10 Of The Worlds Hardest Mountains To Climb

A mountain is a pile of rocks covered by snow or an area raised from surrounding. “Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but you can see the world “. Mountains maintain the earth’s beauty and balance they are very higher than rocks and controls climate of ecosystem. They protect earth from earthquake by holding land on its place. On the other hand some mountains are attractive and deadly. Mountains have taken uncountable lives. As height increases oxygen decreases, temperature fluctuates and it becomes difficult for body to adapt to these changes which makes them dangerous. Here we have the list of 10 Of The Worlds Hardest Mountains To Climb


10: Vinson Massif: (ANTARCTICA)

Hardest Mountains To Climb

Height: 4892 m

Time required: 7–21 days

Here high winds blow and snow fall is common, glaciers fall down the mountain. It is dark for 6 months and sun shines for rest of time and mostly known as coldest area of world. Weather is the greatest hurdle.


9: Mount Blanc: (ITALY & FRANCE)

Hardest Mountains To Climb

Height: 4808 m

Time required: 2 days

It’s not as high as other mountains of Himalayas owing to this it attracts many tourists and they trek carelessly. This mountain has eaten up a lot of lives than any other mountain of Europe. An estimate shows that it kills around 100 visitors per year which is more than normal. Its slopes are very dangerous.


8: The Matterhorn: (SWITZERLAND)

Hardest Mountains To Climb

Height: 4478 m

Time required: 5 days

Hundreds of mountaineers ascends Matterhorn every year but it does not means that it is easy to climb. It digested more than 500 lives and still taking more every year. As it is situated in Alps so it is easier to defeat it than most of Himalayas.



Hardest Mountains To Climb

Height: 6190 m

Time required: 21 day

“Mount McKinley” is well known mountain which was the old name of Denali. It is quite dangerous for beginners and around 100 people died while reaching their destiny. Top view of Denali is like looking out from a window to paradise. Bad weather, height and fluctuating temperature adds to the difficulty for its climbers.



 Hardest Mountains To Climb

Height: 7285 m

“The Ogre.” is its second name, it is situated in Pakistan’s Karakorum ranges. Its rocks are steep and almost straight, altitude is the greatest barrier. We can see that only three tours succeeded to reach their destination means its top. Its walls are bluff, sheer and vertical which hurts the climber and the victim can be paralyzed, can have fracture or can die at the spot.


5: Nanga Parbat: (PAKISTAN)

Hardest Mountains To Climb

Height: 8162 m

World’s ninth tallest mountain but struggle and difficulty is greater than its rank. It is the mountain that cannot be climbed in winter. It is also known as “Man – Eater” because of higher death rates. Here climbers have to face heavy stone brake, uncommon snowfall, shortness of breath and nausea. The most challenging mountain with high mortality ratio.


4: Kanchenjunga: (INDIA & NEPAL)

Hardest Mountains To Climb

Height: 8586 m

Time required: 40–60 days

It is the third tallest mountain in the world. The tip of Kanchenjunga is highest mountain in India and second highest in Nepal. People of Nepal worship this mountain. Till 1852 it was presumed to be the highest mountain of world but when calculations were re assumed geographically it became number third highest mountain. Fatality rate is consistently high over time, whereas death rate on other mountains decreased due to technology and advancement in meteorology. Weather conditions here are not favorable, unusually heavy monsoon snows, short supplies, luggage, and lack of sustainability and adoption to sudden change lead to death.


3: Annapurna: (NEPAL)

Hardest Mountains To Climb

Height: 8091 m

Time required: 40–50 days

A mountains height should never be mixed with its practical difficulty, it is the tenth highest peak in the world but is the most dangerous one. Its rocks are extremely steep and from its snowy caps avalanche (snow with some large rocks) continuously fall which cleans everything in its ways and it almost killed more than 69 people. It’s a deadly mountain because many mountaineers die here than on any other mountain because to climb this one should have extra strength, courage ,stamina , resistance , energy , perseverance, tolerance and better adaptation against temperature change which is not possible for everyone.


2: Mount Everest (NEPAL & TIBET)

Hardest Mountains To Climb

Height: 8848 m

Time required: 54 days

Surprised to see the world’s biggest mountain in the second number of our list though it is the tallest mountain, its glory is vanishing somewhat due to the mountain commercialization. It is named after an English, Sir Mount George who tried to know its height. Sagarmāthā and Chomolungma are its other names. It has two routes one standard route from southeast in Nepal and other is in Tibet from north. It is a site of attraction for highly experienced mountaineers, enthusiastic and passionate people. Dangers mostly faced here are high altitude and unexpected weather and dead bodies are left on it when a climber dies. It came into existence sixty lakhs years ago. Less oxygen at its top which can cause hypoxia and ultimately death, negative temperature (below 0 degree) and gusty swirling winds makes it toughest mountain to climb. Some experiments showed that Geese which are 98% of all birds can fly over Mount Everest.



Worlds Hardest Mountains To Climb

Height: 8611 m

Time required: 60 days

K2, also known as Chogori, is the second towering mountain on whole planet. Thousands of people have managed to reach Everest triumphantly, but only few number of climbers go up to K2. It’s another name Mt. Godwin Austin is due to pillar like ice masses, glaciers, ice berg and ice floe. Here weather changes continuously and abruptly .All these reasons contribute to mark it a number one deadly mountain. It is thought to be the toughest mountain to climb even though Everest is taller than K2. Above 8000 m there is a “death zone” where human life could hardly be survived. Seracs and glaciers often tumble down taking everything with them along with mountaineers.

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