Blue Whale Game or a Killing Machine

You have heard about the blue whale ? Not that one live in water but that Blue Whale which killing human outside the water. A game that is catching an eye of everyone regarding its subsided strategies to kill people. Related with all true events this game has bashed everyone with curiosity and yet spread terror all over.

Reality Or Rumor

These kind of games seems to be realistic at once but on other hand people ignore it as rumor. The news of not playing this game spread as fire in forest nevertheless its a precautionary measures to loved one for not playing this game. After reading and hearing many news about this game some over smart and offended people who show their bravery tried to find this game in play store and in internet links which is a disguised thing for sure.

From recent searches we came to know that this game is sent to you in link on Whats App, Facebook or any other social media links. Once you opens that link, ‘They got the Shot’ and you are welcomed to the game. It is brutal, monstrous suicidal game that seems interesting at start but later on tastes you to death.

Interesting Facts 

Coming towards interesting facts about the game is it is first invented by a former psychology student who was kicked out of university named Philipp Budeikin. This death spell begins in Russia 2013, one of the member of so called death group tap this to social networking site and first suicidal attempt was made in 2015 because of this game. This creates a moral panic to Russia and inventor claimed the purpose of designing such game is to wipe out deemed that has no value to force them by attempting suicide.

Blue Whale Game or a Killing Machine

Suicide game controversies

The game cross the border of Russia and enters to native countries as a death note for them. The good news was that Budeikin was arrested for being guilty of inciting at least 16 teenagers girls to attempt suicide. This game leads to other rising self harm trends such as ‘Human Embroidery’ to show the real guts but this one leads to death.

Concept That They will Kill Your Loved Ones

A game structure is defined in such a way that once you click the link the administrators will hack your mobile and dig out all your personal information and personal data to use it against you. It is a whole secret relationship between player and shipper. It further involves series of duties that you will have to perform and obey. Starting tasks are quiet easy and steady but as you gain interest it becomes difficult more torturing for you. All the tasks should be completed in 50 days and you cannot leave the game, quit or disobey them otherwise they threaten you that they will hurt or kill your family or loved ones.

Blue Whale Game Challenges

Blue whale game challenges

The tasks involved in this game are listed as follows

  1. You have to carve with razor on your hand and then you must send it to the administrator.
  2. You have to wake up at 4am and must listen to songs and psychological movies which administrator sends you.
  3. Third task is same for cutting veins but not too deep and pictures should be sent to controller. He seeks for every move you go for.
  4. This task is to draw a whale on sheet and send its picture to controller. This task is rather easy to maintain the curiosity and level of ease in the game.
  5. This task is self asking whether you want to become a whale or not ? If not you have to punish yourself.
  6. This task is meeting with new person by new person they mean the shipper itself to gain trust of player that they can not disobey them.
  7. Again thee task is given to carve f47 on hand and send its picture to shipper.
  8. This task is to tell everyone and encourage them to play this game by putting i am a whale as their status.
  9. They said they ensure all fears of player should be overcome.
  10. They make you wake at 4 and ask to go on rooftop the higher the better.
  11. You have to carve a whale on your hand with a razor and send picture to administrator.
  12. This one is for making you mad by watching horror movies all day.
  13. Listen to music that administrator sends to player.
  14. Player have to cut their lip.
  15. Player have to poke their hand with a needle as many times as they can.
  16. Player have to make their self sick.
  17. You have to stand on the edge of the roof for some time.
  18. You have to go to bridge and stand on the edge of it.
  19. You have to climb up a crane.
  20. The shipper has full check on you.
  21. You have to talk to another whale on skype.
  22. You have to go to roof top and sit there.
  23. Perform another task with shipper.
  24. Secret task.
  25. You have a meeting with a whale.
  26. The shipper will you the date of your death and you have to accept it.
  27. You have to wake up at 4am and go to railways.
  28. Done and post talk to anyone all day.
  29. You have to make a vow that you are a whale.

30-49. Everyday you have to wake up at 4am watch horror videos, listen to music that administrator sends you and make 1 cut on your body per day and you have to talk to whale.

50. Jump off a high building. The Whale Suicide Challenge. Take your life. 

These ruthless tasks tortured many poor souls and took many lives. Many adventurous teenagers put themselves inn in this trap and later on nothing left but sigh!. Many survival of this game reported to police and media about this viral game they share their journey and experiences which were quiet shocking and painful.

blue whale game victims

This game encourages vulnerable teenagers to kill themselves which leaves a question for humanity. This game already ceased 130 deaths in Russia and it will counts for more unless or until it is not stopped. A proper channel and system should be made to seek all gaming sites and other websites and banned such gaming trivia from society that forced a person to kill himself.

This game should be root out from society and proper care and supervision should be given to teenagers and all of those who got skills to show and all people out there should be strictly warned not to play with their life and do not attempt such torturing deeds on their selves it could be more than dangerous as it can cause death!

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