10 Countries That Struggled Hard For Independence

A few decades ago, the world was a different picture. There were colonial domains run by a few kingdoms and ruling dozens of countries under them. There were French, British, Portuguese and many more other colonies. These countries had suffered many hardships under this colonialism and never got their rights until one of them stood for what they deserved and fought sternly for their rights and became able to make them decipherable as a separate nation. On the other hand, some nations fought from their internal cold war and racism to come up with an independent and free country. This took quite a longer period of time for every of the nation who fought for their stance. So if you need to take a look on the efforts of the nations who fought to finish that colonial system, here is the list of top 10 countries that struggled hard for independence.


10. South Sudan

A rough patch of South Africa, formerly named as Sudan had a rebellious movement for almost five decades. Forming a separate country under the Guerilla army, people of Sudan had a referendum and they voted for South Sudan. The voting turnover was 98.3%. People started screaming “Freedom” in the midnight when it was confirmed that South Sudan is being separated by Sudan.


9. Algeria

Algeria has been under the control of colonial powers by French, Netherlands and the British rule. It was a very slow and painful process for independence by the Algerian nation. In 20th century there has been a rebellious movement against the colonial rule. After World War 2 Algeria faced deadliest events. Even then French was not ready to give up the state. After such long strenuous rebellious movements, Algeria finally got recognition by the world and got escape from the colonial domains after the sacrifice of many bodies and population.


8. South Africa

10 Countries That Struggled Hard For Independence

South Africa in the past is seen as a victim of racism. There was the rule of their white minorities and racism was of such a peak that the whites never walked along the blacks. There are unimaginable efforts of their black leader Nelson Mandela who spent 27 years in the bars. Whites were very oppressive and blacks never got their due rights. Finally after all the efforts and struggle blacks bared back then. In May 1994, a free, democratic government took over and now South Africa is a free independent state.


7. Philippines

Like many other countries mentioned in the articles Philippines was also a target of Spanish colonialism until 1898. But the struggle of power in Philippines did not end there. The declaration of independence proclaimed on June 12, 1898 was never recognized by the United States of America. The Philippines Revolution also known as Tagalog war. Finally after all the struggle and efforts for the rebellious movements of Philippines it became an independent state in 1946.


6. Nigeria

Countries That Struggled Hard For Independence

History of Nigeria goes back to 11,000 BC but they became British Protectorate in 1901. Their independence movements came to an end in 1965 went they got independence from the colonial rule of the British. Later on they had a military government and were going through a Nigerian Civil War.


5. Indonesia

Indonesia was under the colonial regime of Netherlands and pro-Dutch civilians. The Indonesian independence started on 17th August, 1945. This started of many rebellious and resistance movements against the Dutch power. They later accepted their independence in 1949 and also recently in 2005, Netherlands accepted de facto the date of independence. So in the official record the date is said to be 1949.


4. Kenya

Kenya was formerly known as British Kenya. This colony was established in 1920, this was actually called as the interior lands other than the land annexed by the region. The other sides by regions were handed over to the Sultan of Zanzibar. It was a ten mile coastal strip. The colony came to an end on September 1963. So the Sultan and British colony simultaneously decided to overthrow their thrones and gave the status to Kenya as a separate free country.


3. Palestine

Palestine is an example of the current situation and somewhat is the only country right now in world which is still under sort of colonial regime. It has occupied by the state of ‘Jewish’ people known to be Israel. This state was formed by different people from different regions of the world particularly Europe and then they asked the inhabitants to evacuate the area. The left over people are now under the colonial powered control of Israel. Many efforts had been done in the past 1990s and even in 2000s. United Nations has intervened in this matter but unfortunately couldn’t establish what the world’s peace demands.


2. Vietnam

Struggled Hard For Independence

Vietnam is also a victim of colonialism. It became a colony of France in late 19th century. Afterwards in World War 2, Vietnam got under control by the Japanese. For this the Vietnamese fought their Guerilla war against Japanese. Then there was a mercy mission by the Archimedes Patti. As the Japanese were the only power to maintain the state so they surrendered but didn’t leave the area. After years of struggle by different leaders, finally Vietnam was able to get free and on September 2, 1945, there was a public meeting in front of thousands of people and it was proclaimed that Vietnam is now Democratic Republic of Vietnam.


1. Pakistan

Pakistan came into being by the sheer efforts and spirit of the Muslims in the sub-continent under the colonial rule of British and the oppressed politics of Hindu raj. These movements are led by the Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The efforts were started after the War of Independence in 1857 led by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan further Augmented by the Johar brothers. Allama Iqbal played a massive supportive role by his poetry, encouraging the youth with the spirit of the treasure of money. Fighting the war of independence, Jinnah made such bold steps that he is considered one of the greatest leaders of all time. Finally, Pakistan came into being on 14th August, 1947. The migration resulted is considered to be the greatest in human history.

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