10 Most Beautiful Best New Year Gifts 2016

It is New Year 2016 that is keeping us all really excited but the catch is that many of us really cannot decide what to give to our family, friends or any of the loved ones. As everyone just got free from giving the almost perfect presents on Christmas it is New Year which becomes a concern. Here is a list of 10 Most Beautiful Best New Year Gifts 2016 to help you in deciding this time round.


10. Classic Toys

Best New Year Gifts 2016 -

Despite the fact that technology has developed great toys for kids but the value of the classic toys and the fun they provided is still missing from the new ones. If you plan to give a little kids something on New Year and he/she is really close to your heart, give them an old toy that you have had for the longest of times or was really close to you when you were little. It does not have to be really exquisite and things like an old rocking horse, wooden kitchen utensils, a doll etc. would be beautiful and really thoughtful.


9. A Family Portrait/Painting

Best New Year Gifts 2016 - A Family Portrait

If you think your parents have become really lonely after you and your siblings left their nest you can definitely go with this extremely beautiful idea which is to get the most favorite and happy picture of all of you together, get it enlarged and farmed. Surprise your parents with that life size picture of all of you smiling at them as if you never left. It is definitely going to bring a smile on their faces.


8. A Nigella Lawson Recipe Book

Best New Year Gifts 2016 - A Nigella Lawson Recipe Book

This is undoubtedly a perfect New Year present for moms who like to cook. Nigella Lawson is a huge name in the cooking realms and your mother will love this idea. You could even give her any other recipe book by her favorite chef/cook. The idea is to give her something that she would use and was longing to have for a long time. This gift can be given to anyone who likes trying out new recipes and love to cook.


7. Golf Balls

Best New Year Gifts 2016 - Golf Balls

If anyone in your circle of friends or family is a golfer then this is one of the most beautiful presents for them. Golfer dads will be really happy if they get a set of golf balls for New Year as we all know golf balls are easily lost and are not very cheap to buy all the time. You could even get them customized for your dad (or anyone who plays and likes golf) to make them feel special. You could wrap them nicely to give the New Year holiday look.


6. Free Makeover at a Salon/Cosmetic Shop

Best New Year Gifts 2016 - Free Makeover at a Salon

Most girls love to get their makeup from branded cosmetic stores and salons. Mac is one of the leading cosmetic brands in the globe and what you can do for your sister or best friend is to give her a free makeover voucher of Mac (or any other brand that she likes) and she can get it done on the New Year or on some other occasion. This will definitely make her go mad with happiness as we all know, this is ultimately what a girl wants.


5. Cashmere Shawl

Best New Year Gifts 2016

For a woman who is really close to your heart and would use this expensive New Year present with great care and love, the cashmere shawl is the most beautiful present. If you have a doting grandmother for whom you are ready to spend more than a few bucks than the cashmere shawl is an excellent idea as it will look classy, keep her warm and will always be special in her heart. You could give her a sweater or a cape which is made out of pure cashmere wool if shawls are not her thing as this holiday season is all about making others feel happy and special.


4. A gadget for a gizmo freak

Best New Year Gifts 2016 - A gadget for a gizmo freak

Usually gadgets are an excellent present on the New Year for brothers but they can be given to anyone who is a gadget and gizmo freak. There are so many kinds of new gadgets like smart phones, laptops of various sorts, music devices, smart watches etc. just get a grab on the one he wants or wanted to have for some time so that you make his New Year really special by giving him just what he wanted. Tech savvy people are in every family and circle of friends and new gadgets are really apt for them.


3. Cigars

Best New Year Gifts 2016 - Cigars

Classy, Beautiful and perfect for a New Year’s gift cigars are a wise option to give to someone who not only smokes them but has a passion for them. One of the candidates for this expensive yet really special gift could be your grandfather. Cigars have always considered to be a really stylish thing and for smokers they are something to collect even.


2. Inspirational Book

Best New Year Gifts 2016 - Inspirational Book

If someone close to you is going through a bad time like a midlife crisis or something, there is nothing better than using New Year as a tool to mend what is broken in them. Give your depressed friend/family member some really amazing inspirational book (when you have read it so that you know it will be god for them). There are plenty to choose from but it should be really good as it is New Year’s present so the hard task is for you in selecting the right one.


1. A Holiday Package/ Trip

Best New Year Gifts 2016 - A Holiday Package

If you and your partner/spouse have not had a chance to spend some quality time together outside the mundane busy life with all the hustle and bustle of the city then this is undoubtedly the best New Year gift for them. Plan a trip to their favorite destination and surprise them with the tickets on either New Year’s Eve or till the next week.

There is nothing better for the both if you to do this holiday season then giving each other the company that you could not for some time.

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