10 Real Life Death Scenes Caught On Film

Sometimes you are off to a wonderful journey or an exciting event and you are all excited and energized to enjoy the memories, but the fate plays its part and all the happiness turns into the misery. These are called accidents, which make some very awful and regretful memories. Some incidents also turn out to be fatal. This article focuses on some very miserable incidents which not only occurred, but were unfortunately caught live on cameras. Let us have a look at the 10 Real Life Death Scenes Caught On Film. May these incidents not happen in coming times.


10. Piermario Morosini’s Death

Piermario Morosini’s Death

Morosini was an Italian football player. He had a tragic family story. His parents died before he turned 18. He had a handicapped brother and sister. His brother committed suicide, due to disappointment. He is known to raise the rank of Italian football and bringing it up to Serie A. he was an amazing player. On April 14, 2012, he was playing in Serie B match. During the game, he collapsed on filed and died at the spot. Initially it was thought that he had a heart attack. But his autopsy denied the fact. His cause of death is still unknown. He was just 25 years old.


9. Versailles Wedding Hall Disaster

Versailles Wedding Hall Disaster

Versailles wedding hall disaster is one of the worst civil disasters in Jerusalem. It took place on May 24, 2001 and appalled entire humanity. The reason of being the most horrific disaster was the live coverage of a couple wedding on national and international television. The wedding was in process when suddenly the third floor of the four story building collapsed and injured 380 people. 23 people died at the spot. Till this day, the incident is remembered with horror and shock.


8. Budd Dwyer Suicide

Budd Dwyer Suicide

Budd Dwyer was a renowned politician of Pennsylvania. He was a treasurer at Pennsylvanian State Senate. He was accused of bribery and mismanagement of funds. Dwyer kept on insisting that he was framed and was innocent during his trial. On 22nd of January, 1987, during hubris display, he shot himself in mouth and committed suicide while a press conference was recorded in his office. The saddest part is that later on after his death, it was proved that he was innocent and was being framed.


7. Bradford City Stadium Fire

Football Stadium Fire

The tragic accident of stadium fire took place during a match of Bradford city against Lincoln city. After 40 minutes of the game, a small fire was seen which expanded in no time. It took only four minutes to engulf the whole stadium and turning it into flames. 56 people died in this accident while above 265 were injured. The date of incident is May 11, 1985.


6. Station Nightclub Fire

Station Nightclub Fire

In February 2003, a fire occurred in the Station Nightclub, leading to 100 deaths. This is listed as the fourth most horrifying fire incident in the history of fires. The night club was holding a concert which was being recorded for broadcast as well. The club was made of mostly metal and rock. The band manager turned on flammable acoustic foam which became uncontrollable and engulfed the whole building within 5 and half minutes. The front exit jammed because of stampede which led to much causality. The club owner was accused of involuntary man slaughter.


5. Francesco Scoglio

Francesco Scoglio

Francesco Scolgio was a football manager. He was Italian and coached at international and national level. He was famous by the name of ‘Professor’. He was a popular analyst and commentator of football. He also worked at Al Jazeera as a technical expert. On 3rd October, 2005, he was doing a live show on a private TV channel of Genoan. He was having a heated discussion with Ebrico Preziosi, the Genoa chairman, on phone call. During the discussion he had a heart attack and died. Another anchor Preziosi replaced him on the show while he was having heart attack. He died at the spot and his tragic death was recorded. He died at the age of 64.


4. Micheal Marin Suicide

Micheal Marin Suicide

Micheal Marin was a very wealthy man with a happy family. He went to Yale Law School. He climbed Mount Everest, he collected art from Picasso and his life was all fun. Until, he went into debt. It was reposrted that he burned his mansion while he was inside it. He did it to get the insurance money. He was arrested for his crime. He was found guilty and was sentenced to prison for 16 years. While his verdict was being announced live on the television, he slipped something in his mouth and died at the spot. He did suicide and his act was recorded live on television.


3. Sknyliv Airshow Disaster

Sknyliv Airshow Disaster

History is filled with disasters. One such disaster is Sknyliv airshow disaster. This incident occurred on July 27, 2002. The bliss turned into misery when a Ukrainian aircraft Su-27 crashed during aircraft display. Around 10,000 spectators were witnessing the airshow out of which 77 people lost their lives and 543 got injured. The two pilots ejected safely before crash, but couldn’t save spectators because of the different map layout provided to them as compared to the actual layout.


2. World trade Centre Attack

world trade center

Everyone, whether grownups or children, clearly remember this shocking incident. The disaster I am talking about is the attack on world trade centre (the popular 9/11 attack). The event has been linked to Al-Qaeda from the very first day, but no solid proof has been provided. We do not know if the story is true or a made up version of some propaganda, but the loss of precious human lives did make it a sad disaster. Around 3000 people were reported to have died. The real live video regarding this disaster has been played time and again to remember the incident.


1. Franz Reichelt Experiment

Franz Reichelt Experiment

Franz Reichelt was a tailor by profession and an inventor of parachute ideology. The death of him is marked as the most shocking and real till date. The live video made regarding his experiment, when turned into a real live death scene, shocked everyone. Frantz was always passionate about inventing some sort of material to enable pilots exit aircraft and land safely in case of emergencies.

He made a suit similar to the present parachutes, which he said, would inflate and land a person safely. He initially conducted an experiment from the top of five story building using a dummy which turned out to be successful. He then decided to conduct the experiment from the top of Eiffel tower.

He was not granted permission initially. But was granted finally on the condition of using dummies. However, he revealed at last minute that he would jump. He jumped but his parachute was half open and half closed, and he crashed into frozen soil. His arms and legs broke, his skull crashed and he died an instant death.

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