Best Zombie Costume Ideas For Halloween 2016

To zombie or not to zombie. Many Halloween revelers face this dilemma whenever the time comes. And you never have a choice, you either get all spooky and zombie or you go home and miss out on all the fun. Most commonly used idea for a costume is to apply a little makeup and some fake blood and you’re all set. But there is no creativity in that. Even though zombies are stone cold, slow paced horrors from the grave, they happen to be trend in teenagers and kids. And nowadays internet has helped people a lot in getting creative ideas about their costumes. And we are here to do the same. There are plenty of examples to go by. Modern day movie versions, vintage movie zombies and many more. Almost anything can be turned into a zombie. Something as beautiful as ballerina dancer or doctor or a football player. Almost everything can be turned into zombie these days. Here are the Best Zombie Costume Ideas For Halloween 2016


Office Zombie


As an office going person you obviously always have a suit in your closet. And you can use that for your zombie idea also. Isn’t that cool? All you have to do is add dirt and blood and get ready to punch the clock zombie. And for effect you can take a coffee cup. 😉


Cowboy Zombie


When we think about simple, classic Cowboy costume is a nice fit. You can take a white sheet and cut out two holes for eyes. And then a toy gun, boots, cowboy hat and then lastly a western shirt. You are all set. Give a little treatment to your costume. And make it what nobody has ever thought. I’m sure you can do that, and this article here is to help you.


Little Red Riding Hood Zombie


Depending on what you choose for your zombie outfit, you need to rustle up last year’s costume or make yourself new ones with everything new. Well the smart thing to do is to keep it cheap because nobody uses the same outfit twice. You can use little red riding as your zombie, it’s simple and doesn’t take much of an effort to make it. Add some splatter and stage blood fill your basket with fake, rubber body parts. Creepy and perfect for zombie. A costume like this needs some zombification.


Bride and Groom Zombie Costume


Think about a bride covered in blood. And then comes the muddy husband. So obviously you’re not using that dress ever. So why not put it to better use? Turn it into a zombie costume. A bride and groom and all the bridesmaids in zombie costumes. That would be the coolest thing ever. And imagine a zombie priest and a zombie band. There are so many ideas and so much creativity. You can do anything.


Superhero Zombie Costume


Who doesn’t want to be a superhero? Superheroes are everybody’s favorite. But imagine what’ll happen if a superhero gets bitten by a zombie? Obviously the superhero will no more be a superhero and become a zombie. And zombies are undead and they crave brain just as any other zombie. So you can be a superhero zombie. Get yourself a superhero costume and work your magic on it, but it is better to keep it cheap so you wouldn’t feel bad about ruining your costume with all zombie accessories. Imagine how awesome you’ll look in a Zombie spider man or Zombie batman costume.


Zombie Girl Scouts


Can you imagine anything more scary then Girl Scouts selling you cookies? And what if those Girl Scouts were zombies? Horrifying stuff. So you get the idea. This one is one of the very best ideas and is simple. Gather our friends and make your own zombie Girl scouts troop. And there are so many possibilities that boggles mind. Take it to the next level and consider guys going in drag as zombie Girl Scouts. So other than this you can use your own ideas and creativity.


Disney Zombies


This one has the most ideas because there are countless Disney characters to choose from. Disney zombies are just like superheroes zombies. Choose any of your favorite character and then destroy them to make yourself a zombie costume. But destroying a perfect, pretty dress? Not so appealing idea. So use any dress that you already have in your closet that you might have ruined. Zombies tend to stumble and rip off their clothes by poles, barbs or fences. So any dress that you have and is not of use take that and add your own ideas and make yourself a Disney zombie princess or prince. And try being modest when making holes in your costume, you wouldn’t want to reveal your body parts. You can choose from Cinderella, Tinkerbell, Snow white or Aladdin.


Star Wars Zombie


Star movies can also be turned into zombie costumes. At almost every Halloween parade, a lot of people dress up in comic star wars zombie costumes and come out in groups to entertain the people. These comic con devotees make sure that the people around them have fun. So imagine blood all over the outfits. Blood is a necessity in every Zombie costume. And that in all honesty makes it creepy and that is the only thing a zombie costume should be. And as we all love star wars the options are countless.


Surgeon Zombie


Surgeon zombie will definitely freak out all patients out there. This costume lies on top of terrifying scale because imagine a berserk surgeon zombie, roaming around in the hallways of dark and haunted four walled hospital. To dress up as scary surgeon zombie, all you have to do is throw on doctors scrubs stained with fresh fake blood, use crumpled tissue papers to make artificial dull brown flesh and you are good to go. You can also try an extra pair of grey circle lenses as it will make you the most horrible and scary surgeon zombie ever.


Clown Zombie


The clown as we all know is mostly terrifying. Zombie or not many people find it horrific instead of funny, usually kids. The bright horrific red make up with a ridiculous red nose. And on top of that the ceaseless smile on clown’s face, is creepy to say the least. Now it signifies a sinister motif of homicidal violence. So pairing up an already creepy thing with the zombie make up and accessories gives you the best zombie costume ever. You might not even be allowed to be enter the party because of all that creepiness which just proves that you’re the best dressed.


Corporate Zombie


Do you have any dress which is torn up or worn out from the edges? If yes then you have a good chance of becoming a corporate zombie. The older your dress is, the better it is as it gives a good appearance of corporate zombie. Apply a foundation which has light tone than your skin color to give your face a yellowish look. It would be good to remember that the excess make up is the key of corporate zombie. Your make up should be dark on your face except your eyes. You need to make dark circles under your eyes with good amount of eye shadows. In accessories you can carry your briefcase and coffee cup with you to give a perfect corporate zombie look.

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