10 Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions in USA

One of the most diverse and popular country in world is USA. It marks highly profound place in maps. It got amazing amount of tourists attraction which attracts people from all over the world. Most of the earnings of this country is due to beautiful destinations like Chicago, natural wonders of Yellowstone’s, Alaska and journey to the sunny beaches of California, Florida and Hawaii.

These destinations has scenic beauty and wonders of natural phenomenon. This country has spent millions to save and maintain the beauty of their country for the recreational activities that gives glance to tourists. Its our pride to present 10 Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions in USA to you so that you can have a look to this enchanted beauty and go for it to spend quality time with your family and spouse.


10. Mount Rushmore

Tourist Attractions in America

We mostly has seen this lovely mountains in movies and pictures, but what it is like when you visit this place by your own. It is one of the most beautiful mountain art craft that has been done so far. A national memorial mount is located in South Dakota. It is constructed in early 20 th century.

This mountain depicts the faces of former presidents of united states. People from all over the world and even the habitants visit there to see the mesmerizing scribbled faces of their beloved Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. The short presidential trail of this mountain gains attraction of tourists.


9. Navy Pier, Chicago

Tourist Attractions in America

This wonder thing is extended throughout the lake Michigan. It is an enormous pier is in the heart of Chicago coastal Streeterville neighborhood.

Beautiful gardens and joy land within attracts kids and others to join this area and enjoy their leisure time with family. It contains many shops to snag different gifts and other eatables for occasions.

It has abundant restaurants that soothes your taste buds and the beauty of water surroundings make this place more enchanted. Whenever you visit USA you must not forget to see this place as it is worth going for having fun.


8. Great Smoky Mountains, National Park

Tourist Attractions in America

This park is straddling the border between Tennessee and North Carolina. The most visited place in entire country because of its greenery and wonder beauty of nature it steals all tourists attractions.

It is the most old growth forest, people like to come and do hiking many of them came foe camping’s and this place most suited for picnics. This also includes waterfalls and many trails that only hikers found as they go deep in forest.

Among them thousands of birds and mini creatures can be found to capture. Thus, it has great economical importance for the people of USA and they maintains the sigma of this forest for so long.


7. River Walk, San Antonio

Tourist Attractions in America

It is a network of walkways lying in Antonio that gives best attractions and glance to its lovers. Most of people visit this place throughout year to see the flowing water with trees all over. It is mainstream of Texas city that includes fascinating architectures and lush water views.

Basically it is a hub for dinning and culinary and exploration in city. It is easy navigable destination and foremost enchanted place for tourists. One should not miss the chance to visit this place full of life, comfort and smoothness.


6. Carlsbad Caverns

Tourist Attractions in America

A collection of caves over and over makes it deep, interesting and dark aspect for everyone it makes people curious and more astonished about place. It has 115 caves in total with cravings of limestone which helps to descend visitors more than 900 feet.

Guide in tour is provided to them who help visitors to define new things and go for adventures. One of the most largest single cave is found in North America and it is known as big room which is major site of attraction for everyone.

Visitors anxiously explore different and incredibly great ground environment, it takes 90 minutes for visitors to explore this wonderful place. It serve as a great site of attraction for all.


5. Walt Disney World, Orlando

Tourist Attractions in America

Florida hub is an amusement park, but no park can be so much popular as Disney World. A dream place for all kids and of course animi lovers. It includes all wide variety of Magic kingdoms, Hollywood Studios and Disney characters which is loved by all. Thrilling rides and quality shows make everyone fan of it.

Millions of people dreamed and visit this entire place which is most popular thrilling and exciting place for all. People enjoy Disney springs with whole lot of restaurants and other heavenly visiting places.

The nightlife of this park is so amazing that once you go there you will fill your bag for lifetime best memories and ever mesmerizing scenes. It gives best entertainment for all age groups and they admire it in all ways.


4. Las Vegas Strip

Tourist Attractions in America

The gambling mecca of the world is this place which is situated in midst of southern Nevada desert landscape. This is the foremost gambling area to visit strip of Las Vegas includes casinos, hotels which are so much decorated in a lavish way that seeks all attention.

This place awakes at night and looks full of life with glittery lights and skyscrapers. It gives fantasy like atmosphere and this place has all the charm to lavish you and bring all emotions in one. This city is full of love, romance and dark mysteries that no one has to miss ever. It evokes passion and has all charms spread in air, people are so inn in the atmosphere that they indulge their selves in this environment in all means.


3. Florida Keys

Tourist Attractions in America

A 120 miles long chain of tropical islands curves around the base of Florida peninsula, it is connected to mainland by series of bridges.

It is said to be most calm place of the world surrounded by water and a stranded island that brings all charms at once. It includes most spectacular seven miles bridge in lower keys. This location is used in most of Hollywood scenes because of bridges and over seas highways.

This place is been center of attraction for all. It is most distant and moat famous island foe habitants and people in search of peace visit this place for their satisfaction and spending leisure time with family. The island is worth using for picnics and other activities which is source of spending leisure time for all.


2. Kilauea

Tourist Attractions in America

A most recent series of volcanoes that has been created the Hawaiian Archipelago. A most interesting and a must visited place will leave you astonished with its cruel grace and red flame bursting. It is a low flat shield volcano slightly different from other high profile slopping volcanoes. It looks more exciting and overwhelmed for visitors. Kilauea is one of most active volcano on earth.

This mountain has eruption histories with 33 eruptions since 1952. Visitors often go there to feel the heat of these mountains but extra care should be taken before visiting such place. But in spite of all that it has been most demand-able attraction of USA visited by tourists all over again.


1. Yellowstone

Tourist Attractions in America

It was the world’s first national park that becomes center of attraction of many people till now. It was set aside in 1872 to preserve vast number of geysers, hot springs and other thermal areas to its best. They protect incredible wildlife and rugged beauty area which is worth watching for. It lies on the top of gigantic hotspot where light molten, hot rock lies on the surface.

This becomes the moat popular and amazing place because it contains half of world’s geothermal features. The park borders are full of wild animals which are worth capturing for. One should visit this place to make their days memorable and enjoyable.

Steamy environment of this place attracts many tourists from all over the world. This place is eye catching for all. Whenever you visit USA you must have to take glance of these places before you die, because these places are worth watching for their beauty and natural enormous pace. All these places will surely add to your memories.

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