11 Greatest Superhero Movies Ever Made Till 2016

Comic book fans are a fickle bunch. There’s no denying that the super hero movies are greatest inventions of Hollywood. Thanks to their portrayal of fan favorite characters with decades of mythology and ability to blend multiple genres that they have been going strong for years. We couldn’t even argue that super hero films have joined the ranks of western and action flick as one of the most iconic types in industry’s history.






                               11 Greatest Superhero Movies Ever Made Till 2016



Greatest Superhero Movies

Bryan singer’s x-men gets a lot of credit for launching the new wave of superhero movies but blade got there first. Blade show hoe comic book films could be viable enterprise in Hollywood. In the movie Wesley snipes’ performed as half of vampire. He also received praise for its stylized action sequence. Blade is a sequel consist of 3 parts i.e. blade, blade 2 and blade trinity. The running time of blade is 120 minutes and its budget was 40 million US dollars and it earned 131.2 million US dollars while the running time of blade 2 is 117 minutes and its budget was approx 50 million US dollars and it earned 155 million US dollars on box office and the running time of blade trinity is 113 minutes. The budget of the movie is 65 million US dollars and on box office it earned 128.9 million US dollars. Director David S. Goyer really delivered the crafting scenes that are thrilling to watch. Blade also illustrated how superhero movies could combine various genres. The film’s horror and thriller elements gave it a unique unusual and appealing quality that showed how film makers could get creative with super hero flicks.



watchmen , gretest superhero movies ever

Director Zack Snyder adapted Alan Moore’s ambitious graphic novel to the big screen, and the results were decidedly mixed. Many praised the film’s stunning visuals and its loyalty to the source material. Engrossing viewers in the world of watchmen and bringing the pages to life. But then there are those who believe the movie can’t hold a candle to the comic which some considered un film-able to begin with. It also didn’t help matters that Snyder changed certain aspects of story including the ending and that didn’t sit well with long time fans. Though watchmen was well received movie. It struggled somewhat at the box office. The running time of the movie is 215 minutes. It was distributed by Warner bros. pictures and Paramount pictures. The budget of the movie was 130 million US dollars and it earned 185.3 million US dollars on the box office. The movie also received the awards of best fantasy film and best comic book movie.



XMen , gretest superhero movies ever

X-men first class brought the franchise back to respectability and days of future past became the most successful film in the series yet. Fans couldn’t wait to see Brayn Singer return to the director’s chair and do the iconic story line justice. The film was ambitious and didn’t just operate as a solid time travel science fiction story but also set the new standard and also a soft reboot as well. The net budget of the X-men series which includes 8 movies is 1.083 billion US dollars and its net gross on the box office is 3.812 billion US dollars.


The Incredible Hulk

Greatest Superhero Movies Ever Made -

Hulk solo movies are hard to do. Ang lee’s version failed in 2003 and the 2008 reboot didn’t do much better. Rebooting the character to fit within the Marvel cinematic universe, it was seen as a marginal improvement at best. Fans enjoyed star Ed Noroton’s turn and hulk action was fun to watch on big screen. Net budget of the hulk is 137 million US dollars and its gross on box office is 245.4 million US dollars while the budget of the incredible hulk is 150 million US dollars and its gross on box office is 263.4 million US dollars.


Batman, The Dark Knight

batman , gretest superhero movies ever

Christopher’s batman trilogy is one of the most favored film series of 21 st century. The total budget of the whole series of batman starting from the batman to the dark knight rises is 925 million US dollars and the total earning of the series on the box office is 3,721,741,151 million US dollars. The dark knight and the dark knight rises are the most favored and most successful parts of the batman series. The dark knight is built on escalation teased in batman begins and treated audiences to an engrossing movie that explored the darker side of justice and heroism. The tone and techniques Nolan employed became so revolutionary that the dark knight spawned countless imitators including other iconic franchises. We’d be crazy not to mention Ledger’s Joker which raised the bar for movie bad guys to a whole other level. Thanks to ledger’s unhinged and terrifying performance. While after, the dark knight redefined superhero films forever. While the dark knight rises got plenty of strong reviews but many pointed out several plot holes and gaps in logic which made the story somewhat messy. A stark contrast from the tight execution of first films in trilogy however, several fans were able to look past the flaws and appreciate the finale as a rousing and emotional end to one of the finest film series in 21 st century. There’s no denying that the movie is exciting.


Iron Man

Greatest Superhero Movies Ever Made

Iron man is a film that could have gone horribly wrong for many reasons but Robert Downey junior churned out an elite superhero film. As one of the few marvel projects from the shared universe building of other films iron man was able to focus solely on developing the character of tony stark. The film also setup the basic template that future Marvel releases followed. It embraced a tight balance between comedy and drama that made it captivating and entertaining to watch. If only every Marvel movie could have such a rich and interesting arc as this one. There are following 3 parts in the series of iron man i.e. iron man 1, 2 and 3 respectively. The total budget of iron man 1 was 140 million US dollars and its earning on the box office was 585.2 million US dollars while the net budget of iron man 2 was 200 million US dollars and its net worth on the box office was 623.9 million US dollars and the most successful iron man 3 was made under the budget of 200 million US dollars as well but the total worth of this movie was 1.215 billion US dollars on the box office.


The Avengers

The Avengers, gretest superhero movies ever

Joss Whedon’s massive crossover made fans’ dreams come true and broke box office records and earned critical acclaim doing it. The running time of the movie is 143 minutes. The total budget of the movie is 220 million US dollars while the total earning of the movie is 1.520 billion US dollars which is record. The novelty of seeing so many characters fighting alongside each other for the first time instantly made avengers an event and everything matter. Between sharp witty dialogues and chemistry between actors, the Avengers was able to deliver style and substance in spades. Avengers had huge impact on Hollywood in numerous ways and changed the superhero game forever.


Superman, The Man Of Steel

superman , gretest superhero movies ever

Long before the movement in early 2000s pushed superhero films to the forefront of pop culture. Director Richard Donner set out to prove a man could fly in 1978. Most of the film’s success is due to pitch perfect casting of Christopher Reeve as the man of steel. Reeve was able to convey all the American charm of Clark Kent and the strong values of superman to make a memorable protagonist. Like other blockbusters of that era, superman also set out to wow audiences with a sense of wonder and amazement with joyous tone that made the movie wildly entertaining and exciting to watch. While in the man of steel Zack Snyder’s superman reboot is the foundation on which the DC extended universe is built, but not everybody is thrilled about that. The film proved to be extremely polarizing upon release with the dark tone to blame. Some appreciated the updated modern spin on the mythos that made superman a more relatable and human character than ever. The net gross of the superman series including man of steel and batman v superman, is 2,401,687,897 US dollars worldwide.


The Amazing Spiderman

Amazing Spiderman, gretest superhero movies ever

It wasn’t too long that peter parker was at the top of superhero movie food chain. But rebooting the franchise just five years after Sam’s Spiderman 3, the marketing for the amazing spiderman promised the untold story about peter parker. What they got was more or less a remake of Sam’s 2002 original playing back several of same story beats to set up peter parker as the iconic web slinger. This didn’t sit well with many but there are those who prefer Andrew Garfield’s take on the character seeing him as a better Spiderman than Tobey. Garfield’s performance was a strong point of the film, but the mixed reaction of the series as a whole has caused the studio to go in different direction. The net gross of the spiderman series on the box office was 3,963,259,504 US dollars following the total budget of the series which is 1.078 billion US dollars.


Captain America

Greatest Superhero Movies Ever Made

Joe and Anthony are going to have a big role to play in marvel’s phase 3 and their work on captain America the winter soldier supports as some of the most sophisticated and thrilling Marvel sequences to date and the film’s villain made big impression with viewers. But it wasn’t just action that made this stand out from the crowd. The Russos added layers of governmental intrigue and espionage to the film, giving it real world sensibilities and smart social commentary. The net gross on the box office of both of the parts of the captain America is 1084 million US dollars.


Batman v Superman

, gretest superhero movies ever

It is incredibly ambitious follow up to Zack Snyder’s ever so popular, universally enjoyed, not controversial Superman origins story, man of steel. But people loved to hate Man of steel as it is different from the classic superman and dawn of justice is just like its predecessor. It’s an epic follow up. In the movie batman for nearly 2 decades sees superman as a threat to the humanity. And due to batman’s activities superman also find batman as a threat and tries to stop him. This movie is based on characters from DC comics and distributed by Warner bros. pictures. The running time of the movie is 151 minutes. The net budget of the movie is 250 million US dollars and the gross box office figure is 854.9 million US dollars.

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