10 Most Innovative Halloween Costume Ideas 2017

As we all know that Halloween is around the corner and like always you need ideas for the costumes. And like always you have no idea. Well we are here to help you. Halloween is the most entertaining event and everybody loves to dress up and the ones who don’t, well even they can’t help but dress up after seeing everybody in different costumes. Not only kids but even old people love Halloween. It’s just that kind of event that everybody just has to participate. Choosing a costume can be a difficult chore, some have too many options and some have none. In both cases, deciding the costume is the initial step. The difficult part comes after this, which is to make your desired costume. It can take days or sometimes just some hours, all depends on the costume you chose. Halloween enthusiasts will give their best. But even they need help in making their costume, not every costume can be bought. That is where we come, we are here to take away your problems and provide you with not only solutions but many more ideas for your perfect Halloween. So below is the list of 10 Most Innovative Halloween Costume Ideas 2017.


10. Optimus Prime Halloween Costume

Innovative Halloween Costume

I’m sure you are all aware of this great character known as Optimus prime from the Transformers franchise. Everybody loved and admired the wonderful Autobot. Although it can be tricky to make the costume because it needs to be precise and perfect. But it is worth the hard work if you’re up for it. You’ll need a lot of things but many of them you will find in your garage or house.


9. Jack and Rose from Titanic Halloween Costume

Titanic is hands down the most known romantic movie of modern times. And all of you still remember the star crossed lovers, Jack and Rose. So you can be Jack and Rose. If you’re going to a party with your boyfriend or friend this can be the perfect costume. And it is the easiest to make also. All you have to do is find a gown and the clothes like Jack. Jack is a peasant and Rose an upper class lady so dress accordingly and go hand in hand.


8. Snapchat Butterfly filter Halloween Costume

Innovative Halloween Costume

If you’re going for simple, like really very simple then this one is for you. This one is the simplest. All you need is a pretty dress, which I’m sure you have in your closet and curl your hair if you’re a girl and if you want to put on the butterflies!! Yay. Well you have to make them first which is quiet simple. Make sure they are yellow in color and use glitter. We have all seen the filter, hope you can make it. So good luck!


7. Old school Taylor Swift Halloween Costume

Innovative Halloween Costume

You love Taylor Swift? We all do. So then let us try to be Taylor Swift, what say? I’m sure you all know her songs by heart and have watched her videos too. And we all remember you belong with me. That was old school Taylor. Watch the video and you’ll know there is not much you have to do. But make sure to use the same glasses. And we can see in the video that all she wore were normal clothes that you use I your daily life so the outfit will be very cheap.


6. Harry Potter’s Patronus Halloween Costume

Innovative Halloween Costume

You can never run out of ideas if you enter the world of Hogwarts. Here is one more for you, Harry’s patronus. I’m sure you’re all aware of it, everyone is. So watch the movie or read the book and you’ll get the idea and it is very easy to make. A pretty dress and the makeup according to the character and then the head wear. You can make it at home with card board or get it from the market and there you go. You have another Harry Potter’s costume. And if you want you can take somebody with you dressed the same.


5. Harley Quinn Halloween Costume

 Innovative Halloween Costume

So another awesome idea we have for you guys. Harley Quinn as you all know has been a recent hit. The character was played beautifully and now you can play it too. Be Harley for your Halloween. And we’ll tell you how. Take two tops of the same size. Cut them into two halves. Stitch the red half with the black. Cut out diamond shapes from the remaining piece and attach them to the sleeves and then wrap a corset around your waist. And repeat the same process with your pants and you have your outfit. As for the makeup, you can watch the movie for that.


4. Pineapple? Halloween Costume

 Innovative Halloween Costume

Pineapple It may sound weird to most of you but people actually dress up as a pineapple. Why? Because it has to be the easiest of the costumes. All that is required for this costume is a yellow dress and green head wear as in the leaves. So if you don’t have the time make yourself a Halloween costume you can just buy a yellow dress and cut out leaves from a green card board. It is simple but looks very pretty.


3. Twinning emoji Halloween Costume

 Innovative Halloween Costume 2017

Everybody is well aware of emoji and some of you might think it as stupid but you can be one too. Yes, we are talking about you becoming an emoji for you Halloween. I mean it is a great idea and there are many of them that you can be but we chose for you the twinning black emoji. It is also simple and the best part is you and your best friend can wear the same dress. Isn’t that what all of you want. So get yourself a black, short dress. And black shoes and headbands of the same color. Simple and pretty and you can dance in it too.


2. King Joffrey Halloween Costume

Most Innovative Halloween Costume 2017

Any game of thrones fan here? We have something for you guys too. I’m sure if you’re fan you’ll know who Joffrey is. Yes one of the most hated character. Well he also was the king so who would like to be the evil, ruthless king? Not very hard considering all you need is an old times dress and a crown, make it out of card board and a glass of wine maybe. And King Joffrey is ready. Try not to get too much into the character or you might just kill somebody and you wouldn’t want that now. So here is your time to rule, grab it.


1. Queen Elizabeth ii Halloween Costume

Most Innovative Halloween Costume 2017
Photo Credit:Reuters

Who wants to rule? Everyone? Well you can pretend to rule by becoming the Queen. So let us help you in becoming the best trap queen ever for Halloween. For a queen, the most important thing is the gown. If you don’t have a gown lying around, then make yourself a royal dress, for example tulle skirts. As for Queen Elizabeth you will need a formal dress and lots of pearls. And you have to find the perfect crown, or make one if you can. And then dress up and do your hair and makeup. I’m sure everyone can manage that. This costume is unique and maybe while wearing it you can feel like a queen.

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