10 Things To Do On Valentine’s Day For Your Man

This Valentine’s Day you have the ultimate chance to woo your man away with all the love there is. We have some amazing plans for you and your partner that you can carry out in order to make him the happiest on this wonderful day of love. Here are top 10 things to do on Valentine’s Day for your man which will not only be extremely romantic but, will be a great way of having fun on this sweet day. Celebrate the Valentine’s Day in full swing with your man and make the most of it.


10. Buy Him Game Tickets

Buy Him Game Tickets

If there is one thing which can truly make a man happy are tickets to his favorite game or sport that he follows. You need to make the effort and get a pair of tickets for the two of you two spend a great Valentine’s Day together. Cherish these moments of fun, frolic and laughter with the most prized man in your life and have a blast this 14th of Feb.


9. Night Out On The Balcony

Night Out On The Balcony

This is going to be one really sweet gesture if you make a plan of spending the night out on your balcony in cozy blankets watching a romantic movie together, eating yummy hot meals and having the time of your life cuddling with the man of your heart. Keep all necessary things to keep you two warm and decorate the entire place with flowers and candles to make it a Valentine’s Day special surprise for him.


8. Buy Him The Gadget Of His Dreams

Buy Him The Gadget Of His Dreams

If your man is a gadgets and gizmo freak then make sure you plan your Valentine’s Day around his passion. You could either surprise him with his favorite gadget that he had been longing to buy after a nice and romantic dinner, or take him for shopping and make him buy what he wants to. This will be extremely cute as men love their gadgets and there is no better way to make them happy this Valentine’s Day.


7. Arrange A Play Date

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Queer as it may sound but it surely one of the most adorable things to do on Valentine’s Day for your man. Plan a day with him where you indulge in sports and games of his liking. It could be an X Box session at his or your place or you could even ask his friends to meet you both up at the beach or somewhere where you all could play his favorite sport. This will be a good effort on your part which will melt your man’s heart in a second.


6. Dress Up For Him

Dress Up For Him

Valentine’s Day is that one day when you can and need to work your charm on him by reminding him how beautiful you are. There is nothing better for a man to know that his partner is the most gorgeous woman on this planet. Dress the way he would want you to in his favorite colors and in his favorite style. Make sure you follow each and every detail that he would notice. Make his heart skip a beat this Valentine’s Day.


5. Make The Five Course Meal

Make The Five Course Meal

No matter how conventional it sounds, the fact still remains that men love food and when their wife or girlfriend makes an effort to make it for them, they are the happiest. This Valentine’s Day when he gets back from work, surprise him with a dimly lit house full or flowers and candles along with food that will make him fall in love with you all over again. Go out of the way and put in the effort for making his favorite cuisine in the five course meal plan.


4. Surprise Him With A Valentine’s Weekend Escape

Valentine kiss
Valentine kiss

Make hotel room reservations in the town/city where your man had been longing to take you. The idea of getting away from the everyday routine and that too for Valentine’s Day with your partner is going to be one highly romantic thing to do and do not miss the opportunity to make him happy through this gesture. You both are going to love it.


3. Do His Favorite TV Show Marathon

Do His Favorite TV Show Marathon

This is another sweet thing which you can plan to do on the Valentine’s Day. Even if you do not watch or like his favorite TV show, go out of the way and watch it with him this time. Your effort in watching it for him is going to be the most romantic thing for him and there is no way he would not be happy. Set the area where you two will watch it in the most romantic setting, maybe alongside a fireplace.


2. Give Him A Pet

Give Him A Pet

If your man is an animal lover and he had meaning to have a pet like owning a dog or cat maybe then this is your best chance to surprise him with his new furry friend. The sweetest thing about it is that you both can take care of the pet together and this could be a way of starting your own little family with love and care. A pet is definitely one of the cutest presents to give on Valentine’s Day and this holds true not just for girls but for boys/men too.


1. Make Love

Make Love

No matter how you spend your Valentine’s Day, it all boils to one thing and that is to please your partner. Make an effort this time to make him happy by making love the way he wants and where he had been meaning to take you. This is surely one of the most important things for a couple to do this Valentine’s Day so make the most of it and enjoy the beauty of this day by being together. Plan this step of the day just the way he would have wanted you to.

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