10 Celebrities With Most Beautiful Smile Ever

The smiles of every celebrity are always fascinating and mesmerizing, and often enough, their beautiful smiles become one of the main causes of their fame and popularity. Many of the artists and our favorite celebrities influence the fate of success with their famous smiles. The list has many names of superstars who have ruled and still rule the hearts of millions; not just with their talent, but also their beauty and more specifically, their smile. Listed below are 10 Celebrities With Most Beautiful Smile Ever that we all adore.


10. Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is a polarizing celebrity. With a stunning visage and a perfect jaw line, she amazes people with her million dollar smile wherever she goes. People either absolutely adore her or cannot stand her but whatever the case maybe, she is hugely successful and greatly respected by all. Her perfect smile brings a spark to her eyes that make her very attractive and coveted by all.


9. Kristen Stewart

The very talented and beautiful Kristen Stewart is another player in the game of smiles that everyone absolutely adores. Her white beautiful face looks very attractive and appealing with her mega-watt smile and beautiful white teeth. Though she does not always flash it, as her face is mostly signature emotion-less face, but when she does flash her pearly whites, it surely lights up her face in a positive way.


8. Deepika Padukone

The very attractive and super hot Indian actress, Deepika Padukone has the cutest smile ever. Her pretty cheeks show her perfect dimples when she smiles and it is amazing and beyond words. The way she appears off-screen and on-screen with her fantastic smile is just out of the world. Her smile is one the reasons she looks so very beautiful and her fans adore her wherever she goes. She is one of the most highly paid actresses and her smile may be one of the reasons she is so coveted by directors and film makers.


7. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is an American actress and is a very prominent figure in Hollywood. She has a perfect white teeth smile and is cute and very pretty. Her smile is most wanted and most desirable and she stands out as a natural beauty. Her Californian beauty stands out and her pretty features come to force when she flashes her divine smile which is a force to be reckoned with and yet an image of a very down to earth personality.


6. Taylor Swift

With her youthful face and soft beautiful eyes, Taylor Swift is an American singer who gained a lot of popularity from a very young age. Her confidence in herself and her charm and charisma are unmatched, but nothing can beat her when she smiles her signature smile. It reaches her eyes and her face undergoes an amazing transformation which signifies her personality of confidence, humane nature and a look that tells she has grown from her failures and negativity. This calm look with her pearly white smile has made her the love of teenagers and adults alike.


5. Julia Robert

It just simply is not possible that one talks of beautiful smiles and misses out Julia Robert. This American actress has what one calls it, an ideal smile. Her notable smile has been declared as a supreme one keeping in mind the biological facts and figures. Her smile has each and every trait a perfect smile can have. The drop dead gorgeous smile lights up her face and brings a spark to her eyes that are unparalleled and unmatched.


4. Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner is an American actor popular for his role of ‘Jacob’ in the Twilight series. Taylor Lautner is among the artists with the smiles we love the most. His movie star subtle smile has led the hearts of many girls racing. His cheeky smile with a big grin is worthy and precious for his fans that are in love with his sun-kissed beauty and mega watt smile. Since being in the limelight, he never fails to impress his fans with his flashy smile wherever he goes. He knows he looks good, and he never fails to show it.


3. Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is an Australian model with a very attractive face. The mega watt smile of Kerr makes her more desirable and wanted. Her angelic smile seems perfect with her cute dimples on her blushing cheeks. Miranda has dominated the fashion industry with her famous perfect smile that sparks up her smoky grey eyes making her more stunning and drop dead gorgeous.


2. Marilyn Monroe

Though she has been dead for quite some time now, Marilyn Monroe was an American actress who never appeared anywhere without wearing her perfect smile that encompasses her entire face. Monroe’s beautiful smile with the combination of her rose red lips and white shining teeth has remained her signature look for years. Her wide cheeky smile is very pleasant to the human eye and she never wasted a moment in rocking it. This lady has emphasized on smiling throughout her career without wasting a single moment of not wearing the most beautiful thing ever- her smile.


1. Michael Jackson

The heartthrob of millions, the hottest singer, and the most cherished personality of all time, Michael Jackson tops the list of the most beautiful smiles. This American singer rose from rags to riches purely on his talent and down to earth personality. His smile is the most pleasing one ever. Any of Jackson’s fans would know that their dearest moment was when Michael’s smile led to the shrinking of his big innocent angel-like eyes, and his whole face starts sparkling and twinkling and leaves his fans star struck. The popularity and love and respect that Michael Jackson attained in his life is still going strong and will remain that way for quite a long time to come even though he is not in the world anymore.

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  1. Yes Michael Jackson smile is the most beautiful smile in this world..😊his smile is as pure as his heart ♥ his innocence healed the world. he is an sweet angel😇 I love u Michael RIP 👑

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