Best Zombie Costume Ideas For Halloween 2015

Zombies are referred to undead creatures that are deceased but acts as if alive. They are generally characterized as mindless, revived human corpses with an urge of having human flesh. They are usually found in fantasy and horror type works. In this contemporary world, imagining a zombie is very terrific but having a zombie costume idea on Halloween is the most demanding. You can easily mold any costume idea into a zombie with help of some false blood and little make up. Having a zombie look on Halloween will definitely give you a mysterious look and you will rock at festival. There are numerous zombie costume ideas that can be adopted by painting your lips, darkening your eyes and paling your face but here we provide you a list of 10 best zombie costume ideas for Halloween 2015 that are simply rocking.


10. Cowboy Zombie

Cowboy Zombie costume ideas 2015

If you wish to have a classical and simple zombie costume idea then cowboy outfit is perfect to fulfill your dream into reality. For this you need a cowboy outfit, with white sheet having two holes for eyes, a cowboy hat, belt having toy gun, mysterious boots and a messy western shirt. Then give it a zombie look by applying some fake blood on mouth, hazel lenses and something fleshy on the shirt.


9. Little Zombie Girl

Little Zombie Girl halloween costume 2015

Kids are innocent and look like angel but they can get a devil or zombie look with creepy make up, splashes of blood on clothes and messy hair. This costume idea can be applied on any dress of kid, apply some stain on the shirt in a scary manner, use make up to darken the eye, making lips white and red fluid coming out of mouth. The creepy look can be made creepier by giving hair fizzy and chaotic look.


8. Office Zombie

Office Zombie Halloween costume idea 2015

Office guys look so cool and appealing in their suit and if that getup is modified into zombie costume idea then it will be amazing. If you are working in an office then you will definitely have a suit but if you do not have then not to worry you can definitely get a cheap one from the market. For having a zombie look all you need to add some blood and dirt on your suit and paint your eyes black and have a cup of red solution and saying I love to have human flesh.


7. Red Riding Hood Zombie

Red Riding Hood Zombie costume idea 2015

Red riding hood with her basket of things for grandmother depicts cute and innocent model but if such cute and innocent model is modified into scary and terrific zombie model then it will be really creepy. To having such creepy look you need red jacket or shawl with hood, a basket full of goodies like rubber arm or leg, white stockings with splashes of false blood, white lenses and false blood on your mouth.


6. Superhero Zombie

Superhero Zombie costume Ideas 2015

Heroes are the inspirations of individuals so everyone loves to become a hero but imagine if a hero is bitten by a zombie and turned into a creepy creature that have craving for brain like other zombies. That will be really frightening but is one of the best zombie costume ideas. Our storybooks are full of stories of superhero and their costumes, so you can select the one you desire to be. You do not need to have an expensive one as the outfit will be ruined by the zombie treatment. So, have a dress of superhero like Spiderman, add patches of some red stuff on it, you can use artificial canines and paint your face with red color to have a scary look.


5. Zombie Bride and Groom

Zombie Bride and Groom

Every one dreamed to see perfect marriage and cutest bride and grooms. Whenever we think about any bride or groom a very generous and stylish getup comes in our mind but no one can think that this get up can be modified into a shocking look. In zombie bride and groom costume idea, the groom is camouflaged with mud whereas the bride is fully submerged in blood. If you are not interested to wear your wedding gown then it is good option to utilize it for zombie treatment. You can ever make a wedding party of zombie with zombie bride and groom, zombie bride friends, zombie wedding singer etc.


4. Zombie Girl Scouts

Zombie Girl Scouts Halloween costume 2015

Girl scouts look so elegant and decent in their costume but when they are molded into zombie costume they are extremely shocking. What will happen to you if a zombie Girl Scout with bloody teeth, white eyes, mysterious expressions, dark eye circles, and dirty bloody torn dress offers you cookies and asks if you need any help, I am sure it will be shocking? So, adopt this costume and rock the festival, you can also make a group of zombie Girl scouts and scare every one.


3. Disney Zombies

Disney Zombies halloween costumes 2015

Disney characters are always loving and appealing, most of the individuals especially kids fall in love with these characters and adopt their habits that they perform in the character. But when these lovely characters are transformed into zombie costumes ideas, they will be creepy. Consider your favorite Disney character Frozen, Snow White or Cinderella in a zombie look, it will an amazing amalgamate of beauty with beast. So, to amaze and threaten everyone, you can adopt the Disney zombie costume idea and can become a killing beauty with mysterious looks, creepy gate, dirty frocks, horrifying eyes and bloody mouth.


2. Santa Zombie

Santa Zombie Halloween costumes 2015

Santa Claus is a symbol of happiness as it offers gifts on Christmas and delights everyone. But if this angelic look man who delivers happiness is turned into a beast then what would happened. To have a Santa zombie you need a Santa Claus dress, with white bear all drenched in blood, dark eyes, white lenses, gifts having fake body parts then I am sure it will be an outstanding zombie costume idea. If you find Mrs. Santa Zombie then it will beautifully complete the picture and make you appreciated at the festival.


1. Drop Dead Prom Queen

Drop Dead Prom Queen Halloween costumes

Gorgeous is referred to a thing that is appealing and appreciating but what about the title Drop Dead Gorgeous, it seems something mysterious and no doubt it is. Get dressed to kill in a spooky drop dead gorgeous zombie costume idea and be the center of attraction at the festival. To have a drop dead prom queen costume, you need a shredded, light color gown or velvet skirt, a white dirty banner having engraved the title Drop Dead Gorgeous with some red fingerprints on it, white gloves with bloody stains, terrible hair band with a bloody spangled crown. Apply some fake blood on head and mouth to give prom queen an extremely gorgeous and creepy look.

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