10 Crazy Things British Have Done For a Cup of Tea

A steamy cup of tea is all that you want whether it is summer, winter or any season, it’s like a seasonal fruit or a medicine that has no expiry date at all. Everyone loves a good cup of tea or coffee. A great antidote to any virus like fatigue, headache, emotional stress on the other side a quick treat for the occasions like celebrations, love dating or an important meeting. A cup of tea is merely a hint that saves your day. A great anti depressant and reason for many joyful moments it gives you cosy feelings with love.

Tea contains caffeine that relaxes a mind and thus provides you soothing effect. Tea makes you a great addict of it and you feel low and lethargic if you cannot start a day with a love of your life (TEA) nothing can be more intimate then having a cup of tea in rainy day with your loved ones.

The whole world has gone crazy for it fell in deep addiction of it. So just to entertain you we bring to you top 10 crazy things British have done for a cup of tea. It will surely amaze as you proceed!


10: Invent Afternoon Tea

With an excuse of a bit more tea. Ladies from all over the world starts a trend to take their stomachs with the afternoon tea. A lady Anna Duchess found herself in state of strange sensations and grumbling sounds, with nothing special she decided to have a cup of tea with some bread and butter. Afterwards when she liked the idea she invited some of her friends by afternoon to her house with a cup of tea and some chit chat she successfully makes this a trend world wide. Now whenever clock strikes 4, tea lovers get attentive for the lust of tea. When you came home and feeling tired all of sudden first thing you grabs is a cup of tea that makes your mood relax and make you active again.


9. Invent Ice Tea

No matter how tough circumstance may be if you have plan in your mind and tea in your hand you can be trendsetter like Richard Blechynden, a British entrepreneur who discovered an idea of cold tea in hot summer. He realized in his friends and many people would crave for a cup of tea in scorching heat. Yet he decided to serve them cold tea as beverages and he bangs the idea. Ice tea got much of popularity with all recent beverage categories and is still hit the list now a day too. This tea gives much of pleasant taste that live up to demanding position that competes a hot tea.


8. Bungee Jumping

Let’s make it clear to all that a tea lover can do it all for fame, personal satisfaction or for getting popular. Here is he story of Berry who set Guinness world record for highest bungee jumping cookie dip. He got a bungee chord and throws himself off from platform that was 73 meters and 240ft high. He placed a steamy cup of tea on ground and makes a record of highest dunk ever. So if you really find yourself inn this thing that you must find ways to express your passion for it. As it is stated that drinking tea is an adrenaline junkie's favorite activity.


7. Stop For Tea Breaks In Intimate Acts

Andrew Marshall a British therapist has given a theory about tea that would be very sensual for all tea lovers. He advice’s his clients to have a tea break during love making. The reason is that it creates more lust and attraction for partner and desire of sexual encounter also prolongs. This could add spice to your love life as you may never know what a cup of tea could do to you. Tea not only strings physical relation but also make soul bonding. A steamy cup of tea allows them to share their experiences and make them able to better understand each other. It might be more than an awkward situation for them to break away from sexy time for a cup of tea. It is quite interesting fact.


6. Changed The Rules Of Gender

Talking about the gender rules women were not allowed to step in a coffeehouse to enjoy luscious cup f tea eager they just sit at home busy in daily routines. They were unaware of luscious cup of tea. Then hinge have changed when twining family stepped in and break the rules and said that women should also enjoy a good cup of tea. In 1717, Thomas Twining opens a golden gate for women to go out and enjoy hangouts equally as men do. Later tea becomes more popular among high society and they found women openly having tea in front of them. So the point is that a good cup of tea could be a reason of meaningful change in society.


5. Drink Tea Instead Of Whisky While Acting

It is hard to find a drunken actor in a movie that can drink alcohol without hesitation but it is difficult job though. Most of the actors sign movies with a contract that they would not be forced to drink or else. It was difficult task for directors to show up a drink seen in a movie. Thus an idea cam to put tea instead of alcohol as they both resembles with each other when tea is sum up with water.

Similarly half of the problem got resolved with it indeed. Later Beer is often replaced with Ice tea giving an impact of it that saves many of screens of filming and it give satisfaction to actors as well. Definitely it is a point to ponder that this trend become lucky for those who are already a tea lover and they are just waiting to grab a cup of tea on set.


4. Tea Taxes, Smuggling and Fights

East India Trading Company was sole provider of tea in beginnings Era. In 18 the century tea was said to be a drink of upper class only but later general population also wants to have this magical drink for their use to relax and enjoy themselves with its soothing’s.

The country leadership when see the popularity of it, they decided to sell it with some tea taxes to gain extra profit on it. Soon after this taxes issues people began to smuggling tea in lower prices to get high profit hat leads to argumentation’s and illegal entry of tea in countries.

Smuggling of tea creates a huge chaos that they found a whole network of people involve this scenario. Although East India Company did not realize that many captains of their ship were involved in this chaos for getting more advantages. But this entire message for just a cup of tea? This can raise much of the questions in mind.


3. Boston Tea Party

A precise tale could be narrative to express the love for tea by the Brits. One Dark night in 1773 Samuel Adams and Sons of Liberty Donned Native American outfits decided that they were tired of British oppression’s and rulings. At that time they decided to take action against brutality and they reached to Boston Harbor with several ships and dumped 340 chests of tea into sea that took 3 hours to complete and the tea they destroyed worth about $ 1 million today. The plan failed and got reversed on it as next morning people didn’t get the cup of tea as a starter they began to get angry on them as they were more touchy and grumpy.

The British under the law has decided to shutdown Boston Harbor until they pay for the loss they had done in anger. This shows how you can really mess up with people and make them angry for tea over no such reasons.


2. Poisoned Tea

For a thought you can say that British people once literally die for a cup of tea. It is much horrifying fact to be known that in days of Smuggling tea it was BG Business in England and when authorities knew about it they tried to stop all this message. But some people in them tries a new trick in selling tea leaves with other leaves so that no one could get them and their money business would not get caught.

Tea leaves in high amounts enters in country and offers people great advantages but they didn’t realize that other leaves which they are mixing with tea leaves would be Poisonous and yet it causes much of deaths within year until that Smuggled tea stops circulating. This fact could be dangerous for all and make an instant statement that they possibly cannot get away with tea addictions and it becomes matter of life and Tea for them.


1.Industrial Revolution

It is a basic fact that supply of tea brings about industrial revolutions. You might think how? The answers are so persuasive and to the point. Tea did play major role in different and interesting ways. Industrial Revolution vegans in 18 th century, tea was widely consumed by British and in England they both experience some in planned benefits with consumption of tea whether it is legal or illegal. Moreover, the phenomenon is seen hat you have to boil water for making tea that reduces much of water borne disease like Cholera that cause much of deaths ratio.

Tea keeps the working population healthy by providing them caffeine and keeps their morale high when they get tired. As a result working population gets healthy, motivated and able to carry forward Industrial Revolutions. And no doubts in spite of tea lovers everyone ensures benefits of having tea.

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