Best And Natural Hair Growth Treatments In 2016

Whenever it comes to hair, one should only rely on natural products and methods. The reason for this is that we are already using so many products, harsh shampoos, and curling/straightening devices etc. which literally burn the hair. Another reason is the diet when it comes to hair fall. Do not go for unnatural procedures and products to regrow your hair as there are natural ways to do it. Here are Best And Natural Hair Growth Treatments In 2016 to solve this problem for you.


10. Upside Down Hair Brushing

Natural Hair Growth Treatments 2016 -

One of the easiest and best ways to make your hair grow naturally and that too, without any hassle is for you to turn your head upside down and start brushing your hair. Ideally one should go for a 100 strokes and not less than that. This is an effective hair regrowth method because it increases the blood flow in your scalp making your hair healthier and thicker. Do it once a day and the perfect time to do it is, at night before you go to bed.


9. Egg yolk Oil

Natural Hair Growth Treatments 2016 - Egg yolk Oil

Another very effective one of the natural hair regrowth treatments is the egg yolk oil. You can make it at home or get it made from a shop which makes natural oils. The egg yolk oil is made by burning the egg yolks of eggs till they turn into a brown colored liquid which will be the oil. Just apply it on the areas where you feel that you are losing hair from and wash it after an hour. The egg yolk oil has a pungent smell so make sure you do not annoy others with your application of the oil.


8. Aloe Vera Gel

Natural Hair Growth Treatments 2016 - Aloe Vera Gel

Even though the gel of aloe Vera plant is available in bottles at various stores but it is best of you grow aloe Vera at home and get the gel out every day on your own. This hair regrowth method is also very simple, all you need to do is cut the aloe Vera and get the gel out with the help of a knife. Once it is out apply it on your scalp and wash it after an hour. The results will be great and you will see your hair growing back in no time.


7. Drink Olive Oil

Natural Hair Growth Treatments 2016 - Drink Olive Oil

It is one of the healthiest things to do every day and not just for your hair and its regrowth, but for the skin too. Olive oil is absolutely healthy and drinking it in the morning before breakfast is the ideal way to go about it just take a table spoon every day and you will see the results in a week or so. The hair not only regrows and becomes thicker, but it becomes shinier and does not get grey easily. You can mix the olive oil in your breakfast salad too but the idea is to eat it uncooked for best results.


6. Apply Castor Oil

Natural Hair Growth Treatments 2016 - Apply Castor Oil

Another hair oil which is great for hair regrowth and that too, naturally is castor oil. You might have heard it is great for growing eye lashes but it is also excellent for growing scalp hair too. As it is slightly expensive and usually available in tiny bottles, apply it once a week and only to those parts where you feel hair regrowth is needed the most. Wash it after one of application and you will see visible results in terms of hair regrowth.


5. Regular Trimming

Natural Hair Growth Treatments 2016 - Regular Trimming

Getting regular trimming, ideally after every two to three months is excellent if you want to regrow your hair. Trimming makes the unwanted rough hair go away and you do not get split ends which are one of the major reason of breakage and hair fall. The hair that grows back after regular trimming sessions is way heathier as compared to the hair which has not been trimmed for a long time. If you have slow hair growth, get a smaller section of your hair trimmed but do not leave trimming altogether.


4. Eat Healthy

Natural Hair Growth Treatments 2016 - Eat Healthy

Natural or artificial, none of the hair regrowth treatments will actually work on you unless you start eating healthy. So try and improve your diet by taking in more proteins, iron and foods which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids (ideally fish). Another important thing is to keep yourself hydrated at all times. This can be done by drinking 8 glasses of water a day and drinking lots of fresh juices. You could even add multi vitamins to your diet to get better hair regrowth results in a short span of time.


3. Wash Hair On Alternate Days

Natural Hair Growth Treatments 2016 - Wash Hair On Alternate Days

If you are following the above mentioned methods to regrow your hair then you need to follow some simple tips to look after the hair which is already on your scalp. Do not wash your hair every day but make it an alternate day practice. This does not mean that you should keep your hair dirty. Dirty hair means none of the methods will work on you making the hair fall even more and no regrowth method will work. Wash it with a shampoo which is not harsh and use conditioner only on the end and never on the scalp.


2. Use Therapeutic Hair Masks

Natural Hair Growth Treatments 2016 - Use Therapeutic Hair Masks

These marks are very simple to make at home and you can choose your ingredients according to your hair type. Use these masks on your hair when you do not feel like oiling. Apply the mask instead of the oil and keep it for an hour. The ingredients could be aloe Vera, honey, apple cider vinegar, argon oil and castor oil. Massage them onto your hair as massage stimulates excellent hair growth.


1. Use a Comb Instead Of A Hair Brush

Natural Hair Growth Treatments 2016 - Use a Comb Instead Of A Hair Brush

It is best if you use a comb instead of a hair brush and never comb your wet hair, just try to get the tangles out with your fingers and once they are completely dry, comb them gently. Use a T shirt to dry your hair and the t shirt should be off cotton. Towels are harsh for the hair so avoid using them. Never wash your hair with hot water as it burns the hair and stops it from growing.


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