army. A variety of military vehicles are present in this museum including tanks.


9: Aerospace Museum of Calgary

Cleanest City In The World

This museum tells the history of Canadian’s aviation. Canadian pilots started this museum to show the variety of stimulators, aircraft and radio equipment’s. It is located near the Calgary airport.


8: Calgary Zoo

 Cleanest City In The World

This zoo is located in Bridge land, Calgary. It was opened in 1929. Its land area is 0.3 km2.. A large portion of the zoo is located George Island in the Bow River. The Calgary zoo is operated by Zoological society. In this zoo, about 130 species are present. It is Canada’s most visited zoo and also included in one of the top zoos in the world. Zoo light is a festival held every year at Calgary zoo. It is the largest show in western Canada. Spring is always a fun time for all the tourists.


7: Canada Olympic Park

 Cleanest City In The World

Canada Olympic park also known as (Paskapoo ski hill) is located in Alberta, Canada. This park is operated by Calgary Olympic Development Association. It is used for athletic training and recreational purposes. In winter season, it is used for luge, downhill skiing and snowboarding and in summers, this park is used in warm weather sports. It is also a site of summer festivals. Many summer camps are available. Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame is also located in this park.


6: Prince Edward Island National Park

Cleanest City In The World

It is a national park located in Edward Island. It is a large green space in Calgary which is approximately 60 km in length and several kilometers in width. It was established in 1937. This park also includes green gables. The park parallel to the Eau Claire market, that’s why tourists make a joint visit to see these two attractive places together. The park also have walking and biking area. It also offers outdoor activities during summer.


5: Spruce Meadows

Cleanest City In The World

It is an equestrian facility in Calgary. It is located in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta. Its construction began in 1973 and opened in 1976. It comprises of 360 acres. It hosts 50,000 visitors every year and also provides the facility to host conventions and trade shows. It has a television production facility that produces spruce meadow chronicles. Outdoor tournaments also take place there. Spruce meadows ‘Masters Tournament ‘ is one of them. A show jumping event held every year in Calgary. This tournament is the richest jumping event in the world.


4: Glenbow Museum

Cleanest City In The World

Glenbow museum is a historical museum in the city of Calgary. It was established in 1966. This museum exhibits the historical development of Canada and comprises of 3300 types of art collection. It also contains cultural as well as military collections. Military collection is most diverse in western Canada. This museum also host exhibitions from around the world.


3: Calgary Tower

Cleanest City In The World

It is 190.8 meter free standing observation tower. Basically it is called as Huskey tower. The tower is known as the tallest structure in Canada. Its features are revolving restaurant which gives a scenic view for customers. Its design is similar to the skylon tower. This tower is more Beautiful at sunset.


2: Heritage Park

It is a historical park in Calgary. It is established in 1964. It is one of the most visited tourist attraction. It consist of a lot of reconstructed buildings and antique automobiles. This historical park village exhibit around house, a car shop, an antique midway and the town square. This village located near Glenmore Reservoir.


1: Calgary Stampede

It is an annual exhibition and a festival that held every year in July. It is called as “Greatest Outdoor show on earth”, it attracts more than a million visitors per year. Calgary’s identity tied to this event. It is also known as “stampede city”. It includes cowboy style entertainment and hundreds of pancakes breakfasts. Many events are held in this festival like Parade, Rodeo (heart of Calgary stampede) and also Rangeland Derby.

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