Amir khan and Faryal Makhdoom Split Up

Amir khan has recently split up with his wife due to some home ground issues. The situation got so serious that they cannot be reversed. The beautiful marriage ends up so badly that Amir khan bans it up in the social media with his tweets. Amir accused his wife on cheating him and pulls the leg of Anthony Joshua for this sake. He keeps on denying the case front of media. But his wife in response is quiet in this situation.


Amir khan and Faryal Makhdoom Split Up

It all evolves an ugly cheating triangle. Recent news tell us they both went for celebrating faryal’s birthday in Dubai and after that her wife’s astonishing tweets leaves everyone shocked. Well both the parties has much more to share abut them on tweets.

Amir happily married his beautiful wife on 23 rd march 2013. They first had ravishing engagement ceremony and then traditional Walima ceremony was held in Manchester which includes 4,000 guests. He brings his wife to Pakistan and everyone welcome them whole heartedly they get praises and blessings of all the couple get so much popular for being most understanding and beloved couple. This becomes a never discussed history and the story will remained untold. They both have daughter named Lamaisah, born on 23 rd May 2014.

All of this sudden the two split up with each other . One of the recent tweets of Amir notifies that Faryal move on so quickly it seems she has moved with boxer Anthony Joshua. It is basics of dirty laundry that has done online for the first time famous couples personal and life played out in public.

All of this has sudden effects on both families badly. It is been a roller coaster of emotions for both. Because according to fact sometimes people don’t like when you give them the taste of their on medicine. This has severe effect on child as this is case of separation and child’s authority.

Amir was so heartbroken after announcing split and his tweets bashes the media and makes it most controversial case. Four years marriage ended up badly at this pace that nothing has left nothing personal from public.

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