10 Worst Natural Disasters Caught On Camera

When you look into history you will see that although not taken into notice but casualties most of them over the years are contributed by the natural disasters in the world. before it was considered in Greek Mythology that when the Gods got angry or wanted to show their fury they would bestow on the world their calamities whether in the shape of disease or earth disasters, even in today’s world if you set foot into religion many will claim that naturally occurring disasters are a sign that something is not right even so far as to say God is sad or is sending a message to his people.

Although through modern technology and science we know that natural disasters are caused due to many reasons that do not contain the element of mythology but rather sudden weather changes and movements in the earth’s templates that allow for the Earth to be disrupted whether it is floods or earthquakes. The damage that comes along with these disasters are life altering as many people not only lose their loved ones but the homes that they have created are wiped out completely that is why we have rounded up today the 10 Worst Natural Disasters Caught On Camera in the World to bring more to your knowledge.


10. East Africa Drought (2011)

 Worst Natural Disasters

One of the heart wrenching calamities in history has been recorded in parts of East Africa where a terrible drought struck parts of Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia. Africa is in distress for a long time due to political agendas and instigation but at the time even though many reached out to external organizations they received little help this not only led to the death toll of more than 9.5 million but this also included children of ages 5 and less.


9. Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami (2004)

Worst Natural Disasters

On 26 December 2004 local time 07:58 (00:58 GMT) while the people of Indonesia and Thailand were going about their daily lives, a massive shift in the Indian Ocean caused the Indian Plate to sub duct the Burma Plate. The result of this shift was that a number of Tsunami’s hit the coastline of the Indian Ocean and wrecked havoc onto everything and anyone that came in its path. The death toll was 230,000 – 280,000, the vicious Tsunami was given multiple names like South Asian Tsunami, Indonesian tsunami, Christmas Tsunami and Boxing Day Tsunami.


8. European Heat Wave (2003)

Worst Natural Disasters

Extreme weather change whether hot or cold can be dangerous but when it comes to heat and in a place where nobody is use to such high temperatures , things then get out of control. In 2003 due to global warming and pollution build up that has affected our climate Europe suffered a heat wave and one that led to many especially elders dead. The death toll according to statistics reached somewhere to about 70,000. The problem was that the people did not know how to deal with the situation and neither was their environment equipped to deal with it because the air conditioning was not enough and people lost a lot of water which resulted in dehydration.


7. Yellow River Flood (1938)

Worst Natural Disasters

Not only did this flood kill millions of people but it also left the place barren and for many more years to come crops could not be grown on it. the Yellow River located in China is also known as China’s Sorrow and for the reason that the 1938 flood was just the first of many to come afterwards and it always leaves the country in despair killing and making millions homeless.


6. The Potato Famine 1845-1848

Worst Natural Disasters

Also known as the Great Famine or Great Hunger this was across Europe and the cause was a strain of virus by the name of Phytophthora infestans (or P. infestans). It mostly hit parts of Ireland and because the Irish were dependent on potato not only as a means of food but also for economic gains because of its crop business with the British , the famine hit the country hard and more than half of the population shrunk by the year 1851 to 6.6 million from 8.4 million.


5. Mozambique Flood (2000)

Worst Natural Disasters

The floods started out as heavy rainfall that began in October 1999 and continued on to December and then into late January covering the areas of Umbeluzi, Incomati and Limpopo in water. It was continuous rainfall that filled up the places up to as high as 6 meters. The consequences were thousands of herds of cattle lost , millions of people homeless and even more people who suffered from chronic diarrhea and malaria , those who didn’t die of the flood then died of the diseases that were brought by the flood.


4. The Tunguska Explosion 1908

Worst Natural Disasters

In 1908, the quiet area of Krasnoyarsk, Russia was overthrown by what scientists believe to be a comet or asteroid. Even though the asteroid did not detonate on land but instead in the air (airburst) still it damaged millions of tress in the one hundred mile radius not to mention the homes and people that were in this radius were scorched, the deer’s dead and houses blown over. It is almost 100 years afterwards that scientists have explained that the way the asteroid was falling from above literally at a speed of 33.500 miles per hour allowed the asteroid to accumulate heat from its surrounding and the intense pressure that was exerted on it led it to self destruct in the air.


3. North American Smallpox Epidemic (1775)

10 Worst Natural Disasters Caught On Camera

How a disease can wipe out a nation was evident in the year 1775 when George Washington was leading the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War, the time and age where hygiene was not so talked about and technology could go so far. Troops in the camps started to develop rashes which later on killed them and this virus of smallpox that was not even known at the time was spreading like wildfire across the continent. It killed an estimated 145,000 people.


2. The Bridge Creek Moore Tornados (1999)

Worst Natural Disasters Caught On Camera

The devastation that is tied with this natural disaster is that it did not just last a day but three whole days and five tornadoes hit the state of Oklahoma on May 3 rd 1999. This was recorded as one of the tornadoes that left the country in a lot of turmoil financially being the fifth costliest natural disaster to hit North America. The damage was severe resulting in killing anyone and anything that the 301 miles per hour tornado could get its hands on.


1. The Black Plague (1346- 1353)

Worst Natural Disasters

Popularly known as the “Black Death” or “Bubonic Plague”, this pandemic was responsible for abolishing 33 – 40 % of the population across Europe. Rumors have it that it was carried by sea when the ships arrived at the Sicilian port; the sailors were either dead or intensely ill. The name actually comes from the fact that the patients after having a fever would be covered in boils that were very dark almost black in color and they would have puss inside and ooze out. It killed more than 20 million people. Today scientists have found the strand responsible for the plague which is known by the name of Yersina Pestis.

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