Best Homemade Christmas Gifts For Loved Ones

Christmas season is all about spreading love and giving each other presents that enhance the love between friends and family no matter how expensive your presents are, there is one thing that will always be the best Christmas gift and that is: giving homemade presents to your friends and family on Christmas. They are the most thoughtful and can be experimented with way before Christmas season. Here is a list of 10 best homemade Christmas gifts for loved ones to give you an idea of what to give away this holiday season.


10. Homemade Christmas Cookies

Homemade Christmas Cookies

Fun and frolic in the holiday season are nothing without food. And this time round what you can do is bake some Christmas themed cookies for your loved ones in bulk and give them as a Christmas present to your loved ones. You could even personalize the cookies according to the person you are giving the cookies too. Experiment with new recipes and pack them in a really nice way.


9. Homemade Christmas Cards

Homemade Christmas Cards

One thing that can never go outdated despite the ever increasing technology, is homemade cards. Christmas is an excellent time to bring out your artistic side and create one of a kind Christmas cards for your loved ones. You can add pictures in them and use art utensils to make the card even more holiday themed. There are various ways to make these Christmas cards for example you could make some in a popped out way, some like old English letters and some with a proper Christmas themed animation. All these are great for giving away on Christmas.


8. Knitted Goodies

Knitted Goodies

Knitted clothes for Christmas gifts are an excellent idea especially when you are planning to make something at home and want to give to someone rally special. Knitting surely is a talent and you need to start working on it beforehand so that the Knitted Christmas goodies like sweaters, scarves, mufflers and socks are ready to be given away in time. You could make them in Christmas colors like red, green and white with cute buttons to add to the cuteness of the Christmas themed woolies.


7. Present Themed Wrapped Cushions

Present Themed Wrapped Cushions

One of the easiest homemade Christmas presents to give to your loved ones is the present themed wrapped cushion. In order to create them, get a couple of green, white and red plain cushions or cushion covers and cover them up with a lace or ribbon just the way presents are wrapped. They will look extremely cute and can be set up for Christmas dinners at your loved ones’ place. The best part is that there would not be any hassle for you while creating these cushions or cushion covers.


6. Tea Tin Candles

Tea Tin Candles

Time to put the old tea tins to use. Every household has a couple of empty tea tins lying around in the pantry or some cupboard. Either get candles from a cheap store or make them at home by melting away wax which is easily available. No need to add colors to it as the candle will not show. Once the candles are ready, use the tea tins as candle holders. This will create the most serine atmosphere as tea tins look amazing with a flame burning on top.


5. Hand Painted Cups, Plates etc

Hand Painted Cups, Plates etc

If you do not have plain plates, cups etc. at home which are not being used at all, go to some cheap market where you can get all these in plain colors. This is again a time for you to bring out your artistic side. You can paint these plates, cups and even coasters in Christmas themed colors and graffiti for example you could paint a Santa Claus or a reindeer on one. They are bound to be useful as an everyday item of usage at home along with being extremely thoughtful because of the fact that you would be painting them with love and care for your friends and family.


4. Christmas Themed Bookmarks

Christmas Themed Bookmarks

If you have any friends or family members who love to read then there is nothing better than giving them a homemade bookmark. You can make them out of any cardboard, chart paper, old cloth, any art related thing that is available at home. Make these bookmarks in the Christmas theme and you can even add a digitally printed picture of the person you are giving the bookmark to on it. This will definitely add the much needed personalized look to the Christmas present that you are making.


3. Embroidered Handkerchiefs

Embroidered Handkerchiefs

Get a grab on plain white handkerchiefs and also get a grab on green or red thread. If you have not mastered embroidery ever in your life, now is the chance, start practicing on some of the plain handkerchiefs and you can even write something on them to personalize the Christmas present that you are making for your loved ones even more. There is no harm even if you end up creating not an extremely perfect piece as ultimately it will be the thought that counts.


2. Jewelry Magnets

Jewelry Magnets

Get a pack of plain magnets from a store which has all these things available and make sure the size of these magnets is not too big. Everyone has some old pieces of jewelry and brooches at home that are not being used for a long time. Christmas is a perfect time to take them out, use a hard glue stick attach the magnet at the back of the broach or jewelry piece. This will create a unique jewelry magnet to give to loved ones on Christmas and it is not even hard to make.


1. Hand Painted Kitchen Utensils

Hand Painted Kitchen Utensils

Get a grab on plain wooden kitchen utensils like salad spoons, forks etc. and dip them in Christmas colors i.e. red green and white. You could even paint anything related to Christmas on them if you are a good painter. These hand painted kitchen utensils will most definitely be used by your loved ones as there is no one who doesn’t use all these at home.

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