America’s Most Popular Food Chains 2017

Food is love for all that one cannot get away with it. Taste buds are such marvelous senses that make people crave for taste. People love hangouts move to restaurants and have the best meal of particular area. This cause marked increase in the economical system of state. Larger the restaurants in the place the more people will love to go there and taste the best they got. People love fast food and they admire different taste and the brand.

Many of restaurants has the best deals and taste of the world and they are worldwide popular. These specific brands has chains of foods so that people can easily approach them anywhere when they feel hunger. This chains system increase their financial criteria and adds up to spread more taste in each and every place so that people could enjoy them whole heartedly.

We present you list of some America’s Most Popular Food Chains 2017 that steals attraction of every person at every occasion and simply people cannot ignore at any time.


10. Jamba Juice

This name does not need any recognition’s. It was founded in 1990 in California beach town which creates sensational aspect all over with its great soothing taste and charm. From years it is the most amazing place to hangout for and the taste of this brand remains soothing and unchanged. Their green smoothie and healthy living trends are its specialty for customers.

Most of royal families visit this place and admire the taste and its settings. Its headquarters are found in Frisco, Texas including US sales in 2016 $547 million. They have 828 US locations with customer satisfaction ratio 16/20. This shows the popularity and rich taste of this brand. The value rank of Jamba Juice is 37 because of their great presentation and customer dealings. Since then the chain’s menu has expanded offering Greek yogurt or acai berry bowls and touch of soy milk. People from all over the world enjoy plenty of new fruit and vegetable smoothies.


9. Potbelly Sandwich Shop

When it is opened in 1977, this is said to be an antique shop and later it was turned into local lunch spot. Its owner has decided to serve their customers by itself for the best feedback and that approach leads them to such pace. Later in 1996 it is turned into Franchise and has reached to peak of popularity and fame. People from all around the world and within country love its taste and freshness of products they use. Their main headquarters are in Chicago with high US sales of $446 million.

It approaches 454 number of locations with customers satisfaction rank of about 25 . Its value rank is 16 which makes its food most exotic in taste. The business has expanded to such level that they now a days serve sandwich and fresh cookies but each location has its own potbelly stove. Potbelly sandwiches are rich in taste which fully depicts cultural taste and natural freshness of food.


8. Firehouse Subs

Most trending fast food now a days are Subs. The trendy burgers gives exciting taste and flavor to people which makes them crave it for more. It is Florida based franchise which was founded in 1994 by two brothers. They were former firefighters and their they unleash their abilities to end people cravings , so fire fighters moves to an exotic restaurants and create fire in business of restaurants by having so much popularity and chain of foods all over the place.

Their headquarters was found in Jacksonville, Florida with unexpected US sales of $ 683 million. They has 1,037 number of US restaurants which is such a big achievement and everyone takes crunch of their food whenever they want. This restaurant serves their best taste and meal which cannot be found anywhere.

Firehouse Subs serve bold flavor sandwiches piled in high quality fresh cheese and meats, this leads to customers satisfaction rank to number 8 and value rank is 6. After successful opening and running business in US, owners are in great mode of growth of this chain to Canada and even in Mexico. Their lovers would be really happy after receiving such news.


7. Cold Stone Creamery

Creamy and absolute yummy! This ice cream parlor has headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona with US sales about $362 million. You can say it is not just an ice cream parlor but it also serve lusciously best smoothies, cakes and shakes. So here you all sweet lovers and chocolate cravers give this parlor a try and you will not forget the everlasting taste and servings of this. The specialty of it is that ice cream is made fresh on daily basis and blended on frozen granite stone which keeps the temperature exactly the same.

Its customer satisfaction rank is 4 with best value rank 13. They also supports all community projects and serve the best dealing to their customers. They also help people with disabilities to secure job and provide them place to live independently and all this is purely on basis of non profit terms. Grab your cup of ice cream and experience the rich taste you will never forget.


6. Tim Hortons

This chain in Canada is popular because of the former legendary National Hockey League player Tim Hortons. After getting retire from hockey team he decided to expand this business and serve people with best demanded coffee and donuts. These are enriched in taste and has the best value ever.

The main headquarters are found in Oakville, Canada with $760 million US sales. Tim Horton setup this in 1964 and started selling coffee and donuts for just 10 cents, later muffins, cakes, soups and chili were also added in the menu that adds up more customers. The taste of its coffee is so define and youthful that soothes a person. They has 683 number of restaurants in US with customer satisfaction rate as 44 and value rank is 36.

This cafe also offers Cold stones best ice cream in certain locations for those who cannot approach to it. The environment they provide is so cosy and pleasant that people sit there for hours and easily setups their business and personal meetings.


5. Cinnabon

This restaurant is all about Cinnamon and there headquarters are found in Atlanta. It was the brain child of a father son, who opened their first bakery in Seattle in 1985. They has US sales of about $163 million. A signature warm cinnamon rolls steals all the attractions and makes person crave for it.

Their specialty comes with rich cream cheese frosting and it is sold in different and various size and shapes as per demand of customers. Not only this they also serve cinnamon flavored donuts, crispy pastry straws and an expensive coffee menu which attracts tourists from all over the world.

They has 836 US locations in total and their customer satisfaction rank is 12 with value rank is 33. The presentation is so overwhelming that leaves a person mouth watery. It is a must go and try place if you are a real cinnamon lover so it is a good place to hangout and make some memories with exotic food that has defined taste that shows cultural glimpse of that area.


America’s Most Popular Food Chains 2017


4. Ben and Jerry

They say hello to Ice cream lovers and got famous among sweet cravers. Best friends Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield originally step forward to have this opportunity to open this ice cream parlor. They purchased an old gas station and turned it into ravishing scoop shop. Their headquarters are found in South Burlington, Vermont. They has $58 million US sales with 172 number of restaurants in US. This brand celebrated 39 years in business and had a great success and even launch ceremonies all over in the country. They are best known for invention of unique ice cream flavor and their presentation. Red velvet cake, Phish Food and Cherry Garcia are most famous flavor and foods among them. They got 5 rank in customers satisfaction and 8 value rank.


3. The Habit Burger Grill

It is a west coast chain popular in all spices that adds flavor to best burger in town. It is first set up burger shop in 1969 in Santa Barbra. They serve burgers with specially baked buns with added flavors and spices that gives thrive to your taste buds. There headquarters are found in Irvine, California. Since then the chain of this restaurant has swelled to 175 in numbers in all-over US in different 10 states.

They also added tuna and chicken burgers, salads and shakes to their menu which pleases their customers more. This is said to be the best tasting burger in America in 2014. The customer satisfaction rank is 10 with value rank 21. According to latest survey The Habit Burger Grill has beaten all other brands in lane for so long due to its best taste and fresh meal. They provide creative environment to their customers which indulge them more into place and makes this more popular among all.


2. Marco’s Pizza

Introducing the best Pizza in town Marco’s Pizza states its name among richest and finest Pizza making restaurants. The latest survey shows us high ranking of customers in this place that shows 21 customers satisfaction rank with 13 value rank . This cheap pizza joint was first opened in Toledo in 1978 and talking about today they has about 800 restaurants across the US with $489 million sales.

Their main headquarters are in Toledo, Ohio. They also provide sandwiches, hot chicken wings and salads along with multiple sauces to go with each dishes. They get the best price for all and pizza is made in all rich fresh vegetables and chicken stuff. The crust is so soft and cheesy that has no chance to left behind. It is best place for fast food lovers to go and enjoy the best taste in town that has no match to others.


1. In-N- Out Burger

They gave you best flavor in town that can never let you get bored of it. They scores highest scores on customers satisfaction rank #1 with value rank #1 this makes it genuine winner of over all business market. It was California’s first drive thru hamburger stand which was developed in late 1948 .

Nearly seven decades later its menu remains simple offering only five items in menu but they also has not so secret menu that includes protein style burger and grilled cheese. Their headquarters are found in Irvine, California with $807 million US sales.

They has 325 expanded restaurants in US . The chain prides itself on serving top best ingredients and servings which are additive free and fresh. All spices are rich in amount that makes a customer to its regular customers. They provide full scope environment to their lovers and best customer service they are very intended with it. This a must try place for cheese and burger lovers for best taste everlasting experience.

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