15 Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions In The World

Speaking about something different in life people travel to seek motivation of leisure and large group of people travel for the sake of novelty. All of us need to take a break from daily routine and relax for sometime at a place we like the most. Beauty of nature attracts those who seek for it. Nature has vast number of locations and areas that have endless beauty and it will open your mind and give you pleasure and happiness. Tourism is very effective in gaining knowledge about culture, norms and values of specific place. Here we have 15 Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions In The World

Most of the incomes of countries are earned by tourists. Vacations are meant to be spending in a place where you can rejoice and give quality time to your family. Tourism is a great way to meet new people and interact with them. It is a travel of pleasure or business and it can be domestic or international and they implies outgoing and incoming balance of payments. People do camping and sightseeing activities that is fun loving and refreshing. Change in scenery allow mind to explore more about history and ancestors.


Socio Economic Development

It is said that tourism is important for socio economic development of country. It brings large amount of income into local economy in form of payment for goods and services. It accounts for 30% of the world’s trade of services and 6% of overall exports of good and services. Almost employment opportunities in service sector are associated with tourism.


  • Most Visited Places On Earth:

The yearly chart for the most visited destinations is as follows:

  1. France.
  2. United States.
  3. Spain. China.
  4. Italy.
  5. Germany.
  6. United Kingdom.
  7. Russia.
  8. Thailand.
  9. Greece.

Hospitality Sector Earnings

Tourism and hospitality sectors of most of countries employs 274,000 people on a full year for diverse section of transportation, travel service, accommodation, food and beverages and recreational activities. This sector allows income of 12% of total workforce. Total of $1.46 billion tourism revenue directly employee people in province each year.

We bring to you 15 Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions In The World that will bring your imagination to next level.


15. Whitehaven Beach – Australia

Beautiful Tourist Attraction

White sands are a place like heaven that you must have to visit before you die. It will bring you that next phase of life and beyond imagination. This beach is 7 km stretch along Whitsunday Island. Many islands have their shore linked to this beach. This place is easily accessible through boats. It is most eco friendly beach the blue sky and beach look so exotic that it will take your breath away. Country has full hold to keep the area neat and clean for their visitors so that they feel fresh whenever they visit it.


14. The Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye – Scotland

Beautiful Tourist destinations

Scotland is a city of fairies and breathes taking beauty. So called Fairy Pools are more likely to be astonishing waterfall creates a wonder scene. Fairy pools are located in Cuillins Hills, Isle of sky, Scotland. This creates a fog of showers tumbles down all the way from mountains. This is an eye capturing scene that you will not forget for long. So pack your bags and visit the place you have never seen like before.


13. Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe

Beautiful Tourist Attraction

Allow yourself to drift in a world of fantasy and a stunning natural architecture which is not man made and you cannot find the same to any other place. Victoria Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in the world. The falls transport is an astonishing 1,088 cubic meters per second of water down an -350 foot cliff. Thousands of tourists visit this place every year and they come again and again to admire this wonderful natural creation. The sound of falling water gives you such a pleasure and relaxation that will keep you fresh and take you in a ride close to the nature.


12. Railay – Thailand

Railay beach in Krabi Thailand

A magical place located in Thailand it is a small peninsula between city of Krabi and Ao Nang. It is easily accessible by boat. It has a beautiful limestone cliffs in which people explore many caves and shelters which were centuries old. It is so popular beach due to relaxing atmosphere and scenic beauty. It is an ultimate jungle gym fir mountain climbing lover. A slice of paradise is filled in sandy gaps. Tourists hustle and sometimes spills over but the atmosphere remain constant and happening. Rock climbing is most favorite and exciting part for most tourists who came here to spend recreational time with their loved ones and family.


11. Neuschwanstein Castle – Germany

Beautiful Tourist destinations

A cold sleepy castle builds in Southern Germany within the inspiration from Sleeping beauty Castle. It is a symbol of refuge and peace. It is actually a nineteenth century revival place which is rugged above the village near Fussen. This castle was intended to be the home of king until he died. Shortly after his death it was opened for visitors. I claimed to you if you have not visited this exotic Castle, you have fully wasted leisure pleasures of your life. Since from then more than 61 million people has visited this area and more than 6,000 people visit the Castle per day in summer. The interior of this Castle is so promising that match the real history of past days and it define the sovereignty of culture and grace.


10. Northern lights – Iceland

Tourist destinations

It is one of the biggest tourist sights of Iceland people come here and enjoy the beauty of shinning lights and enlighten their inner souls. There is a natural display of varying color within Arctic sky. The main fact is that this is quiet un predictable as you cannot enjoy the glance at first visit so make sure you leave enough time to try few times so that you can become part of this great radiance of lightening’s. These lights are seen above magnetic poles of northern and southern hemispheres. These lights are also known as ‘Aurora borealis’. The emitting lights vary in color and complexity that create a stance to atmosphere and it naturally creates a beautiful scene which is mind blowing in all aspects.


9. Venice, Italy

Beautiful Tourist  destinations

The city of water and wonder glowing lights. It is built on 118 small islands that are separated from each other by vast network of canals. This was built in Venetian Lagoon and it is unlike any other city in the world. Thousands of visitors love this place its food and culture. The flowing canals and water keeps the air fresh and relaxing. It is a very peaceful city and of course a dreamy place to visit for many couples. It is a symbol of wise government and freedom, an impressive building structure which is entirely build on water makes it more prideful. It was a real engineering miracle and skill that they achieve goal to build such a proportional architect of city that amazed everyone. On other hand it is also a nature of place itself. Many resorts and mouth watering food will urge you to visit the city again.


8. The Shahara Bridge – Yemen

Beautiful Tourist destinations

This bridge was constructed in 17th century to connect towns at top of mountains but the scenic beauty across this bridge grab everyone‘s attention. It is located in the state of Yemen. This was built to fight against Turkish invaders, but later this scary yet more astonishing bridge becomes tourist attraction. It is said to be treasure of Yemen history and culture. Most beloved place for Yemen is visited by people from all over the globe to experience the beauty of this extra ordinary bridge and a master piece. This bridge is also named as bridge of Sighs. The bridge is 2600 meters long and has spanned a sheer 300 foot deep canyon. Once you reach the top you will notice the greenery and wonder atmosphere that surrounds the whole city with mountain ranges.


7. Havasu Falls – Grand Canyon National Park

A paradise on earth is said to be the Havasu Falls. It is located in remote canyon of Arizona that attracts tourists from all over the globe. People cannot resist themselves to witness such a marvelous beauty. The spectacular waterfalls and isolated community within Havasupai made everyone crazy for visiting it and spending quality time. This blue green waterfall is sacred for natives. Surrounding atmosphere is so soothing that allows a peaceful mind and thoughts. It is said to be the major destination for hikers who wants to visit blue green waterfalls. People living nearby are the traditional guardians of this waterfall keeping this treasure safe, secure, neat and clean.


6. Copenhagen – Denmark

Beautiful Tourist Attraction

For typical travelers Denmark’s Capital is a suitable place and great destination. It is an old style city completed with great picturesque view and beautiful sceneries of costal view. This is city is burst of gorgeous gardens, mystic Castles and also contains historical mysteries that has made this city notifiable. Copenhagen is full of monuments and fantastic museums, architectural delights to attract everyone. This city is not to be over looked as it is so quiet full of humbleness, beauty and tranquility that has marked it as renowned worldwide. Restaurants and resorts are so amazing that you cannot get away with it easily.


5. Amsterdam – Netherlands

Beautiful Tourist destinantions

The capital of Dutch is bursting full of beauty, charm and endless persona. It has colorful rides and boats to travel along the canal and notice the surrounding beauty. This is such a vibrant and beautiful city with all greenery in every way. If you are interested in history lessons than Rijksmuseum is a perfect opportunity for you to avail. Like wise the Artis Zoo is fabulous place for everyone. Amsterdam is known as top of the class cities in Europe that had maintain its charm and attraction for tourists from a long go. The atmosphere is so steady and suitable for every type of tourists coming from any region. The colorful streets are symbol of happiness and rejoice for everyone.


4. Rome – Italy

 Beautiful Tourist destinations

It is home for some of most brilliant wonders of the world. Europe has offered one of the most tasty food and sequential architecture of world. The cheeky Italian charm mesmerizes everyone and Rome is such a wonder place to visit once in your life. Rome hosts one of the smallest nation of world and it is very close to spiritual art that it has extraordinary churches and holy shrines that are unbelievably beautiful. It is also stated as most hustle city with all luxurious destinations and about half of the population in Rome are tourists who stay there to visit the whole history of Italy as well as Rome. It is also known as city of love and romance is all glooming in air.


3. Krakow – Poland

beautiful Tourist Attraction

It is said to be the hidden gems of Poland that has ever seems to be appear. This city invites travelers of all ages with dazzling main square shopping malls and truly spectacular architecture. It has notorious camps and many places for tourists to visit and they will never get bored of it. Krakow has vibrant history, personalities and illustrations that will make your mind blow for an instance. It is a place worth spending your money and vacations with full joy and amusement. Majestic word for this is city is never a less apprehension.


2. Arang kel, Neelum Valley – Azad Kashmir Pakistan

beautiful tourist destinations

A lush breath taking green valley is situated in Kashmir region, Pakistan. An exotic view gives such a peaceful environment that will make you forget to return your own place. Situated at the hill top near kel, it is about 1500 feet above from Neelum River. A piece of utmost beauty attracts many tourists from all over the world and it worth’s for more. High Altitude Mountains, conifer trees and mesmerizing weather revitalize you and refresh you from inside. It is best place for hiking lovers and for camping. It is at top list among most beautiful tourist attraction of world. It has many beautiful resorts that give you perfect location from your window and it will make you keep your eyes open so you cannot miss single chance to enjoy such a marvelous scenes. It is said to be hospitable valley for tourists who are visiting from all over the nation.


1. Nalaguraidhoo Beach, Maldives

A city of exceptional beauty and places worth visiting for. It is one of most frequented beaches in Maldives, azure of crystal clear water with shimmering white sand and pristine surroundings, such a beautiful and peaceful place will left you speechless and it will give you memories that never fades away. It is also known as Sun Island. It is simply stunning and modified in such aspect that attracts tourists from all over the world. Over 65 resorts have been establishing so far from past 20 years as per interest of tourists. It has perfect water spots, barrier reef for swimming and many other recreational activities. The shape of island lends to a Great Lagoon. Nothing could be more refreshing and exotic having a Maldivian customary meal under the stars near the crystal clear water and soothing environment

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