Best Travel Beauty Products For Your Next Journey

Who doesn’t love vacations? But leaving your house even for few days might not be all fun when you don’t have the comfort of your makeup drawer and dressing table. But no worries ladies, the fashion and beauty gods have blessed you. Now various famed makeup brands have introduced travel sized makeup products which are absolute ‘must haves’ in your bag while you are travelling for vacation or for work. Be it MAC, Lancôme, Maybelline , Revlon and many such all have introduced pocket sized products suitable for travelling without having to carry ponderous luggage. Now even when you get out of a car or plane after long hours of travelling you can make glitzy ‘zing’ entrance without looking tired with all tangled puffed up hair, dry skin and droopy eyes.

                                 Best Travel Beauty Products For Your Next Journey

Best Travel Beauty Products For Your Next Journey

10. Makeup Removal Wipes

Well it is kind of awkward to start with makeup wipes, since we haven’t talked about makeup yet. But pretty surely every girl knows how much these wipes are necessary for a quick and clean makeup removal and to keep the skin healthy. Available brands: Eyeko, Sephora, Neutrogena and MAC.


9. Hair Brush

Even the best of dress will make you look ugly if your hairstyle doesn’t complement it. Do you want that? Certainly no! For this you might not even need to shop. Every house has a small comb or brush. But don’t take a small comb which fits into your purse but cannot handle your hair. Many folding hair brushes are readily available and traveling or no traveling, every girl should carry a hairbrush with her. Hair brushes with mirror at the back are also a new and handy trend. Available brand: Luxor, Lewis N Clark and Luxor Pro.


8. Body Wash

You know your skin well so be gentle to it. ‘Do unto your skin as you want it to do unto you’. Lesson learned? Take your own suitable body wash with you instead of trying xyz body washes from places you travel to. To make this easier for you there are travel-sized bottles easily available. Available brand: Bath and Body Works, Dove and Herbal Essence.


7. Dry Shampoo

Hectic traveling might not give you enough time to wash your hair. After long travel on the road, your hair might get out of your control and look puffy, rough and dirty. So if you want to make your day-old hair look fresh again and become the unblemished you again, then dry shampoo is the product to take with you while travelling. You can also carry small wet shampoo bottles which are easily available in travel size to keep your hair managed and glamorous. Available brands: Umberto Giannini, Oscar Blandi and Batiste.


6. Moisturizer

A well-hydrated and moisturized skin is the healthy skin. And all the makeup products and dresses will look good only if you look fresh with a blooming skin. Many brands have ready to go bags containing moisturizers and creams for face, hands and feet. Available brands: Aromatherapy Associates, Thisworks, Fashion Fair and Ahava.


5. Face Powder

A little dip daps and tap tap…. Voila here is a gorgeous you!!! Well this is the wonder of a good face powder. And in the modernized world where pictures on social media say it all, you would want to look perfect in every click. A neat and perfect tone face powder with eyeliner and lipstick is all what you need to look like a diva. Available brands: Laura Mercier, Bare Minerals and many more.


4. Eye Liner/ Kajal and Mascara

Eyes can say a lot about a person. Whenever someone meets you they look into your eyes so to make a first impression, your eyes must make a statement. For that you will need eyeliner for formal gathering and kajal for casual gathering and to give some volume to those pretty sparkling eyes you need mascara. These things are must have items for many ‘fashionistas’. Many travel sized products are available in market. If you want 100% spill proof products you can leave the liquid eyeliner and carry a dry one. Available brands: MAC and Urban Decay.


3. Lip Color

A classy woman always has a good-to-go lip color with her. Usually nudes and pinks are the colors to go with casual vacation wear. And undisputedly every woman has a specific shade which goes with most of her dresses. So if you don’t want to look sick in your vacation pictures be sure to keep your lipstick in your hand carry. Usually all the lipsticks can easily travel without being spoiled and you can always use testers for travelling. Available brands: Charlotte Tilbury, Sephora and Burberry.


2. Scent/Deodorant

If there are any ‘Go Green’ earth loving maniacs who avoid deodorant for the love of nature, then newsflash people you are making earth more difficult a place to live in because body odor is a big no no. Small pocket sized scents are simply available in wide variety of fresh fragrances which can really boost up the enjoyment factor for you and for people around you. Keep your perfume close because this might decide if people travel with you again or not. Available brands: Diptyque(less likely to spill in your bag), La Fresh (antiperspirant wipes), Mennan and Marc Jacob.


1. Sunblock

Never underestimate the power of a good sunblock. And never misjudge the level of harm UV rays from the sun can cause to your skin. Keeping this in mind sunblock is not a makeup or beauty item but a sheer necessity. All the stunners use it and you should too. Sunblock saves your skin from harmful rays and prevents blotches and veins from appearing on the skin. Not only this, but it also stops pre mature aging of the skin. After all a healthy skin is the first essential of beauty. Available brands: La Roche-Posay, Banana Boat, Neutrogena and FOE.

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