10 Disney Movies With Horrific Origins

Have you ever wondered, what were the actual and original stories of all the famous Disney movies which you have been watching and loving since your childhood? Well, most of the people would have been so mesmerized by the movie stories that they would not have even wondered what if the stories were different. However, if you are among the inquisitive people who constantly wonder such things, then you are the right spot. In this article we will tell you some pretty surprising and horrifying movie origins which were intended to be the original stories, but were later changed due to different reasons. The following facts and figures will definitely surprise you big time. Let us have a look at the 10 Disney Movies with Horrific Origins.


10. Pinocchio

Disney Movies With Horrific Origins -

Everybody in their childhood is a big fan of Pinocchio. The movie takes you to somewhere nobody would have imagined. But do you know the actual story intended to be filmed by the Disney Company? Yes, it was a total disaster. The original script was loaded with the horrifying punishments. In the original story, Pinocchio ruthlessly kills Cricket and dies a horrific death. The original story also contained fairy as a Talking and walking Corpse which is obviously creepy. After analysis the story was changed in a way that bad acts were punished in a proper way and once Pinocchio gets good, he was turned into real boy.


9. The Lion King

Disney Movies With Horrific Origins -

The original story had a stupid ending. In the original script the story ended with everyone dying. Not only does the stepbrother die in the original story, but everyone dies due to one reason or another. The story- therefore- leaves no message. What use is a child movie if it contains no lesson?


8. The Princess And the Frog

Disney Movies With Horrific Origins - The Princess And the Frog

Our childhood was always inspired by this movie one way or the other. In the original story, the curse of the Frog Prince would be broken if it is slammed against the wall- which could either lead to chopping off the head of the frog or burning its skin. This concept is not only horrific but also crappy. Why would a curse depend upon slamming something upon wall? And why would it be such a dilemma if the frog must be slammed or not? This story- if filmed- would have ruined our childhood fantasies.


7. Hercules

Disney Movies With Horrific Origins -  Hercules

The much awaited movie Hercules would have been a creepy stupid movie if filmed on the original story. The original story was an embarrassing and messed up story. The story involved Zeus tricking Hercules’ Mother to have sex with him. Moreover, Hercules murders music tutor and marries Megara, gets insane and murders all the children. To add to the misery, Hercules has various male lovers and marries three times more. Yuck!


6. Beauty and the Beast

Disney Movies With Horrific Origins - Beauty and the Beast

This story is yet another devilish story when it comes to original script. The original story contained the wicked planning of killing Beauty by making the beast angry and then eating Beauty up by the Beast out of Hunger. What was the writer thinking while writing such a wicked end? Unbelievable!


5. Aladdin

Disney Movies With Horrific Origins -  Aladdin

This Disney movie for children also originally revolved around murder and man slaughter. The children movies are supposed to be non-violent and soft movies, but almost every original script contains violence. Same happened with Aladdin. The original story involved killing of Cassim (father of Aladdin) and dismemberment of Cassim. It also included butchering off Cassim’s body parts and displaying them as a warning. The original stories ended with stitching up the body pieces together. This is so not a child story. Daunting!


4. Cinderella

Disney Movies With Horrific Origins - Cindrella

Cinderella has always been a fantasy movie for children. The movie takes you into another world full of love, care and ideal world. But had the movie been made on the original story, the fantasy would not be there. The original story would take the crap out of the innocent children. The story originally involved one stepsister cutting her toes off and the other stepsister cutting her heels off to fit in the tiny glass shoes. The prince when watches blood oozing out of shoes, comes to know that the shoes belong to Cinderella. What impact would the original story have on the innocent children when they would be watching shoes filled with blood? Thank Goodness the story changed and keeps mesmerizing children.


3. Tangled

Disney Movies With Horrific Origins - Tangled

The original story of Tangled was yet another stupid version of the mesmerizing fantasy. The original story involved the Prince getting Rapunzell pregnant before even escaping. The devil Sorceress chases her and cuts her hair out of aggression. The prince jumps from window and gets blinded due to thorns. Rapunzell gives birth to twins while the prince wanders blindly. The story ends with prince getting his sight back after crying on hearing sweet voice. Isn’t this story more than dramatic?


2. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Disney Movies With Horrific Origins - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The original story was not only barbaric but inhumane as well. In the original story, the Queen orders to take Snow White into woods and kill her and then bring back her liver and heart as a proof. The hunter brings back Boar’s heart and liver to convince the Queen. The Queen eats the heart and liver out of revenge. The story ended with yet another violent act in which the queen was forced to dance wearing Buring iron shoes until she dies. This would have been a very cruel story in which kids would have dreaded the thought of even watching the movie.


1. Sleeping Beauty

Disney Movies With Horrific Origins - Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping beauty is one of those stories which is continuously been recreated even after so many years. Every now and then, a recreated version of the story comes on the screen and mesmerizes people every time. But the original story would definitely be a bad impact on the minds of innocent children. In the original version, the prince rapes the sleeping beauty and makes her pregnant and twins are born a year later- one of the twins sucks her mother’s finger- hence breaking the curse. This would not be more stupid than that.

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