Best Christmas Gifts For Husband In 2017

Have you been that busy doing your chores that you forgot about your soul mate this Christmas. It is cut straight that more of your attention and affection goes to your children rather than your husband. But he deserves the same. Ah don’t get too sentimental. Its Christmas and you have a chance to deduce that how much you care for your husband by giving him a presents. Yeah, excited? But what to buy? Surprisingly, shopping for men is not an easy task. I mean how can you came up with a great Christmas gift when they already seem to have everything. Now you are in trouble. Alright think for a while and see what pops out in your mind first. What is he in need of or you might look for something that he think he does not want. There is a special breed of man. Does he have a good sense of humor? Fun men’s socks or some clever books make funny gifts. Is he a brainy? Then get him some puzzles or other challenging board games. Oh your husband seems to be loaded with these sort of stuff. No big a deal. We came up with some new ideas for your picky husband. Either conventional or modern, here comes the valuable presents which may definitely o with your husband’s taste. So, here are the Best Christmas Gifts For Husband In 2017. Go scroll it down and make your choice. Good luck.


10. Mistletoe Madness Tie

 Christmas Gifts For Husband

Tie could be counted like something without which a man is incomplete. Your husband may have a huge collection of ties but stylish Christmas ties add the right amount of holly-jolly vibes with cool prints and patterns. A perfect match for your husband’s Christmas tux is a mistletoe madness tie. Not only does a mistletoe make some fun for a Christmas holiday party but also look super stylish on a tie. The guy rocking this is bound to get more attention for looking dashing in his fashionable yet festive tie.


9. J. Crew Leather Magic Wallet

Christmas Gifts For Husband

I don’t expect you man not to have a wallet but your husband’s wallet is may be messy and bulky and might give an unpleasant look. Upgrade your husband’s wallet with less bucks. Leather wallets have a rich texture to make your money and card carrier look expensive. There are a lot of options in the market but if you want magic in your wallet, definitely your choice is J.SCREW magic wallet.  Still thinking? The more you think, the more you get confused.


8. Leather Car Key Bags

Christmas Gifts For Husband

does your husband have a lot of keys and he always messed them up? Help him out. I believe is car keys are something he would look for every time before rushing out to work. This mini trouble shoot might get him late for his office and other important meetings. A stylish leather zipper key case with multiple key hooks, a high quality alloy key hang, can make his life easy. Leather key cases are durable and practical. This small bag is easy to carry and keep your keys safely. Now he will never wander around home looking for keys


7. CHH Dragon

Christmas Gifts For Husband

Chess has been a favorite game of men and also men make better chess player than women. If your husband as the same hobby and passion for chess, tis could make a wise gift. When it comes about the best CHH dragon is ideal for fantasy lovers. All of the figures are made from high quality pewter, and the transparent glass board gives it an elegant look. The base of the set is made from poly-resin to enhance its durability. For a brainy men nothing could be proved good than a dragon chess board.


6. The Rolling Duffle

 Christmas Gifts For Husband

As there is travelling, there is a need of travelling bag. And men are in more need of that as they have to travel more for work purposes. Now if you are thinking about a travelling bag, go for a rolling duffle. The rolling duffle is easy to wheel. It has compact compartments to keep your stuff organized and a shoe pocket to keep your other possession clean. Plus it is stylish and because it is made from water-resistant and abrasion-resistant fabric, it can stand all types of unruly weather. Just perfect for frequent flyers.


5. Dollar Shave Club Membership

 Christmas Gifts For Husband

Besides having so many latest trimming machines, some men like a handy shave. If your husband is one of them, get him a membership of dollar shave club this Christmas. He will never have the excuse of running out of razors again with this year-long membership. Each month he will receive a box of fresh razors. You won’t have to deal with prickly stubble anymore.


4. The Executive Bro Basket 

Christmas Gifts For Husband

If your husband takes frequent drinks or loves cigars and feels it difficult to stop the cravings when he is out. Here is the best friendly present for your husband. The ultimate bro basket is filled with goodies any guy will love: cigars, top-notch liquor, glasses, books and chocolates etc. The basket is easy to carry. Either he is going out with his friends or family or on shipping somewhere, on a long drive with you, the bro basket could serve its level best when the munchies strikes.


3. Crosley Radio Musician Turn Table

Christmas Gifts For Husband

Though a little conventional yet a great choice for sober and classical men. So, if you are married to a music lover, this vintage inspired radio turntable CD player speakers will give him everything he wants. Without adding an eyesore to your home.


2. Hiwill Bluetooth Ear bud

Christmas Gifts For Husband

A necessity of all men when they are working out or running, driving or while helping their wives with some home chores. Yeah, men do that too. This ear bud is truly cordless and convenient. Exquisite design and light weight, super mini-size and a secure fit with built in microphone, great for hands-free calling, listening to music, news, radio etc. just about an hour of charging battery gives you 4 hours of talking time and a stand by time of 100 hours. Enjoy your wireless life with this new ear bud.


1. RAV power Universal Power Bank

Christmas Gifts For Husband

Does your husband always run out of battery and he has to recharge his phone several times before the day ends. Then you should buy him a portable charger so he can keep it pumped up with battery while on the go. RAV power’s portable charger is a great choice if he needs a device which can charge both his laptop and phone. It has a normal USB output as well as an AC output, so you can directly plug your laptop charger in. This device can make his work way too more easier.

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