Best Cancer Treatment Hospitals 2017 – 2018

Cancer is a group of disease caused by abnormal growth of cell that kills normal cell and may cause death. Not all the cells are cancerous some are benign while others are malignant. Benign cancerous cells do not spread to other parts of the body while malignant cells do spread. Cancer is a painful condition. It can occur in any part of the body. Normally in the human body cells when grow old they die but unfortunately in the cancer older cells do not die . They damage and survive and continue to divide to form a tumor.

Symptoms include weight loss, lump, prolong cough etc. Treatment of cancer has a great significance to avoid recurrence of this harmful disease. Treatment include radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery, immunotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapy,precision medicine etc.When u come to know that you are suffering from this killing disease you want a best treatment and care. It is important to find a hospital with experienced staff and multidisciplinary care. Here are some top 10 Best Cancer Treatment Hospitals 2017 – 2018 in the world that provides high standard treatment and care.


10. UCSF Medical Center, San Francisco

Best Cancer Treatment Hospitals

UCSF is a research University.It was established in 1864 and was named TOLAND MEDICAL COLLEGE and in 1873 it became the University. UCSF is a high ranking medical school in the states. It has 3 campuses located in PARNASSUS,MISSION BAY and MOUNT ZAIN. PERNASSUS is the main campus that provides both inpatient and outpatient services. About 40,000 patients are receiving treatment from this hospital every year. Care and treatment is provided by highly qualified doctors and nurses. It consist 0f 15 story building. About 600 beds are available in this hospital.


9. Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore

Best Cancer Treatment Hospitals

The center has leadership in providing care to the patient. Here multidisciplinary team manages the disease.It was established in 1889.It is located in the united states.It was one of the oldest medical institute in the world. It has 1059 beds. Admissions are 115,000 here per year. About 40,000 full time staff members available here.It provides services to not only to the cancer patients but it is also known for burn and trauma treatment. It is 1 of the largest hospitals in the world. The hospital team improves the health of patient by providing standard clinical care and research. They create hope among the patients. They provide exceptional services to the patient.


8. Cleveland Clinic

Best Cancer Treatment Hospitals

It is an excellent academic hospital. It was established in 1921.It has 1440 beds. Its main campus consists of 41 buildings. It has many branches. Its one of the branch is in WESTON FLORIDA and other branch that provides outpatient services is in TORONTO ONTARIO. Cleveland clinic is one the respected hospitals. About 6.6 million patients visit here and admissions are 164,707 per year from the different 50 states from all over the world.They also evaluate new technology. They have a high standard moral principles. They strive to reach the patient expectations.


7. Seatlle Cancer Care Alliance/University Of Washington Medical Center

Best Cancer Treatment Hospitals

The medical center has an extraordinary group. Their mission is to promote the lives of patients. The center provides both inpatient and outpatient services. It gathers doctors and professionals to form a high class treatment center for different types of cancer and other disease .This place is excellent for anyone with any cancer diagnose. The hospital has 20 beds and has 579 admissions per year, 39 doctors and 113 nurses are available here. They deliver better and safer care to the patient.They work with compassion and constant striving because they know that how important the lives of patient is. They create an environment that stimulate a passion for discovery.


6. Moffitt Cancer Center And Research Institute,Tampa Florida

Best Cancer Treatment Hospitals

Standard treatment is provided here. Moffitt provides a sound partnership between patient and the family which is very important.Patient comfort and care is of great interest here.In Moffitt five multidisciplinary research program are working to treat cancer.It was established in 1986. In 2001 it became the comprehensive cancer center . Moffitt provides you a private room where you can easily talk with your family members.Every room has a attached bath room as well.It has 206 beds and 9153 patients are admitted every year.All the medical staff has ethical behavior and they respect the patient. They provide innovative care to prevent ,treat and cure the patient.


5. Ucla Medical Center,Los Angles

Best Cancer Treatment Hospitals

The medical center provides a welcoming environment to cure and treat the patient.It was established in 1995 and became the medical center in 2008.It has all the latest requirements, equipment’s and supplies.It is of 10 story building.Every floor has its own pharmacy.Every patients room can be converted into intensive care unit in case of any emergency. It has 530 inpatient beds,90 pediatric beds and 74 neuropsychiatric beds, 44,466 emergency rooms are available here. All the medical staff are engaged in enhancing knowledge and practice.They serve society in their best way.Environment is civil and respectful here.


4. Dana Farber/Brigham And Women Cancer Center,Boston

Best Cancer Treatment Hospitals 2017 - 2018

Advanced treatment is provided here with a best care. Its aim is to eradicate the cancer, AIDS and related disease. The medical team here works together to reduce the burden of the disease through research, care and treatment. They always follow highest standards of conduct. In this medical center patient satisfaction is important. Their highly qualified clinicians check patients cancer many times even patient has a very rare type of cancer. This medical center provides care for adults and pediatric patients.Brigham hospital has 741 beds.62,098 emergency rooms.40,240 patients are admitted every year.


3. Mayo Clinic,Rochester,Minnesota

Best Cancer Treatment Hospitals

Here thousands of patients are receiving excellent treatment from around the world. They provides comprehensive diagnose in every medical specialty. It was founded in 1889. Around 4500 physicians and scientist are available here. Employ’s are more then 34000. Mayo clinic focuses on the patient care.1.3 million patient from different states come to mayo clinic to avail benefit from the advance treatment of it. Doctors here thoroughly understand the disease processes with best clinical practice. The concept of multi specialty group was significant contribution to medicine given by mayo clinic.It is one of the largest medical center in the world.


2. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center,New York City

Best Cancer Treatment Hospitals 2017 - 2018

It is a nonprofit hospital founded in 1884. Specialty of this hospital is cancer treatment with care and research work. 471 beds are available here.The medical center has 29 specialized doctors. It is one of the oldest and largest medical center in the world. There is a strong bond between physicians and scientists here that enable them to provide best care and treatment. The medical center also provides clinical studies side by side. Here is trained oncology nurses work together with physicians providing best care to patient. Memorial has done its best to create a great environment for the patient.


1. University Of Texas Md Anderson Cancer Center,Houston

Best Cancer Treatment Hospitals 2017

This foremost medical center provides best cancer treatment . It is also an academic institute and research center .It was founded in 1941.665 beds are available here.About 127,000 patients are receiving treatment from this hospital every year. Multidisciplinary approach works together with the experts for the best treatment of the patient. They create comfortable environment for the patient by their words and actions. All their work revolves around their patients. Patients receive safest treatment and care here.Their mission is to fight against the cancer. They promote creativity and new knowledge.

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