10 Worst Fashion Trends People Still Following

Taking about fashion is a serious agenda for everyone . Fashion marks attitude, gratitude and personality . Now a days people are loaded with fashion ,they got fashion in their styles,moves and looks . New trends allow people to follow them on daily basis and those who skip it for an instance marked as unfashionable in society. People now don’t want follow the fashion trends but rather they like to become a trendsetter so everyone could praise them for being different and give them amazing compliments. Sometimes being different can situate you in a bizarre condition that humiliates you in front of everyone and best thing is you don’t even give damn to it . Air blows in society and everyone flows with it blindly. Some opposes it not finding particularly comfortable for themselves. Thus, here are some of worst fashion trends people follow and we should bow out them completely.



Worst Fashion Trends

It is a serious flaw that is being followed by everyone. Choker was an invention of old decade people who follow it and forget its existing from then . But then a wave came to recognize those un imaginable things which will let you think for a while. CHOKER is one of those jewelry items which beautifies oneself according to you obviously . But let me tell you its not at all your thing to wear. It seems like a “throated leaf” like something locked your neck down , no offense but this is reality. Not every jewelry design make sense and appropriate to use . So stop being so miserable in using stuff like these . Items like these don’t define you, inner beauty and simplicity is a true shape of fashion.



Worst Fashion Trends

Face printed bags tries to set new trendy aspect to world and they failed ineptly . The reason is that it doesn’t give an appealing look to the product . “How you feel holding a face imprint bag in your hand?” or opening mouth of a bag to put things into it ?. Those funny critter bags looks cute and people get nuts for them but selling it very costly is just not fair to people . So this costly trend should be rooted out from society.



These are some sort of freaking ugly and expensive shoes that only rich one can holds it and make them their special piece property. But concerning the facts and figures such shoes are only suitable as night slippers rather than wearing them for outdoors activities. They are flat with fur all around and you walk just like dragging it against ground producing an irritating sound . Seriously,this just not worth to wear as your fashion and it doesn’t even add up to your personality.



This fashion needs a long break because this combination gets common now, lacing shirts design was glamorous looking at first but later additions makes it more clingy . It was costly at start but then loose its interest later because people didn’t find it more attractive and comfortable to use . Lacing shirts is not a good idea for most of people its pretty obvious that these shirts need more care and appropriate way to carry .



Hot or not?, dying your hair is a very tricky choice sometimes It comes out to be perfect but sometimes it turned out to be really pathetic and make you look miserable though . Changing hair color by using fashion colors did not gives you the beauty appealing but it makes you look different from others . But some could not handle or carry it in a better way and they look really ugly. They also damage your hair so badly that it takes time to recover it. New color justifies your hair and suits you for very short span but as you wash it down these turns out to look awful and all your personalities charm just got vanished. These colors ends up so badly that you then only tried to wash them away . People looks disgusting with yellow,red,purple,orange and green colored hair and they really need to get a long and use their smartness not to follow the same route .



Worst Fashion Trends

Talking about long boots is way old announcement for centuries people whole heartedly follow this trend and some are still following it gives you the expression of high marked groovy personality which is statement of social circle.People get it all wrong manner most of them wear it over the jeans which is solely improper way to carry it . No offence everyone has its own way of expressing them. Long coats didn’t seems to be more appreciable rather it looks more tacky and hide all what you have dressed in. It comes in different designs and styles which make it common in use now . We need a break from this trend for sometime so people could put it in words better somehow.



Men also seek new trendy ideas to look different from each other although they don’t have much to do with their appearance so, they modernize them in way of clothing’s . Never the less colorful jeans adds its number to top ten worst trends . It gives a person nagy looks which is totally out of the way thought. Red,yellow,green,pink colored jeans looks like a traffic signals on the road. Moreover, it doesn’t looks much admirable to others . So, boys be a sensible well dressed person rather than looking a complete cliche.



Worst Fashion Trends

A summer slamy feel is wonder when you are beaching somewhere or when you are in very chilling mood but here, when you wear flowery printed shirts full of rainbows spreading all over makes you a garden full of flowers . You must stick to the classic crew which sets your standards of your personality. It makes people to laugh at you and seems to be un presentable that busy guy doesn’t have time to setup his charge of dressing sense. This goofy looks gets against you and doesn’t seems to be sophisticated if you don’t mind wearing stuff like these.



Lipsticks enhance your beauty adding up a mark in your appearance and made you look diva but also give a clowny look when it is worn wrong . It enhance your looks, dressing and keep you refreshing all day long . But wait , un soothing colors of some lipstick’s make you looks gross,lifeless and stoic. It’s not compulsory to try every shade which is inn in market. Shades like purple,dark brown, orange and even black looks so flagrant . We should say a big no to Shimmers trend in work places or in schools. It doesn’t charms your personality so,one should remain on ground and be optimistic .



Worst Fashion Trends

This trend holds unfortunate relevance in society. That holds up nothing but a boy knocking coins to notice his sneakers over his pants without rolling it over . Street boys wear this kind of stuff to look cool and all but now we should get over it by now as they popularized the style because such kind of styling pants hovering over every mainstream retailer in existence . It should be pulled out from pockets of Mr. Most trendy of all .

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