10 Must See Recent TV Shows With Dark Side

TV shows are at their finest ratings and are getting popular day by day. Because of the high demanded drama and action they become more interesting and eye catching from recent years. For instance they has been most best activities for leisure time and people do enjoy them in spite of going outside to play they watch their favorite show and get relaxed.Good TV shows are hard to find that matches with the mood of person and thinking’s. A good story, acting and directing steals your heart and attraction to watch it all and most probably make you addict for it. Hollywood is busy now it out casting political and social issues that they creates came up with good approach and screenings that makes sense to all and make everyone fan of it.

In spite of horror, fantasy and suspense thrilling serials we like to be more realistic and judgmental scenarios that reveals the true dark side of story. We have had picked the list of 10 Must See Recent TV Shows With Dark Side that will appeal to our readers. Being utmost creepy, interesting and out of he box factors that are united in these program, makes them the best for those who shows interest.


10. Whitechapel

Most interestingly this show follows he luck and far great perceptions of small town tough cops who find themselves on trial of Jack the Ripper copycat killer. His show has full spices of history true ripper and small touch of British program, which makes it more interesting and demandable to follow.

The characters are so quickly and fine in tuning that creates the whole stance in grace. Show gets the popularity at peak that demands four on screen seasons focusing on different types of crime scenes and the loss they had at the end.

This series is a must see thriller for those who take interest in crimes and has taste of suspense. Many viewers take this for granted but it is extraordinary for those who believes in history and has thought of it. This show provides you knowledge about criminal findings, social and moral values and lot more with respect to your interest. This show is great for depicting dark side of man in terms of relations and own benefits.


9. Bates Motel

Bates Motel TV show

His is said to be one of the oldest entered in British line of series but still is popular among its category. The show has created the whole scene in very persuasive way that viewers got into it soon and the show gets high ratings for the happenings. Surprisingly good in all aspects the character of Psycho played by Vera Farmiga as Norman's mom whom you want to love at one side and hate on the other side as well.

Overall it was a tough show to be screened on TV but he directors and actors made it spontaneous for everyone in looks. For unknowns let me tell you it is a season of a Psycho fame Norman and his mother who runs motel which later gains movie infamy site for one of horror. The show got slow in middle but overall ratings made this serial to earn top 10 scores.


8. Stranger Things

As he name indicated the serial goes on with many of thrilling yet inspected entities which drags the viewed attention at once. The show gets crazily popular among its lovers because of great unique music score. The main advantage of popularity could be that but is among the 1980’s retro or perhaps because it is just a plain difference.

The mainstream of show is that the government starts conducting experiments which are kept secret from all which were carried on supernatural and paranormal using human as a test subjects. But the residents nearby soon reveals the experiments as the signs are starts impacting on everyone’s life who lives in that small town.

Winona Ryder features as mother in this film, who is less thief and older among all. Winona’s character in this season is quite shocked for those who have seen her in early 1980’s. The show is pretty amazing for such type of genres as it allows you to have full taste of science and suspense.


7. Mr Robot

Mr Robot TV show

Incredibly optimistic and cool the story goes in a way that follows psychological troubled IT guy hacker Elliot Anderson was rescued by an anarchist Mr Robot to help him take down multi national company and erase all human debits. It was a bit futuristic Robin Hood type of story that earns much of fame as it could within small period. With rare mainstream this season provides you full approach to tricks and tools of hackers that fits shares of crunchy moments.

The young artist echoed himself to main character with add spice of whole new science fiction story and drama. This show is for hose that likes world crash and burns because it will suit to their mind-set and develop interest to it. Show runs successfully and won many awards for the acting, story and directing skills that were up to the mark.


6. X files Reboot

X files Reboot TV show

X files themes songs gain much of love of younger generation and heavy remarks. The show was fully inspired by the great story and screen casts that earned high appreciations. It is strictly necessary for people to watch and enter the zone of investigations, suspense and thrill. The story depicts about two FBI agents who haunt out aliens, conspiracies and other things bizarre.

This show has good directions, story line and screening that make everyone fond of it. The season remains good as first two and best season of original series but due to time passing we all take joy of seeing hilarious in joke things more. New audience will definitely enjoy the charm of this show as it further proceeds towards their cases.

Danger and other factors in the show makes it more worthy to watch for those who like taking challenges and all super fiction things.


5. Hotel Beau Sèjour

Hotel Beau Sèjour TV show

Story defines a full bizarre on social justice and a steep content. Netflix has managed to release some of the best contents out of box. A popular show that reached to sneak peak of the year. By not putting out by the title this serial is brilliantly conceived program that investigates about a murder in small town Belgian of Limburg.

A show proceeds more twists are added to it which make it more twisted and somehow interesting to watch. If you like off screen dark supernatural mysteries than this show would be all that you want.

The opening scene follows with girl waking up in morning find her own dead corpse in bath tub, this was a savage to add up first suspense criteria in vogue. The character seems to be full headed in story giving us defined look to a play and an idea of not getting out it soon. The regional overall criterion of this show was good and dialogue sounds to be creepy and full of curiosity.


4. Black Mirror

Black Mirror TV show

This mirror of Netflix break all he records showing real faces to world heading towards season 3 , this serial smashes the billboards and stand up to maintain the interest of people and keep he! Indulge in the rocking story. Each episodes of this serial gives us aspect of modern life but also throws science fiction type in a dark twists.

The story gave us idea of what happened when our lives are ruled by technology; it would seem like no further than Black mirror. A truly sensed story that defines recent scenario of life which involves dangers of social media and madness of futuristic gaming.

It is not less than horror criteria for us, this show clearly tried to open up our eyes from deep comma of modern technology chaos! Humanity would be lost if we don’t wake up one morning, smell the roses and stop interacting with our fellows. It is essential for everyone to at least once give a glimpse to a very enthusiastic show that could bring our lives back to us. It is better suitable for technology lovers and to those who spent a lot of time on internet: AKA you!


3. Twin Peaks Reboot

The story of this season revolves around the town of Twin Peaks where a murderer remains in memory of town residents even after 25 years. This was full of atmospheric music, bizarre characters, beautiful sceneries and good old David Lynch madness that add the charm and maintain viewer’s attention. You never wonder how show can get wired.

This show is a carbon copy of characters that makes a veritable symphony of quirky people and scenes. It also introduces new ideas and couple of surrealism to extreme and some really offensive music that rock the beats. The show must go on is suitable factor for this series as they reminded of great deals and persuasive characters that stole many hearts from dialogue delivery. It is breath of fresh air in subordinated customs of modern entertainment.


2. American Horror Story

First three seasons of this show are worth to watch showing a lady in hotel with freaky come outs. This show works brilliantly on TV screens with great story and screenings and characters played by actors are superb in its own sense. Directors have surely redeemed himself with American Horror Story. Each and every part is different from others step by step taking all supernatural activities together.

First season is a bit ghost story, second one is about demonic interactions and third one is about witches that flaunts their selves over people to show their presence and power. As the season goes on the fourth one has lost the way and came up with the story of carnival freaks which was way much freaky and haunting.

Season five is said to be worse because of bloody patterns throughout seemingly for effect only. As we proceeds towards season six it was based on Ronald Colony and season seven would be full of curiosity and suspense and meets the demands of modern society. So overall ratings of this show seems that it would be good for those who live in a fantasize world and are dreamy and passionate about their consensus. The show hit the chart rates high at once.


1. London Spy

This is one of best spy series thriller of all times. It has great cinematography and screening. It follows the story of ex- drug addict and secret service agent whose life’s become intertwined in web full of mysteries, murders and secrets. Both the characters fall in love and have very unconventional relationship until one them disappears. Things get weird and revolve round gangsters, mazes, codes, secret past, sex dungeons and a lot more to get readily involve in show. The story keep on twisting around the dark edges that will constantly made you seated on chair. You will enjoy great story and characters that you will love and relates it to your lives. All the seasons smashes the billboard making progressively inspiratory achievements and make you love the show. So if you are interested in all underground business hung this show is best for you in all perspectives.

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