10 Ways That Light Pollution Harms The World

After the dark winter night, the first ray of sunlight helps to refresh our soul and turns everything around us as bright and beautiful. Light turns our every dark corner into a shinny place. But as we know that excess of everything is bad so, too much artificial light creates the concept of “loss of night” and scientist refer this flood of artificial light as “LIGHT POLLUTION”, which is increasing approximately 5 to 7% every year. Today we are unable to see the natural beauty of the Milky Way with the human naked eye. According to the environmentalists, naturalists, and medical research scholars, this light pollution can have the negative effects on living things. This abundance of unfriendly light is one of the rapidly growing and most prevalent forms of environmental pollution. Light pollution has several flavors but each has its own negative and adverse effect. Here we have compiled 10 ways that light pollution harms the world.


10. Cause Problem For Astronomy

10 Ways That Light Pollution Harms The World

Light pollution seriously interferes with the ability to study the sky. As this makes the sky glow like the way sun makes it bright during day time. Although the sky is not as bright as day time but still it cause problem especially when scientist or a researcher want to take a picture to see the object clearly. If the researcher aim to take the spectra of an object, these artificial lights also hinder in making smooth spectra and creates problem for astronomers.


9. It disturbs the Reproductive Cycles of Amphibians

Light Pollution Harms The World

We often hear the night time chirping of frogs while passing near the wet land in spring season. Nature has blessed these amphibians with the special feature of hibernation. They are sensitive to hibernate and reproduce during hibernation. Actually most of the amphibian species are nocturnal and water-dependent .As nocturnal animals receive and sense any change in their environment by their photoperiods. But this artificial light cause physical and behavioral disruption including the disturbance in sensing when to breed and when to return home. Thus missing the opportunity to reproduce and facing breeding declines. Light pollution, no doubt, plays a major role in creating this problem.


8. Declining Bats

Light Pollution Harms The World - Declining Bats

Bats are one of the great sources of controlling insects that are harmful for human being. As bats feed on such insect that infects humans. But this light pollution also effect Bats populations. Although, all bat species are not much affected by this but many species are highly repelled by theses artificial source of street light and are light-averse. But insects are attracted toward streetlights and so bats failed to eat them. So, Bats also suffered from this light pollution and it cause decline in the Bats population as well.


7. It Disturbs The Marine Life

Light Pollution Harms The World - It Disturbs The Marine Life

Street lighting in the cities near to the river disrupt the migratory patterns of fish. As this lighting condition has negative impact on the fitness of fish and confuse the innocent fish. Moreover, the excessive public lighting at night also affect foraging, predation, shoaling, and reproductive rate of fish. Artificial lighting is bad for marine ecology. Added to this, Sea Turtles are also greatly affected by this as they move out to lay their eggs in the sand. Female turtles search for a place where the lights are not bright, and they don’t lay eggs when the lights are too over and bright. This light pollution is not only causing problems for female turtles but also the newly born turtles as well.


6. Artificial Light And Confused Trees

Artificial Light And Confused Trees

Plants have their specific photo period and this night lighting confuse many plants. The photoperiod of plants have effect on leaf shape, growth and development of overall tree but this artificial light cause confusion to the tress and they get disturbed due to this light pollution. The flowering plants specially need some particular amount of darkness for its growth but this continuous man made light effects them and their pollinating insects negatively.


5. Migrating Birds Die Due To Distraction Of Lights

Migrating Birds Die Due To Distraction Of Lights

Light pollution also results deaths of birds. As a lot of birds species are nocturnal and migratory. They migrate from one place to another with reference to sun setting, and are dependent on the moon and the night to navigate. The Bright and loud lights at night time confuse these migrating creatures. They think they might be flying toward navigators and collide straight into a building. These collisions hit and kill the birds and sometimes these birds become a victim to other predators.


4. Artificial Light and Insects

Artificial Light and Insects

We can easily observe insects like mosquitoes flying around the street lights. But the artificial lights are particularly poisonous for insects. These innocent insects spend their day after day buzzing around street lights or bulbs and then die, because of burning heat of lights.


3. Effects on Circadian Clock

Effects on Circadian Clock

The 24 –hour day and night cycle of human body is known as circadian cycle. All the biological activities like cell regulation, hormone production in human body follow this cycle. Disturbance in this cycle cause several medical problems like cardiovascular disease, depression, insomnia and many sleep disorders. There is a very deep connection of sleep pattern and artificial lights and difficulties in irregular sleep lead to many other problems.


2. It Can Be A Threat To Your Health

It Can Be A Threat To Your Health

Beside the disturbance in sleep wake cycle, the exposure of light during night time cause a lot of problem like cancer. As melatonin production becomes irregular and cause cancer. So, this too much artificial light can make you sick and can be deadly for you.


1. LED Adding More Danger

LED Adding More Danger

LEDs seems more energy efficient than many other forms of light. But LEDs that include light from all wavelengths are closer to sunlight than traditional bulbs and are therefore more disruptive to many species. The rich blue light content of LED has the ability to interfere in human circadian rhythms, sleep disturbance, making the brain to wake up and affect the early morning sun as well.

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