10 Unique Things To Do On This Christmas 2016

Yes it is Christmas, time for the holiday cheers! The white blanket of snow, the lovely Mr. Snowman outside on the front porch, the gifts all tucked away neatly under the lush green tree with old and new ornaments, there are beautiful Christmas traditions that are carried out every year since generations, whether it is the hanging of stockings or greeting Santa with cookies and milk on Christmas Eve, all of them are very lovely indeed but sometimes maybe the children as they are getting older as well as some of the adults may become a little tired of all the same old traditions and in that case you’re thinking what can you do this Christmas that will make it different then all the other Christmas times and surely this list of Ten Unique Things to do This Christmas may spark an idea in your mind and may even lead to the creation of a new family Christmas tradition that will keep on going for ages.


10. Memento Ornaments


Instead of putting up the old fashioned ornaments like you do every year why not try something different , every year during the course of the year all the family trips, and different events that you and your family have attended to as well as the children’s achievements and the different things that have been important for your family take them out and stick them on the tree , they can be post cards to sea shells to pictures of what you have done together as a family and not only will you have something different to do this Christmas but your family will also reminisce the great and fun times they have had together .


9. Fireworks Christmas


Inspired by a tradition in some of the countries in the East, this Christmas instead of staying home and opening up the presents take you’re the family out to a park; enjoy the beautiful fresh air and then pop out some fireworks. Maybe even do this Christmas Eve and then enjoy with them beautiful fireworks celebrating Father Christmas with a bang!


8. Prediction Jar


This is a fun tradition gather all your family and get little pieces of paper and write down what you think will happen next year, you can make some wild predictions and simply make some predictions about the next year and next Christmas then put them all inside a jar and then hold on tight keep the jar until next Christmas and then gather the whole family again and open up the jar read some of the predictions you made. Surely you will get a laugh out of this and create some fun and memorable moments with your friends and family and you can keep up the tradition by doing it every Christmas.


7. Christmas Scavenger Hunt


To make the opening up the presents part of Christmas a little more fun you can create a scavenger hunt for your family and friends and have them look for the presents around your house or even outside in your lawn not only will it make it more fun but it will be a day well spent giving them a little more time to be excited about what Santa may have gotten them this Christmas.


6. Food for Santa


How about this year you not only bake something different and give it to Santa along with his milk like a gingerbread house or an old recipe that you want to try out but also leave a carrot or two for the red nose reindeer, this can be a thoughtful way to include Santa’s helpers in the game as well. Not only will you be making or baking something different for the family but you will also be surprising Santa every year with something different by the chimney so that you and the kids can enjoy more time bonding.


5. Enjoy the Christmas Around You


Here is something to do differently this year instead of enjoying your own Christmas why not buckle up the kids take them out for a drive and let them see the entire beautiful Christmas atmosphere around them whether it is in the neighborhood with all the flickering lights around or maybe a nearby church or town trying to go downtown and just have that Christmas vibe surround you , you can make it even more eventful by always having hot chocolate or some other beverage that you can enjoy every year while doing this special little tradition.


4. Find the Ornament In the Tree


Another unique thing to do this Christmas is play some games to bring on the holiday spirit you can even play “pin the nose on the reindeer” or something that is even cooler is selecting an ornament that is special ,this may even be trinket that is old and of value and you hide it in your Christmas tree you then ask your family and friends to find it in the tree and that person can then have one extra gift or even the trinket itself, not only will you enjoy the extra gift but it will allow your children to be more happy about the Christmas tree.


3. Christmas Around The world


This is a long shot but if you have the money and the time then you should take you family to someplace different and let them experience the Christmas holiday in a totally different atmosphere, this will instill creativity and allow them to experience how different people celebrate Christmas in different ways. Another option is that for every Christmas you can pick a country and look up on the internet how they celebrate Christmas and then do exactly that on Christmas day in the comfort of your own home, a powerful way of teaching cultural sensitivity as well as a fun way to learn and to make your family come closer as your kids will definitely remember this tradition while growing up.


2. Christmas Luminaries


Instead of decorating the tree with lights or the house with lights why not light up the whole sidewalk or porch with luminaries, you can make them together as a family or you can buy them and set them outside, you can even make Christmas sky lanterns, make a unique tradition of releasing them on Christmas morning and wishing for good luck, it will be a very unique way of getting the family together and you will be able to enjoy the skies with your family outside. Instead of getting you jam on inside on Christmas day.


1. Gifts For Donation


The ultimate unique thing to do this Christmas is not gift each other but provide gifts to those who need it and rather than just buying the gifts and dropping them off at a donation center is to let you friends and family in on the feeling of gifting a gift to the less privileged , allow your child to buy the gift and on Christmas morning you can take the whole family down to the shelter and let them present their gifts themselves this will not only teach them the value of giving but you will also put a lot of smiles on others faces by doing this activity.

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