Apple Inc. Finally Reveal iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus

Apple inc. is the multinational technology American company which is well known for its different Apple designed models i.e. iPhone smart phones, iPad tablets, Mac book or Mac personal computers, iPod which is portable media player, Apple TV which is digital media player and Apple smart watches. All of the products of Apple work rather on iPhone operating system or OS X. Apple inc. was founded by Steve Jobs in order to develop and sell Personal Computers in the market of technology. Apple is the world’s largest company of technology with respect to its assets and also the 2nd largest mobile phones manufacturer company all over the world. Apple operates its 478 retail stores in 17 different countries and its own head quarter lies in California, Unites states.

Apple introduced its first iPhone named first generation iPhone on 29 June 2007 with the memory capacity of 4 and 8 GB and on 5 February 2008 it has been upgraded to 16 GB of internal storage memory. The second of Apple inc. has been released on 11 July 2008 named iPhone 3G which was capable to support 3G networking and on 8 June 2009 apple introduced the modified iPhone 3GS which supports the faster 3G networking. On 7 June 2010 at worldwide developers conference WWDC, Apple announced the redesigned model named iPhone 4 which have Apple A4 processor while later on 4 October 2011 Apple revealed iPhone 4S, which was the modified version of iPhone 4, which contains the more advanced processor i.e. Apple A5 processor which enhances its speed.

In first 3 days of the availability of iPhone 4S Apple sold about four million iPhone 4S smart phones which was the record. In the same year Apple took over Nokia and became world’s biggest smart phones maker with respect to the volume. On 12 September 2012 Apple introduced iPhone 5 which was the elongated version of the iPhone according to its size. It contained processor of Apple A6 and 4G LTE connectivity. In the 1st 24 hours of pre ordering Apple sold 2 million iPhone’s and in 1st 3 days of its launch Apple sold 5 million iPhone’s but iPhone 5S and 5C broke the record and about 9 million devices of iPhone has been sold in 1st 3 days of its launch and it was the first time that Apple launched 2 models simultaneously. On 9 September 2014 Apple introduced its new model i.e. iPhone 6 and 6 plus with more display size which crosses over 4 inches while Apple introduced 6S and 6S plus one year later to the launch of its previous models. On 21 March 2016 Apple introduced iPhone SE which was physically same to the iPhone 5S but internally as same to the iPhone 6S with the processor of Apple A9 processor chip.

And now the most advanced model of iPhone are iPhone 7 and 7 plus which was introduced on 16 September 2016. Here we have details about Apple Inc. Finally Reveal iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus



iPhone 7 and 7 plus contains most advanced iOS operating system i.e. iOS 10 which dramatically changed the entire phone’s display. It can make you love your lock screen i.e. it supports 3D touch system on your lock screen which make you able to get timely informed from your favorite apps i.e. siri app suggestions, favorites contacts, tips, weather update, nearby maps, stocks, maps destination, calendar, reminders, find friends, music, notes, maps public transport, mail and much more at just a glance. Further it also changes the unlock way of the iPhone by just pressing the home button or by just exerting pressure on the home button and not by the thumb sliding way. It also changes the photo album view i.e. with bigger tiles which makes the phone looks smarter and much more accessible.


  • Splash, Water and Dust resistant

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus comes with the latest technology used in iPhone’s related to splash and water resistant technology with more advanced way however the dust resistant technology is common technology used in the most of iPhone models previously.


  • Chip

iPhone 7 and 7 plus comes in most powerful chip ever used in any smart phone i.e. Apple A10 64 bit architecture fusion chip. This makes the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus more powerful than Hulk and much faster than Usain Bolt in the world of smart phones.


  • Camera

All new 12 mega pixels camera is introduced with aperture of f/ 1.8 in iPhone 7 and 12 mega pixels wide angle and telephoto cameras with aperture of f/ 1.8 and f/ 2.8 relatively with six element lens and 7 mega pixels front camera with aperture of f/ 2.2


  • Touch ID

New iPhone 7 and 7 Plus comes in 2nd generation finger print sensor with new home button which is pressure sensitive.

  • Head phones

The new iPhone 7 and 7 plus comes with wireless lighting connector rechargeable ear pods with 3.5 mm head phone jack adapter. So that’s it from the distinguished facts about iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and we hope that it helps you in enhancing your information about the marvelous machine from Apple.

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