10 Worlds Best Drinking Games 2017 – 2018

Celebrations and drinking means all the fun on holidays. They provide us full room for meeting friends and having long endless fun and conversations. Meeting new and old friends from busy routine is like a tough job for now. But if you are invited to party with full mood that makes your inner youthful emotion to groove for once and you are like why not! This will dig out your party fun and you want to make that party rock. Party makeup with elegant dress and your are ready to knock everyone in party.

But sometimes you also got bored and find nothing to do in party after meeting everyone. Different games and party stuff makes it more enjoyable and memorable. We bring to you 10 Worlds Best Drinking Games 2017 – 2018 that will blow your mind and give you full enjoyment with headaches and you will be left with party hangovers.


10. Quarters

Best Drinking Games

It can be played with 3-4 people best with up to 6. Competitors sir around a table and one person spins the quarter, when it stops pointing one of the person then the game begins! He shooter is said to bounce a quarter off the table into the glass. If he quarter goes into the glass the shooter consumes another person to shoot as well.

The amount and size of the table can be decided by he host of game. Every person should be given chances of they fail it is hen turned to next shooter. This play list full of excitement and goes for hours and you will enjoy playing this and without recognizing sequel of time. Rules of game should be decided before playing so that it developed more curiosity to win. If any rules are broken the guilt party must consume to repent.


9. Flip, Sip, or Strip

 Best Drinking Games

The games is so simple and easy that adds excitement among the group. The game is best for 3-5 people but more addition causes prolongation of it. Rules are simple yet easy. You have to flip a coin and while it is in the air call head or tails. If you guess right pass the coin to right side and if you are wrong pass it on the left one. You either take one article of clothing off or drink or shot. One big catch of game is you cannot do same thing (sip or strip) more than twice in a row. Let the game began and hit your party night with your fellows.


8. Asshole

Best Drinking Games

It is a game of cards that chooses President, vice president and an Asshole. Rules are very simple and quiet shady any person who brake the rules must have to repent. The game began as a dealer who deal out the cards. The person to the left dealer starts the game, the mainstream of this game is to get rid of all cards with same face and value. The person following you must lay down card with same face value.

If player lay down card same as you or greater to you hen the next player is skipped and you must drink also if you cannot play any of cards then you again have to drink. Cards are cleared if everyone skips or a two is played. This play continues until all cards are played.

The real fun begins when ranking system follows and one of you become President , vice president, etc. For the following rounds you can anyone has higher rank can account you to drink whenever they want.

Hey also follow some special rules that Asshole must give special cards to President whenever he wants and President can give his worst cards to Asshole. If following rules are broken then offender must have to drink.


7. Edward 40 Hands

Best Drinking Games

The point of this game is to make people drink fast. In order to play the game you all need is to duct tape 2 40’s of beer for each person. You take one 40 to each of your hand and you cannot take them off until both of 40’s are empty. This really means to stop everything and only thing that you need to do is drink Beer. You cannot answer your cell phone, you either chug the beers or wet yourself. The rules are hard and fast but you have to compete for it until you drink all 2 40’s completely.


6. Power Hour

Best Drinking Games

This game sounds to be rocking at once. This follows no such rules but the game proceeds with you have to drink shots of beer every minute for an hour as it sounds pretty easy but it does not seems to be same. To prove yourself to be such man you have to enter in this game and complete your hour and find yourself as drunk person. The most popular Century club is doing power hour for their customers that is a shot in every minute.


5. Fubar

 Best Drinking Games

The game begins as you shuffle cards and scatter them in middle of your table. One player picks one card and show it to others. Each card has different rule as follows:

1. Take a one drink.

2. Take two.

3. Take three.

4. Questions, ask questions to person of your choice and hey have to answer it. You have to keep on asking until you screw other person up. Eye contact is must and you don’t have to question a person who questioned you either.

5. Give five drinks.

6. Say I never: a person who flips the card have to say something that they have never done and anyone who has must have to drink.

7. Thumb master: person has to put his thumb down on table and last one to put theirs down drinks. He Thumb master can do this as many times as he wants until the next seven is picked.

8. Categories: first person gives a topic and everyone else have to give a kind.

9. Rhyme: everyone must give a word that rhymes with yours.

10.Social: everyone drinks. Jack: Asshole drinks. Queen: Bitches drinks. The game can be extremely hard, depending on your group drinkers. The challenge is to drink maximum amount of beer. It is really difficult.


4. Flip Cup

 Best Drinking Games

It is race game that can be played with plastic party cups. The teams should be divided into 4or5 each with half cup of beer, or 2 shots of hard liquor. By flipping he cup from each of the table it is a race to drink half beer glass. Before the next member begins he cup is flipped from edge of table with three fingers upside down. The first team who finish the task will win. Rules should be set for it and no cheating are allowed.


3. Boxing

Best Drinking Games

In this boxing game all you need is a stop watch, 2 shot glasses, 4 people, 2 dice and some beer to play. Just like a boxing match two people play this game head to head with other two people helping them out like a corner men. Each player’s sit on the opposite side and each rolls a die. Whoever scores lower will have to take that punch and drink that shot. Corner men fills the empty glasses as soon as they can so that hey can roll again quickly. The game is fast paced. Players have to play 3 minute rounds with 30 seconds rest in between sounds . To make it more exciting rules are set. You can only leave if you are not willing or you puke.


2. California Kings

It is very interesting and fun loving game. The cards are faced down to the table around a large cup draw in clockwise order. Drink will be a normal sip.

Ace. Social: player draws proposes a toast and everyone have to drink.

2-6- Black- Take the cards value in drink.

2-6- Red- Give cards value in drinks they may split up between multiple players.

-7- Waterfall- Everybody has to chug you cannot stop until a person to your right has stopped.

-8- Thumb master- player draws his thumb on table. The last person to do so drinks.

-9- Rhyme- players draws says a sentence that continuous in clockwise order. Words can not be repeated if you repeat you have to drink.

Jack-guys drink.

Queen- ladies drink.

Kings would be kings they must be obeyed in the game and no violation of rules occurs. Most of people enjoy this game but some of them ends up fighting. But all this moments are joy able and memorable to play.


1. Beer pong

In this game you will is one ping pong ball and 12 glasses of beer. By setting bowling pins arrange six pairs of glasses to each side of table. Players should sit opposite to each other.

The ball is thrown in the glass of opposite team if it lands inside the glass the opposing team must have to drink the beer immediately, if they fail than they have to drink it though.

The game continuous with rules and regulations. The winning team manages to make opposing team drink all he beers from winning team side. This game will provide you while a lot of fun and creates a playful environment with your friends that you will never forget.

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