10 Most Common Women Health Issues

Disease depicts an abnormal condition of a body. It can affect any part of the body. It may have different symptoms before it shows its results. The study of disease is called as Pathology. Different diseases affect the health of men and some women and some of the disease affect both of the sexes equally. I have discussed the 10 Most Common Women Health Issues 


10. Cancer

Cancer is a dangerous disease which ultimately leads to the mortality. Two of the usual cancers that afflict women are breast and cervical cancers .Both of them are diagnosed at their earlier stage the treatment is possible and we can save the lives of those women. Through the treatment we can make them healthy and they can get back to their normal lives. Throughout the world it has been calculated that half of the women die from breast cancer and half of them die due to cervical cancer every year. The amount of deaths occur in the under developed or developing countries where the shielding and treatment does not exist. Breast cancer issue is common nowadays even though doctors are doing better to treat this disease. This occurs due to imbalance factors to live a life. Now a days women are getting married late which ultimately leads to late birth of children, most of the women are over weighed which are some symptoms of the cancer.


9. Reproductive Health

Problems related to the sexual health and the problems related to the reproduction are also very common in women. These issues usually arise during the age of 15 to 44 years. This may result due to risky sex especially between the women and men are usually not affected due to this. In the underdeveloped countries many women are not given the correct guidance for the maternity issues. They are not given the right instructions of family planning which affects the health and they become weak.


8. Maternal health

The maternal health is the salubrity of women during the phase of her pregnancy, birth of the child and before the pregnancy. Many women die giving birth to the child due to excessive bleeding and in under developing and developing countries maternal rate of death is very high and if their children survive in a case, after 1 year these children without mother also die. Now a days most of the women are getting good care in their pregnancy which may reduce the rate of this health issue of women. There are for ways to prevent this: 1. care of parents 2. Regular checkup of the women from the hospital 3. There should be skilled doctors who handle their delivery 4. Emergency checkup of the women in case of sudden severe issues

7. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a big hormonal issue in the women. In this disease, the hormones are not in balance. Due to this periods are also disturbed which also create problems in pregnancy and it is tough to get pregnant. If the remedy of this disease is not done at the time then it may lead to pathetic diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Women with this disease develop many sores or cysts on their ovaries that is why it is named as polycystic ovary syndrome. It may cause pain in the sides and may destroy uterus of the affected women which leads to infertility. It may cause extra rate of hair growth and increases the weight which is also harmful. If the disease is diagnosed early it will help to protect you from the further destruction in your body.


6. Hypertension

Hypertension is the high blood pressure. The blood pressure occurs by exerting pressure on the walls of the arteries. This can be the cause of the destruction of the arteries. This may have harmful consequences like the stroke, kidney disease and the disease of heart. Most women has this health problem. This disease is also called as silent killer. Women with this disease are more arrogant, become angry and are outraged on small things. It has a damaging effect on the brain. Usually kidney problems are the cause of higher blood pressure.


5. Interstitial Cystitis Facts

Most of the women carry this disease. This disease namely; interstitial cystitis is the disease related to bladder in which the lining of the bladder starts to leak blood which is also called as bleeding of bladder and points out to the blistering and hardening of the bladder. Its symptoms may include the pain in the pelvic region, continuous urination and uncontrollable urine. To confirm about this disease potassium sensitivity test can be performed if it its results are abnormal then surely women carry this disease. Its treatment involves using different drugs which are heparinoid. Other medication should also be done.


4. Migraine / Headache

Migraine is a fluttering pain in the head that takes place at only one side of the head. Women usually have this disease as they are more sensitive than men and cannot bear the pressure of tensions. It is prompted by the particular components or surrounding situations like the hormone, tension or environment. It prevents women in completing their daily tasks. This severe headache may affect the person’s eyes and leads to vomiting. At the time when this disease prevails women become sensitive to light and prefer darkness. It may stay for a whole day that is 24 hour. Its initial symptoms are the changing of the mood and irritation. It is caused due to the mixing of the blood vessels passage and the chemicals of brain with the building blocks of the brain. It aggravates due to loud sounds that is actually a noise. It can be cured by relaxing your mind, exhaling and inhaling air deeply and avoid taking stress.


3. Urinary Tract Infection

This health problem usually occurs in the women. This disease occur after the urinary parts like bladder, kidneys or ureters are infected by the bacteria known as pathogen. This infection may be very harmful and leads to the severe catastrophe in the kidneys, sickness and may leads to the death. Its symptoms are flaming in the urine, pain in the lower abdomen and urine may be smelly. Pregnant women, women who are diabetic patients and having kidney problems are the main victims of this disease. Some of the women get this disease after the sexual activity. Due this bacteria may be pushed into the urethra which causes severe infection. The complications of UTI include the complete damage of the kidneys or if pathogen enters the blood it may prove fatal.


2. Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis results from the lack of calcium .Though it may be present in both men and women but its victims are mainly the women. It afflicts the flexibility, firmness and robustness of women which advance to the breakage of bones called as fracture takes place due to this as calcium is responsible for the strength of bones. Other factors include less use of vitamin C and vitamin D, the fringed frame, greater use of alcohol and smoking. Asian nationality holder women usually have this type of disease because they lack calcium in their diet which is very dangerous for them. As, back ache is common in those women along with the severe type of pain in the legs.


1. Depression

Depression is the craziness which leads to the disturbance in your body and mind. Most of the women has this problem. It has the different symptoms such as sleep problem. Some of them start sleeping more and some feel pathetic problem of less sleep. Pain in the chest is also one of the symptoms that really is a serious issue which can further put you in the heart diseases or stomach or lung problems. Hence heart attack may occur due to the depression. Because of depression lethargy and exhaustion occurs. Due to these women usually feel stale and become lazy and are reluctant to do any work. .Depression may also result in the muscle ache or the pain in the joint.

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